my steem origin story... @yo-yo🌿

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Hi everyone!

I'm a Japanese steemian @yo-yo, I'm at here steemit since this February. It means I've already here 8 months but I was off around 2 months so I've spent time around 6 months to explore steemit world. I found an interesting post from @sndbox, "Weekly Question - What's your Steem origin story?" . Unfortunately I don't have any dramatic reason for it, but anyway I'm enjoying this steemit world so I'd like to participate this challenge :)

I become a steemian on February this year as I said, it was the time crypto dropped because of some reasons like banning or regulation of virtual currency in China and South Korea, closure of major exchange, etc. Actually I hadn't had a strong interest in crypto before Xmas when it became super high, but I thought it is a good time for me to get some crypto... then I tried to create some account for crypto exchange.

But at that time I was in Berlin. I tried to create an account for Japanese crypto company but I needed to sign a postal mail to create account. So I tried to create another one from overseas but I couldn't connect with my Jpns bank account. So... I was at a loss and search it with "Google", then I found steem, of which I can get some coins just with writing or reading! That's why I knew steemit and started using this platform and still keep using it.

There's one more reason why I started steemit. I'm a weaving craftsman of bast fiber with traditional technique. But unfortunately it is not so easy to create money from my work, because it is too minor work and need long time to create something. I have my own yard to grow up some fibers, cut them and make yarns. The process is quite long so need at least 3-6 months to make one cloths, but not so many interested in such a craftsman work especially as a business. So I need to work as a office worker to live, but I still have a hope to create money from my work or... I want to explore some possibility to find someone who are interested in this kind of traditional work from overseas.

In that sense, steemit is good opportunity for me to write about my work and archiving stuff, and I feel very different vibes from FB or some other SNSs because it is connected with $. I once tried to create some blogs to make money, but I don't feel comfortable about advertising business. I still keep some of them, but if I have another way to create $, I prefer to use it... I think blockchain techniques and crypto SNS will help every craftsman's work and life some day... I really hope so.

I like steemit because I can see how people from overseas create their work, I'm learning a lot from each post. Steemit is dynamic and dramatic, and very creative world.

Nothing so special nor nothing so interesting, but this is the story why I met steemit. Thank you very much for reading this and this opportunity!


🍀enjoy your steemit life🍀


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I know you've been here for a while, but I love reading the stories of how people got started here. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

hi wow... こんにちは @modernzorker -san 😆
Yes, I also love to know what is the passion for everyone keep writing on steemit. Of caurse for making $$ but... I'm sure each person have their own story with steemit like life story. Thank-you for your visiting here and leaving lovely comment. Have a great day!

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