What Steemian is special to YOU? Answer to WIN the 2019 Steem Round!

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Thanks to the GENEROUS sponsorship of @smooth, 10 lucky Steemians have the opportunity to WIN a 2019 STEEM ROUND! Read on to find out more.


Design by @edxserverus

What exactly is the Steem Round?

The Steem Round is a 1oz, .9999 fine silver, limited mintage coin. It has been produced each year by the Steem Silver Gold (SSG) Community to promote Steem, celebrate all of the platform's communities and to showcase SSG's passion - buying silver and gold as a means to hold and accumulate wealth. 2019 marks the third year of the round!


Top: 2017 round designed by @bearone. BOTTOM: 2018 round designed by @welshstacker.

How can you win the 2019 round?

Community is the name of the game. We would like YOU to nominate ONE PERSON who you believe exemplifies the BEST of the Steem blockchain. Tell us what makes this person special to you and why you believe they deserve a 2019 Steem Round. Are they generous? Do their posts inspire you to stay on the blockchain? Did they get you an account on Steem or did their actions impact you in a very special way? Tell us their story and YOU and YOUR NOMINEE will be entered for a chance to win!


  • Each entrant may submit ONLY ONE nomination.
  • Individuals may be nominated more than once.
  • Entrants should compose a nomination post with a minimum of 500 words and place a link to the nomination in the comments of this post.
  • Please use the tag #steemroundgiveaway on said post.
  • The nomination period will close in seven days at post payout.
  • Nominations failing to meet the requirements will be disqualified.
  • Five winning entries will be selected by the panel of judges (@soyrosa, @newageinv and @dfinney) with entrant and nominee each receiving one Steem Round mailed world wide free of charge.
  • Entrants and nominees agree to share their postal details with @raybrockman to facilitate delivery of the rounds.
  • Winners will be announced within 48 hours of post close.


@soyrosa is living in The Netherlands and on Steem - as a photographer and traveler and behavioral scientist there's always something to write about. Actually, blogging has been part of her life before 'paid blogging' and Steem even existed. She loves to read about people's lives: there’s content that anyone could’ve written, but your life’s story… That one is only yours. She's a true newbie silver stacker who got introduced to it by @silversaver888. That's also how she got to know the Steem Silver Gold Community as a very passionate group of people who engage a lot with each other - now let's try to get more people to know them!

@newageinv has been a part of the Steem community since December 2017 when he joined as part of his passion to learn and engage regarding investing and cryptocurrencies. Despite a career in the financial sector, technology has always been an important part of the journey as discovering bitcoin led to a slippery slope down the rabbit hole of decentralization and disruptive technology. After becoming a Minnow during the first year, the journey has gotten even better as the involvement in many Steem related projects has engaged him with many community members that demonstrate the greatness of this ecosystem. Interest in precious metals came as part of following the great community of Numismatic interest here in the platform as well!

@dfinney is one of the moderators for Steem Silver Gold (SSG). In this role, she tracks the community's membership list and is one of a small contingency who approves all new nominees to the group. @dfinney started coin collecting at the same time she joined Steemit - just two short years ago. For her, the friendships and connections made on Steem are the BEST parts of the blockchain. She is passionate about travel, music, ALL the holidays (especially Christmas), and her two little dachshunds, Jasper and Kodi.

Judges are ineligible to enter/win this contest.

2019 Steem Silver Rounds are currently on sale HERE.

Only 1500 rounds will be minted. Each round costs $24.50 USD excluding shipping. Payment may be made via PayPal, Steem or a selection of other crypto currencies.

Don't miss out on your chance to HOLD Steem history in your own two hands!

Special thanks to @smooth for sponsoring this contest, and to @sevinwilson for being the brainchild behind the initial creation of the Steem Silver Round.

Thanks also to @raybrockman for organizing everything related to the creation, sale and distribution of this year's round. We at Steem Silver Gold are so grateful for all that you do!


Please note: It has come to our attention that some countries do not allow the import of precious metals (including silver). Please be aware of the rules and regulations of your own country. An alternate prize is NOT available should you live in one of these nations. Please also note that any duties that may be collected by customs are the responsibility of prize recipients. Thank you.

Keep on Steeming!

SSG Logo.jpg

SSG Logo.png

Best of luck to all the entrants! -@dfinney

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Thanks @contestkings! 🤗 and @whitelistauthor. 🌹

Good luck to all!! I cannot wait to get my rounds in the mail.

