Congratulations to @ats-david, the Slayer of Good Content, Who Now Owns the Top Two Spots on Steemit’s Trending Page

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Steemit’s most persistent troll and self-appointed cop @ats-david is now king of its trending page and rewards. Is this what he’s wanted all along? It helps that he votes the @tombstone whale account (one of Steemit’s largest) on his own posts along with a trail of votes that others have innocently delegated, drawing other bot votes and making it look like others agree with his Orwellian, witch-hunting ideas.

After all of his endless bellyaching about others draining the reward pool, @ats-david has written yet another stinking post about Steemit to clutter up the trending page at a time when others are attempting to promote Steemit to the world and bring in new users. Do we need any more of these Steemit posts? @joseph recently posted that we must stop them and I merrily agree. @joseph I apologize for making this post about Steemit, but someone needs to stop this troll-to-trending madness.

More specifically, @ats-david dislikes OTHERS “draining the reward pool”. But It's OK for him to Take Those Rewards?

Who was he angry at about “draining the reward pool” earlier? He was b*tching about curation guilds that are supporting up to 400 authors with their whale voting power. I am including a list of some of those authors in this post. Though I am not involved with that particular project now, you authors on this list MUST KNOW that Steem Guild’s staff are not being paid right now for the time they are putting in to help you. Why not? Read on.

Because @ats-david would rather be # 1 and # 2 on the trending page, as he now is. And because the same whales flagging those curation posts (to help support you) are upvoting his posts instead.

At first, the trolls complained about others being on the trending page. So the hardworking curators toned down their posts and upvotes, even though they still put in many hours daily checking the list and making sure Steemit's most persistent and best quality authors get their votes.

Then when those people were not on the trending page, it wasn't about the trending page anymore for @ats-david, @sigmajin and their trolls. Suddenly, they changed their argument. And their issue was about curation authors stealing Steemit's rewards.

Would you like to talk about rewards? After @ats-david’s current posts pay out, he will have made more than $500 in three days, far and away the most profitable author.

Hypocritical Flagging and Upvoting

@smooth and @transisto have been flagging others for excessively valued posts. And yet @smooth has supported these @ats-david posts that trend and drain the rewards pool. They are not being used by a decentralized initiative that supports 400 authors and is finding it hard to do its work effectively due to all of those flags.

So @ats-david is a better use of this community's money? He's the original witch-hunting troll.

@ats-david is a one-man guild. He pockets everything, all of those curation rewards where he front-runs @tombstone and the innocent people who delegate votes to him blindly. And he gets all these the post rewards. And he still whines like a b*tchy troll. And @smooth upvotes him to the top two spots while flagging others.

Hypocrisy, thy game is self-interest. The authors on the list below should not take this sitting down. You are being robbed of your rewards by this bunch of self-interested trolls. @ats-david is their ringleader, @sigmajin is their assassin (who doesn’t seem to believe in Steemit, cashing ouot anything he earns), and @smooth is a wise man who should know better, but has been duped by their game. @smooth, you have the right to upvote and downvote whomever you want. Do you really want to be seen as a bully?

The only way this makes sense, the ONLY way, is that these people have only their own self-interest in mind. Their logic has shifted constantly. Give me a trending page and rewards for those who are actually creating compelling content, and helping Steemit and its authors, not these venomous trolls.

One of Steemit's Nicest People, a Steem Guild Author, Just Lost Her Job. Now She Has Been Bullied By Flags on Her First $26 Post and Is Leaving the Site.

Here is a valuable Steemian who has just given up because of one of @smooth’s flags. She is a wonderful, supportive person who just lost her job 29 days ago. She was excited that she finally had her first post over $26 and then got flagged. Now she has been bullied from posting on Steemit. Can we not put our egos aside for this? Sad!

350-400 Great Steemit Authors Who are Being Helped by Steem Guild, Which is Not Able to Post Enough to Help Support You Anymore, Due to Endless Trolling and Flags. You People Need to Stand Up and Call a Spade a Spade. This is Your Site. Make a Choice, Because It’s You or @ats-david and His Trolls.