War in Ukraine diary. Day 4.

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Hi, all my friends. We recently returned from hiding and I decided to write this post.

This night was difficult, but the day was calmer than the rest. We were very worried about our friend, who called us at 4 in the morning and reported about unidentified military people who were shooting in the entrance of his house. Then he stopped communicating. We called the police three times. But everything ended well.

All these days I could not tune in to work. Today we decided to digress and tidy up the bomb shelter so that it would be more convenient for people to be there.

There are explosions and shelling in my hometown of Zaporizhzhia. In Kharkiv, where my aunt lives, big bombings. It feels like they decided to bomb the whole city. Russian military equipment is bombing apartment houses. There are women and children. These russian zombies are crazy!

At the border with Poland, the queue is about 35 kilometers long. People have to stand for several days in the open air and sleep on the ground.

I want to somehow help them with food and water. Tomorrow, with a friend, we will think about how to do this. Because there are many days and mothers. It is more or less calm in Lviv, but there are many saboteurs. There are also reports of an air threat from Belarus.

...fuck... in Zaporizhzhia blew up the airport right now...


Thanks for the update and I hope you will be able to help get some food to those waiting to get into Poland. Hope you both can stay safe.