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I'd recommend @zekepickleman.. he's a Canadian but don't hold that against him. He's very active on the blockchain always posting quality content.. usually about beer.. he actively engages with other steemians and has participated in every #spud showing his dedication to the long term growth for the STEEM token. He is active in several tribes.. plus he was gracious enough to bless me with 20 STEEM just for being a Vikings fan..


Damn Canadians...

Sounds like a great Steemian! You have to follow the rules (a comment alone is not enough to enter) to be considered for the Steem ROUND for both you and Zeke :-) Good luck!

I hate being a rule breaker.. I should have picked the screen name @blacksheep !tip

🎁 Hi @soyrosa! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @davedickeyyall!

@davedickeyyall wrote lately about: My Actifit Report Card: September 29 2019 Feel free to follow @davedickeyyall if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

I missed this one but I’d if of said @rollingthunder

@stephenkendal, Stephen has been an advocate and ardent support of the SteemIt Community and the STEEM blockchain in both his posts on SteemIt, Twitter, and YouTube.

Stephen has spent much of his own money printing up business size cards, T-shirts, and display boards as he evangelizes for SteemIt in the U.K.

Stephen attends conferences and visits colleges in his efforts to promote SteemIt and the STEEM blockchain.

Stephen is a real gem

Hello @etcmike,

Please see the rules of entry included in the post. ☺️

  • create a post on your own page (500 word minimum) about your nominee
  • tag the post #steemroundgiveaway
  • drop a link to your post in the comments here.


We look forward to reading your submission.

I was getting ready to go to work when I read the post. I must admit that I was in such a hurry that I did not read the rules. I quickly generated the reply, hit the post button, and rushed out the door to work.

I will put a post together tonight.


Steem on,


...and here is why!
She was a great advocate for Stacking well before she came to Steem, as her youtube channel attests. She has brought many into Stacking, which is preserving one's Wealth against all manner of economic disruption. It is very prudent and smart, plus she does it in a way that bolsters #SSG which is Steem's PREMIER Wealth Preservation Community ❣ @SILVERSAVER888 has also given away much stack, not only as prizes but as starters to new stackers. She has also inspired many of us to greater dedication, I know her tutelage has helped me tremendously! If a young, well-to-do and beautiful Shoe Addict can reform her ways and SAVE in PMs, then I can too! I know SADIE a bit better than most, and she has a very good heart for people, nit just Stackers! STEEM is the perfect platform for her to be using and STEEM is better for her presence.

I could go on and on... 👍

@underground. Gotta write a 500 word post and leave the link here. There is a section in the post with the rules. ☺️🤗

I am nominating @snook. You can read all about it here:

Looking For An Awesome Steemian? Look No Further!

She is awesome, and you couldn't ask for a more Special Steemian... Just Sayin!

Thanks in advance for your consideration of my nomination. :-D

Thank you for sharing this entry! ❤️

NP, Thanks for reading! :D

Wh00p! :D This is going to be fun :-) Good luck everyone entering the contest! Don't make it too easy on us to pick the winners ;-) Cheers!

Thanks for accepting the responsibility of judging this contest can't wait to read the post's 😎👊

:D It's gonna be a joy to read the posts! I hear you're the one taking care of the logistics of the Rounds, so thanks a lot for your hard work too! :D

Proud to be a part of this project and looking forward to reading all the submissions!

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Now this group has a bad habit of infecting people with STACKITUS there really is no cure for it bit with the right medication it can be treated. 😂😂🤣🤣 thanks for judging this thing for us. 😎👊

My nominee is a guy called @Michaelcj he is the one that brought me and many others to steemit. He's love for the steem blockchain is far bigger than what I use to think.

He has hold various seminars and meetups just to promote the steem blockchain, he the founder of the @steemnaira Community, he has brought over 3000 persons to the platform single handedly without getting delegation.

I personally loves him cause of how he runs his life with the blockchain without thinking of the crash or the rise, he always thinks of the platform and how to get people into it.

He's an event planner, dancer and blockchain entrepreneur.

Hello @henryglowz,

Please see the rules of entry included in the post. ☺️

  • create your own post (500 word minimum)about your nominee
  • tag the post #steemroundgiveaway
  • drop a link to your post in the comments here.

Cheers! We look forward to reading your submission.


Winners will be announced in 48 hours. Thanks for all of the submissions! 😍

!giphy Penguin Pablo

// Supported by witness untersatz! //


Here is my entry for an awesome person @silversaver888
Thanks for the chance and the fun!!!

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Thanks for your submission :)

Thank you 4 the oppportunity

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Great post and well wrote. I've never heard of newageinv, but yourself and soya are well know within the community.

