Steem Guild: Another Important Update

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Recently, I posted an update on Steem Guild (SG) and the list of authors it supports. We are posting again today to update that author list, so members of the community can feel free to support them and help us reach as many worthy content creators as possible with available voting power.

The recent update also included a list of staff members who work hard to make sure that no good post from the authors is missed and that SG authors are recognized for improving the Steemit page with their high quality content. We believed that providing this staff list would help promote transparency. However, since then, many SG staff members have been the targets of abuse and heavy troll activity.

To clarify, let me state that any Steem Guild votes on team members’ posts have compensated them directly for the time they have spent tracking authors, pulling posts, reviewing, and voting to allocate rewards appropriately. This in in accordance with the wishes of the whale accountholders, since allocating SP curation rewards has been quite impracticable so far, but that situation will begin improving with the next hardfork. These stakeholders need a service performed in terms of distributing their voting power to high-quality content creation on the site, since they do not have time enough themselves to curate all day long. Steem Guild members spend much time performing this service; it is customary in any economy to be compensated for work performed. Several staff members spend 10+ hours a day to help the 350-400 authors we are supporting on a regular basis. No one has been voted in excess of the time that they have spent working on this project.

Curie and Steem Guild both have been working to automate some of this work and help streamline the model. Earlier this week, you saw how Curie fully implemented the Streemian interface to make its workflow more efficient, less costly, and very much community-centric. Going forward, Steem Guild will continue to work towards compensation alternatives for team members and a more streamlined model overall.

In the meantime, I ask the community to be patient and let the staff do their job of helping to reward 350-400 of Steemit’s most persistent and worthy authors. When these team members are the subject of constant threats and personal attacks, which they are forced to spend time addressing, it is difficult to get the work done.

And we ask the community, how important is this work? If it is important, please allow us to continue it without abuse, personal attacks, and flag wars, on Steemit and in chat channels. We are adults and we are glad to engage in any “high road” discussions about the usefulness of this work.

Below is Steem Guild’s updated list of supported authors. In addition, Steem Guild is supporting the growth in Science, Photo, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Turkish posts with expert curation/review teams in each of those areas.

This list includes about 40 new authors since the last list in our previous update post. These are new authors who Curie found originally; upon reaching a certain reputation score, they have been passed on to Steem Guild to look out for their posts and reward those with high quality content that makes Steemit better. Please support their work and that of the many other great content creators on the site.

Updated Author List:


You can see Steem Guild’s original announcement here:

Steem Guild's most recent update post is here:


I think there is no doubt about the importance of Steem Guild. I've never really understood the latest criticism, especially knowing that we all have the same chances here and that a platform like steemit needs professional curation. But the world is like that - there will be always some who don't know how to align their focus with the own growth instead of trying to make others smaller than they are.
Thanks for your outstanding efforts and dedication, you have my full respect and support. Steem on!

Good points and thanks for the support. Anyone has the same opportunity to curate and there are plenty of unused whale accounts with dormant voting power, so most criticism is boredom or sour grapes. I can't wait until these authors can be supported by a higher Steem price or by a more even distribution of voting power. Until then, we will keep working to make sure that good work on the site gets recognized.

@donkeypong I agree with @sufermarly .. there would always be some who'd never be happy no matter what you do to help them but that's just a few - more of us are surely thankful with what Steem Guild and @curie do.

Thank you all and hopefully you grow a tough heart to just ignore complains :) This time I'm on time haha

Thanks! And thanks for creating cool content. Its your type of work that is going to bring the masses here. They will see you as a role model of what they can accomplish!

Thank you so much - to all of you! It would be an honor to represent such a role. Whatever inspired others to join and (especially) stay, I'd do it. One for all and all for one :-)

Thank you for your kind words. It is always nice to hear stuff like that. Keep up the great work with your posts! :)

I couldn't have said it better. 100% agree.

Thanks for the kind words. Keep producing the awesome quality content that you do :)

@surfermarly thank you! Thank you for all the insightful posts as well and the energy :)

Wow! I'm on the list. That's so cool.

A big thanks to the Steem Guild for including me. I'll try to keep on writing good stuff and putting it up.

Don't worry about the trolls. Living under a bridge all your life doesn't give you a sunny outlook. :-)

Thanks for your great blog and for your supportive words.

Thanks! I am looking forward to checking out more of your work. Positive contributors like you are the backbone of steemit!

Awwww..... Thanks. I've got warm fuzzies now ;-)

And don't discount the awesome work you guys are doing too.

I really appreciate the effort you are doing to make Steemit amazing.

