Today I earned nearly $100 running... but it isn't the full truth!

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Since yesterday, I have done quite a lot of changes to my STEPN account. Not only have I bought a new pair of sneakers, but I also sold one, and I have decided to do some more research.

For quite some days, I used a jogger sneaker which is made to be used between 4km/hr and 10km/hr speed. The only problem is that the application seems to be jumping and not recording my speeds accurately, and it even has trouble actually measuring the true distance that I run. So, what I know to be approximately 4km, often ends up being around 2,5km in distance as I use STEPN.

No matter what, I decided to give a Trainer sneaker a try, because that can be used for all speeds. It was a bit more expensive, but at least I do not have to worry anymore about not staying within the range that I should be.

running with stepn.png

Soon I will mint my first shoe...

But, what is going to be interesting is the fact that I will most likely mint my first sneaker later today, and then sell it later (hopefully with some profit). I have spent quite a lot of money and SOL tokens getting started with STEPN and buying and trying the sneakers, leveling them up and so, meaning that I have to make some gains with it as well and not just keep it all within the application.

I am not sure for how long the STEPN hype will remain, but there is no doubt about the fact that right now the hype is very real and people are extremely eager to get started with STEPN.

But, as I said, I got my first Trainer sneaker yesterday, and later today I will combine it with another sneaker and use them to mint a third sneaker. That is going to be interesting, and I am really curious to learn more about the process (for the sake of the research), and of course, because I am curious to see what it will be like to open a shoebox and see what is inside.

Also, I know that the price of minting a shoe right now is 120 GST (approximately $650) and 80 GMT (approximately $270). All in all, that is 930. But, if I manage to get a new trainer sneaker, that is worth approximately 19 SOL at the moment which is $1900, meaning that it is still a profitable run. So, I will report more about that later!

All in all, STEPN is fun, and most important of all... I had a great run this morning!


Sounds like fun I was in the Discord chat and was unsuccessful in getting an activation code.

Absolutely fun, but really hard to get that activation code (unfortunately). Hopefully that part will get better with time. Have a feeling that if everyone would get an activation code, we would see an invasion and sneaker price skyrocket even more, but might cause a quicker dump later... they probably have some reason for dealing with it in this way.

I’m thrilled to find a STEPNer on HIVE!
I started STEPN almost 2 months ago. I’ve been getting a good excercise and having so much fun. I would love to have a Trainer.
When the app is not reading the speed properly, restarting the device and having the Wifi off might help 😊

Tried running again today... it showed 3,25 on the same 4km distance, but at least it got closer to reality than yesterday. No matter what, I greatly enjoy using STEPN and I really enjoy the trainer sneaker as I don't have to worry about my speed anymore and whether I run too fast or too slowly for the range.

Glad to meet another STEPN user here on Hive... followed you already! :)