Hope this post gets picked p and gets lots of views. I'd love to hit it up with a 20 steem tipU bid but.......iiii......cant!! arghh!

Thank you for helping to put all this together with Ray.

I'm actually hoping @newageinv gets to know the SSG Community through this contest as he secretly is a casual silver stacker as well :D

No secret! I love to stack some precious metals these days!

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Hello @ssg-community

Greetings from Venezuela a great country that is struggling to achieve freedom.

This is my ticket to nominate a great steemian, I wish all the success for all who are competing

What Steemian is special to you? for now only one

Thank you for your submission!

I would like to nominate @berniesanders. His uncanny ability to inspire and motivate us is truly magnificent. When I first met bernie, I wasn't too sure about him, but he grew on me and now he remains at the top of my steemit big wig list. He showers compassion all over the steemit community and for that I think he deserves at least an ounce of silver...don't you?


Lol. The same @berniesanders? 🙆🙆🙆😮.

This is amazing. Really😂😂😂

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Lol. I laughed my ass out when I read "... He showers compassion all over the steemit community and for that I think he deserves an ounce of silver..."

#Sarcastic 😂

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Hello @cyberblock,

Please see the rules of entry included in the post. ☺️

  • create your own post (500 word minimum)about your nominee
  • tag the post #steemroundgiveaway
  • drop a link to your post in the comments here.


i will recommend @fucho80 the most generous steamian that supports and promote new steamian,

since then I am part of a constant struggle for growth on this platform, in all this time incredible things happened to me (Today I want to refer only to the good ones) on this platform, I met valuable people who have great initiatives in favor of other people and that make this ecosystem a more human, warm and hopeful place. #steemroundgiveaway

Hello @mike3352 please see the rules of entry included in the post. ☺️

  • create your own post (500 word minimum)about your nominee
  • tag the post #steemroundgiveaway
  • drop a link to your post in the comments here.


I'm happy that finally this contest will happen because I know the great effort that it cost considering all the discussion with the previous announcement post. I'm glad that dialog finally solved the problem. Congratulations!! I would like to participate but I consider that I have many dear steemians that I want to nominate, it's really a struggle to decide for just one for this beautiful prize. The design of this silver round is amazing. Instead of participate I'd like to remember a great Steemian who decided to leave some time ago, and he was part of this great community and a real enthusiast of silver and gold as assets to invest and confront this crazy economy of our world. He is @Pawos and not just was a cult man sharing many aspects of the intellectual and cultural landscape from Germany but also a great supporter of other steemians working for quality. If he is still in contact I send him my best regards and wishes for good projects and experiences in life!!
And for the @ssg-community my wishes for a great success in this edition of the Steem Silver Round!!

@leveuf, thank you for your kind words about @pawos. It is always good to think about friends from steem who have gone onto other endeavors.

Thank you also for your kind wishes regarding the Steem Round. They are very much appreciated. And if you change your mind about creating a nomination post... we would love to see your entry. I know it is hard to choose between so many excellent people. But shout outs and kudos are always so heart warming to see!

Cheers to you!

Thank you very much for your response, @dfinney and for your encouragement!! If I get to terms with myself I'll be gladly participating!! :)
For now I send my best regards for You, all the contestants and the Team in the @SSG-Community!!

Hello @Dfinney!! Thanks for inviting me to take the opportunity and participate!! I'm glad that @Pawos send a sign to make me know he is present!! I send him more hugs and best wishes!!
And finally I share this post here for you!!
Best vibes!!! :)

Wonderful! Thank you!

Thanks @dfinney - I hope that #newsteem will get behind this project and help promote the competition.

Great work @dfinney. Given this a resteem and hope a lot more people help spread the word on this amazing opportunity.

Help to promote steem(it) and win a silver round... If this doesn't get over 100 entries, 200+ upvotes and several resteem, then there is definitely something wrong with steemit.


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You'll have to! :P

Looks great @dfinney! Good luck to all the entrants.

Cool idea.

Id nominate someone but that someone is liked by almost everyone so its kind of pointless. lol.
Good luck to all entrants.

It's not just about the person, it's also about the story you tell about your connection with them :-) Don't feel like you can't enter! Both you and the person nominated have a chance of winning :-) Cheers!

Ill keep to what i do well. Sweettalking aint my thing. Haha.

Ill be curating the competition though.

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:') No, you're not a sweet talker - Appreciate you curating the upcoming posts! :D

https://imgur.com/KDJtNNW Es divertido participar y ser parte de la gran familia Steem

I would like to nominate @pennsif.