Thank you for those kind words. It is always nice to hear things like that. Keep up the good work! :) thanks for the great blog, and for the nice words man!

Yeah. Some of the pressure people were placing on the community nearly made me feel guilty for being on this list. Like I was somehow supposed to feel bad for doing well and being recognized for it.

When I look at that list and see the amount of people there, knowing full well they deserve the added help and encouragement, it becomes impossible to see this as something negative.

Sure, there are a few loose ends to tie up and a few kinks to work out... but that's called progress.

Thanks again. Not only for the support coming my way, but for being there for so many others as well.

I love your stuff man. You are very creative. And apparently really smart. Thank you for recognizing two things:

  1. This is intended to be very positive
  2. It's not a finished product. We are constantly looking to find ways to improve everything about the guild. But you are right. It definitely takes time.

Hey does This Man have a take on this?

This Man owns a lot of mirrors because This Man knows how to recognize a good thing when This Man sees it. This Man also knows, in order to see things clearly, it's best to use Windex.

I absolutely LOVE that you just made eight bucks on a comment!! That is awesome! I added my vote and it gave you three more cents, I feel pretty proud of that, haha!

This Man is only learning about this now and did not prepare a speech.

I bet if This Man did write a speech it would be full of those words that make Other People laugh. Other People love This Man. Perhaps This Man would use hand gestures that would make Those Guys crack up.

It only supports my opinion that the guilds are made up of intelligent people with good taste ;)

This Man is a wise man.

Agreed. Thank you for the kind words and keep up the good work! Your posts are always very interesting :)

I, for one, am tremendously appreciative of both curie and steem guild efforts. IMO, if steemit is going to become a platform that is known for the quality of its content, then we need to constantly encourage more and better voting that's driven by more and better innovation. So it seems to me that steem guild is heading in exactly the right direction.

I was stunned to learn that this is even controversial. This is an oversimplification, but which is better for the platform? A handful of $1,000 payouts that almost no one who joins will ever duplicate or hundreds of $10-$20 payouts that new users have a decent chance of repeating for themselves? As long as votes are going to quality content, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

I do encourage transparency and accountability for quality control and self-votes by guild members, and I trust that the organization's stakeholders also want those same things.

I agree 100%. The Guild is still a work in progress and we are constantly trying to find ways to improve everything about it. When the platform benefits, we all benefit that is for sure.

Very well said. I was on the platform when some of us were getting rewards like that, and clearly things weren't working as well as they should have been. For now, we must do what we can to spread out rewards and make sure good content gets recognized appropriately.

The demonstration that the project is working is the steady growth of the "minorities" such as the spanish speaking on. So I encourage you all to write in spanish (and dont forget to out the right #spanish tag), there will be someone behind reading and valuating your content.

You guys on Cervantes are doing a wonderful job building a network and bringing in great Spanish posts. Your expansion has been one of the biggest success stories on Steemit so far.

any Steem Guild votes on team members’ posts have compensated them directly for the time they have spent tracking authors, pulling posts, reviewing, and voting to allocate rewards appropriately.

While I don't want to seem ungrateful, because I am, I don't really feel comfortable being on this list at this type of expense...

If I were a staff member of this guild it seems I would be able to write virtually anything of any value and get the collusive votes which is not a true representation of its value. It's just friends voting for friends which doesn't offer value to the bigger picture...

I would like to see collusive voting happen more naturally with less organisation but it seems there's little to incentivise people to honestly give credit where credit is due... I'd refer to @snowflake 's recent post as it brings some important points to the problem and suggest that the whales not voting might not be such a bad idea. The problem with that is just that the power simply gets passed to the next in line and for that reason I would be more interested in discussing that old controversial idea of "vote negating" brought up by @dan many months ago.

If you could down vote an up vote instead of the author that would discourage this kind of collusive voting which appears to be great for those who get the support... But ultimately isn't good for the whole community...

Your points are fair and I appreciate your perspective. If you would like to opt out from being a supported author, we can remove you. As far as team members' compensation, I mentioned in the post that we are looking at alternatives and on streamlining to a greater degree. Steemit is still a young platform and everything we do is a work in progress.

Have you considered a model similar to the one set up by @instructor2121 with @steemtrail?

Rick and I are in close communication and have worked together on various projects. It's a very different niche and need here. In the future, I hope that curation will be smaller scale, geared more towards individual curators, and I'm a big fan of what @steemtrail is doing.

I completely hear what you are saying. I am a team member and I don't see this as a permanent solution. This is merely a realistic reaction to the current situation. To be honest, I hope the situation drastically changes as soon as possible. I hope thousands of people join the community and the system can work without us. In the meantime, I desperately want to help retain the creative people who are currently here. It's not a perfect system, but we are constantly trying to improve it.

Thank goodness for @beanz! I shall not say any more as it will be interpreted incorrectly! Votes for Heinz ... I mean @beanz.

This is a good place to find good authors to follow. Thanks!

Lol always do that :)

Absolutely! Some of the best around on that list. A really wide variety of content too. They are the backbone of this platform. Enjoy!!!

thank you very much. i have been a bit absent lately due to family issues and i just noticed other drama, related to steem guilds. Clearly, I don't understand why. keep up the good work. getting our posts recognized is an incentive to keep us posting.

Hey @thebluepanda! Hope that all is good and that your family issues are better.

It's nice to see you back more often by the way.

Oh, I forgot, thank you!

YOU! please just get over that Joyce's book and you will see me more often ;)

Haha! Today is the last session. I hope you will be there next week for a new book :)

it's all good :) i will read better during weekend. in the last 2 weekends, i read like more than 15 books... lol

Wow! 15 books? Hope you still had time for series :)

Jokes aside, any book you recommend?

I saved a prosecco bottle for that occasion. Allelujah.

Haha that bad?

Hope the next book we'll see you there. It's actually kinda fun :)

if it's the book you told me lately, i already bought it :)

It's huge isn't it?

Fantastic! "getting our posts recognized is an incentive to keep us posting" That is music to our ears! There are so many cool people who bring so much to the platform. Keep creating! It will really help the platform. I hope you feel better.

Exactly! It is not a perfect system, but we feel it is needed at the current time in order to keep the few users we do have. Thanks for the kind words :)

And you had to bring donkeys into this! :)

i simply posted what everybody had in their minds :P


Surprised to see the cartoon here. Thats the traditional dress of my countrymen

Haha good points!

I have heard this story since my childhood and is the perfect way to explain the 'society'.

Haha! I was thinking about this a lot lately!

Thank you for the kind words. I hope you post a lot more in the future. They are really great :)

:) thank you. i will. i have already 2 more posts coming :)

That's good to hear :)

I have been and am eternally grateful for the help!! Steem on as they say!!! :0)

You are a class act Meesterboom. Keep making cool stuff that will bring in and keep people here!

Aw thank you dude, I have puffed up like a peacock! Hehe!

Thank you for the kind words! Keep creating that interesting content! :)

Thank you. I am honoured to be a part of this list.

Thanks for producing such great content :)

We are honored to have you!

Thank you for the kind words! Keep up the great work :)

Thanks for the support @donkeypong and to the dedicated Steem Guild team! Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks! And you keep creating content that will bring people to the platform!

Absolutely! Just getting started :)

@abit for the win!!

Thank you for the kind words and we will do our best :)

Thanks for the support!

You are welcome, keep up the good work! :)

My friends are making an attempt to post everyday for the next 30 days if you want to check them out and possibly add them to the list in a week or so.

I just saw that earlier. I will follow them.

Thanks for creating cool content and for bringing your pals here!

Ha, thanks for the awesome comment. Just doing what I do best. ;)

As an author looking to build my professional blog on Steemit, what you guys are doing is a HUGE help and very very much appreciated!

Good deal! I hope your blog takes off! Keep up the good work :)

That's awesome! I'm sure it will be awesome. We will do our best to help.

Your welcome! Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks man! Thanks for those great posts with such consistency!

Thanks! Keep creating stuff that will bring people in!

Appreciate the support. I try to exclusively post value add content, this helps keep motivated.

I am glad that we can help motivate you! Keep up the good work :)

Awesome! We love to hear that this is helping motivate people. That is what it is all about!

This is a tremendously important project that is making the site better every day. These authors and the staff members deserve our thanks for keeping Steemit full of diverse and interesting content. Some of the troll attacks against you guys, making sick jokes and comics about your families, have been completely uncalled for. Those people need to get a life and get some help.

Everyone on Steemit should keep a watch out for hate and remember that this is a community; we stand together and we all row this ship towards a bright horizon. You guys on Steem Guild, along with Steemtrail, Streemian, and other great initiatives, are leading the way. Many of us appreciate that hard work and dedication.

Thank you for the kind words :)

Thanks man! I really think the overwhelming positivity on this platform is going to defeat that nonsense. But it's always nice to have friends to help when needed. Thank you.

Tremendous work being done here.
Shows that authors and content creators are appreciated and supported, which can only be good for the health and wealth of the entire Steemit community.
Very positive and all authors on the list should feel proud.

That is what we are hoping! Thank you for the kind words :)

Thanks! And that is an awesome way to put it. You are appreciated! There is no steemit without content creators.