He has been a real force in obtaining new Steemians as well as making Steemit a more understandle place for not just us Steemians in Wales but from wherever they are.

He organised the first steemit meet up in Wales and helps keeps all motivated.

He also started the msp waves radio listings last year and has championed many different aspects of steemit. From UKSteem, to charity's.

He is a true asset and Steem hero in my eyes and deserved all the recognition he can get.

Hi Pumpkins, this is very kind. Thank you.

Hope we can get another SteemWales meetup soon...

Hi @pumpkinsandcats! Please write a 500 word nomination post and share the link in the comments of this post. Please also use the tag #steemroundgiveaway.


I will do! Sorry didn't read properly =D

Nice contest and Of Course I will just stay on the Sidelines and Watch since I am not into Conflict.......Good Luck to the future Winners !

No conflict! This is all about spreading some love! 😍

I know but I have to keep my Love behind closed doors....

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😍 Always keeping it classy.

I have this account on mute, so it's annoying to see its posts in my feed again!

How is it annoying? You can remove featured post from your feed. You probably already knew this though. Anyways thanks for leaving a comment.😎👊

Remember that time you were an adult and just ignored what ypu did not want to see instead of comme ting for attention lol.

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What an Awesome way to encourage community involvement plus free silver, and the silver is a STEEM round! Pretty awesome and diffently an excellent opportunity for 10 steemians to pick up a little part of history. Great job @dfinney. Big thanks to @smooth for the generous donation. Cant wait to see where I am shipping these 10 to.

Nice contest. A post coming right in.

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I made a post. I used the tag I am unsure if I should drop the link here, dropping just in case.

You did well! Tag and posting the link here is perfect :-) Thanks for joining the contest!

A reason to write about Saffi. Ha! How could I resist, I can resist anything but temptation, And this was just so tempting. I would write lots of other stuff if I thought I had the freedom. Probably get too sissy though lol

Nomating @simplymike
She was so kind as to delegate a lot of SP to me to be able to experiment with Steemit. Without her I would probably have left the platform for good before finding Steemmonsters and staying for that.

She seems to be this kind and helpful to many newbies and helps onboarding fresh blood to the ecosystem.

edit: here's the nomination post

Hello @handtalk5. Please see the contest rules for submitting your entry. ☺️

These include creating a post 500 words minimum. Tagging the post #steemroundgiveaway and then sharing a link to that post in the comment thread here.

We look forward to seeing your post!

Awww! @handtalk5, you're giving me too much credit. But thanks a lot! :0)


🎁 Hi @handtalk5! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @simplymike!

@simplymike wrote lately about: Tell Me A Lie... Feel free to follow @simplymike if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

I want to nominate @thekittygirl for all the behind the scenes work in more than 10 discords, her Nice blogs and commitment to the platform Steemit. Oh and she loves collecting coins.

To the judges : GOOD LUCK

Hello @brittandjosie, please see the rules of entry included in the post. ☺️

  • create your own post (500 word minimum) about your nominee
  • tag the post #steemroundgiveaway
  • drop a link to your post in the comments here.


Does anyone on here sell them?

Hello @karenb54,

Yes they are for sale as well. ☺️ If you would like to pre-order one (or more) for yourself, they are available here:


Thank you :)

too many to list

Entrants and nominees agree to share their postal details with @raybrockman to facilitate delivery of the rounds.

LOL. I don't know why, but I have the hunch that just that bit of the rules highlighted in the quote would play an important role against any wish that I could have in trying to nominate some of my possible candidates for this prize.

In view that I only follow a mere bunch of weirdos, wackos, rebels, heretics and apostates in the steem blockchain whose content and way of thinking I like the most. I'm afraid these folks surely appreciate a lil bit more their anonymity and privacy than my philanthropic gesture trying to expose their cute little 'touchies' naked in the wild. Hahahaha

Nontheless, I wish you good luck with the entries on this contest. :)

I think they mean contact on discord

I think they mean contact on discord

Yeah! @teenagecrypto. I know that would be the procedure. :)

And of course @dfinney. It's just logical that at least someone has to be the 'only' one to address the envelopes to deliver the prize.

It's simply that I thought that any of my potential nominees, none of them would like to be forced to say and admit publicly that they'd prefer stay anonymous a bit longer. };)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you'll get plenty entries to make of this contest a success without so many wackos in the queue. LoL

Ray will be the one mailing ALL of the rounds. Alas, these community projects someone has to be the one to address the envelopes, sort the silver and send it on it’s way. ☺️

Thank you for your well wishes! 🤗

I want to nominate @cryptoandcoffee

The reasons why i nominated him are actually quite long but let me begin anyway. I just joined steemit last month and i didnt really know my way around it and the upvotes were not really coming. Even though i'm a very person i was starting to get a bit discouraged, and it was at this very critical time that he did something little but it meant a lot to me. He dropped a comment on one of my posts and that totally made my day when i saw it. The reason was because seeing someone with that many followers engage me was hope giving😂😂(if there is a word like that). It gave me hope that i was doing something right and that i was still on the right path and should stick to the path i was on. And that i am doing even though it is rough and discouraging at times, but when i remember that i could make him engage because he probably liked what he saw it gives me hope to continue.

Then something else also happened. A few days ago he also ran a contest and we were to guess the scoreline of a rugby match and i also dropped my prediction and i won. Though i had started getting some upvotes from some of my posts and i was already getting a few steem in my wallet it really meant so much to me and once again it served as a source of encouragement to keep pushing and not give up. Even though i haven't seen the tokens in my wallet i trust that he will send them soon and he has being like an encouraging angel, standing afar but giving me encouragement to continue on this road, and i know it will lead to a nice end.

Needless to say, he is one that knows how to engage his audience really well. His posts and the way he engages others makes me come on Steemit everyday. I am kind of a stalker on his page always watching what he does and i daily get inspired. When i see how large he has grown his audience to, it gives me a big feeling of hope that i can also do this too. That one day my followers will grow from the lowly ten that they are right now to thousands round the world. That thousands of steemians will find my content good enough to want to follow me, and that one day too, people will draw inspiration from me and my actions just the way i daily raw inspiration from him and his actions. He is truly a man that deserves to be celebrated and i decided to use this opportunity to do just that.

He exemplifies and typifies everything i want to be and all i want to achieve on steemit and that is the reason why i am selecting him as the one who is special to me on steemit. It would truly be an honour if we win this. I hope to win the #steemroundgiveaway


This is really lovely, but to make sure you are following the “rules of the competition” please create a post on your own profile and share the link to your post here.

The link you shared is a link for the contest post. ☺️

Thank you and thank you for your lovely submission.

This post doesn't meet the min words. But hey..participated and laid down some truth. Love you all. Good luck participants! https://steemit.com/steemroundgiveaway/@lexikon082/hello-world

You are correct about the length, but this is still a wonderful tribute! Thank for sharing it with us. ☺️

Here is my entry, i hope it is good enough.


Thanks for making it official! ☺️

I nominated the first judge that's why i do not want to participate in your contest....it is really hard for me to choose the other steemians. 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

All the best for your contest.

@soyrosa? She is awesome and a tough one to top. ☺️

I have to assume, this Contest is Open to everyone in the Steemit Community...
I fine the Rules to be very hard for the normal person to comply with... Also, 500 Words is asking an awful lot... Just my opinion...
September 30, 2019... 19.3 Hollywood Time...

Yes, open to everyone. ☺️

Come on you can do it, the rules are not that hard.

I can't wait to see who you Write about...
If I happen to Win one, can I pick who gets mine...???
September 30, 2019... 20.3 Hollywood Time...

Someone has to Count the 500 Words... It's not easy to Read and Count at the same time... Posting under the TAG is Okay, but Posting a Link on another Post, make's it more difficult for some... I'm just glad, I'm not one of the Judges... I've gone through a lot of Posts already... I'm almost afraid to look again...lol... I see the Poster and the Nominee will both be in one 2019 Steem Round each... That part seems Simple enough... A big incentive to write a 500 Word Post...

October 1, 2019... 16.7 Hollywood Time...

No counting required - just use steempeak. Lower right hand corner

@yapcat, We thank you for your support. 💕

If you have interest in owning or gifting a steem round (and prefer to skip the contest bit) they are also for sale. ☺️

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Thank you @pennsif! 🤗

I want to nominate @kevinwong, I’m his fangirl ^^ I’ll just nominate here, I won’t write that 500 word post because I’m so bad at sweettalking and every time I write something touchy, I want to delete it immediately. hahaha... but trust me, he cares a lot about Steem. I remember when I first joined Steem, I was fascinated by his mind-blown futurology, and I’m happy later we became friends.

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Ahhh but @joythewanderer the contest rules. 🤗I hope you change your mind. We would love to hear about Kevin.

If you don’t however, thank you for share a little bit of warm and fuzzy for a fellow steemian here.

it’s alright, I suck at writing, will leave the contest for other entrants ^^

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