Thank you so much: as @son-of-satire says, it's an honour.

You are welcome, keep up the good work! :)

It's an honor to have you as a contributor.

Thank you very much...
I feel respected for this...

You are respected :) Keep up the good work!

That is a very nice way to put it. Thanks for saying that. You are respected and appreciated!

Great work dear friend @donkeypong congratulations for what you do for the authors and for the platform.
Congratulations to all the authors mentioned in this post.
Continue with this magnificent work.
I wish you the best of success !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the kind words. Steem On!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Indeed. Congratulations to all of the creators!

Thank you again Steem Guild, @donkeypong, and whales !

How can I help Steem Guild?

Two things you can do to help the Steem Guild and the platform in general:

  1. Keep creating content that will bring in people
  2. Vote for and encourage your fellow community members. (People love comments!)

Thank you @hanshotfirst. I am already on board with those two, and will continue to improve. Cheers!

Keep creating great content!

Thanks for the hard work you all do! It's always an honor to see my name on this list.

You are becoming a leyend in steemit :-)

You are welcome! Keep up the good work :)

You're also one heck of a good tech guy!

Its an honor to check out all of your content!

I had no idea that I was on this list. Thanks for the opportunity.

I'll keep doing my best to provide good content. And oh, I'm having a blast doing it!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

And I'm having a blast reading your blog. Keep up the great work!

So much work behind the scenes and it's terrible to read about the abuse! As each individual succeeds we all succeed!

I've been a self-employed entrepreneur my whole life. While I most certainly lack IT skills I have some killer ideas that sooner or later I'd like to discuss with those more competent in their implementation!

We know you will keep coming up with great stuff! I really like the "old-dog" theme.

See above reply to @donkeypong and thanks again!

Thanks for all the great work!

You are welcome, keep up the good work! :)

I'm pretty sure you are doing some great work too.

Thank you sir @donkeypong for including me in the list of supported authors.

You are welcome! Keep up the good work! :)

Thank you @donkeypong, Curie, and Steem Guild for working so hard. You are much appreciated by yours truly. I look forward to posting and curating each day. As an artist trying to make my way in a difficult world, Steemit is something that I can point to and feel really good about.

Thank you for the kind words! Good luck with your artistry :)

That is music to our ear! I am thrilled you feel good about this! Your kind of positivity and creativity is what will help this platform grow.

Thank you so much for inclusion in the Steem Guild project! I'm honored, and I'll do my best to continue contributing quality content to the platform ,

That's all we ask :) Thank you for the kind words and keep up the good work!

We are happy to have you! Keep creating content that will bring people in. Also keep supporting and encouraging fellow community members.

Cool picture by the way.

It is big honour for me to be in this list and thank you all for your great job! Your support is highly appreciated and encourages for making good posts.

We appreciate all of your work to make the platform awesome!

Thank you. That is what we are hoping to accomplish! Keep up the good work :)

Thanks for including me on the list. means alot to me.

You are welcome. Keep up the good work :)

Thanks for creating content that brings value to the platform!

Thank you actually!

Thanks for the update. Nice to see my name on the guild list lol as I never qualified for Curie due to my reputation already being too high. Thank you for your continued efforts to make Steemit better:)

I think you broke the reputation system. You are like an 88 or something right? Kidding. You are the best man.

Thank you for the kind words! Maybe if you weren't so darn likable your rep wouldn't be so high ;)

Loll you are too kind:)

Hey @thecryptofiend it's about time :) You're with no doubt one of the most hardworking people in steemit and you have a great heart. Thank you.

You're the man!

Thanks mate you are too kind:)

Thank you very much! - I'm honored to find myself on the list :)

You have earned it! Keep up the good work :)

We are honored to have you!

The gratitude, it flows! You are all so very amazing and appreciated!

Haha thank you! Keep up the good work! :)

You content creators are the amazing ones. We appreciate you! Steemit is nothing without the creators.

Thank you so much for the constant support from Steem Guild.

You are welcome! Keep up the good work :)

Thanks for constantly producing valuable content!

Whew! Amazing collection of inspired souls!

I just finished following ALL of you and was happy to discover that I had already followed a good quarter of you through my 'organic' discovery process.

I look forward to the addition of even more amazing content in my feed. Thank you Steemguild! Cheers all!

That is fantastic to hear! That is the best thing you can do for the community: create cool content and support your fellow community members.

@donkeypong I am very grateful for putting me in this list.

Thank you. We try to reach out to as many quality content creators as we can :)

Eager to create content that is useful, thanks SG

Useful content can take all shapes and sizes! Keep up the good work :)

And we are eager to check it out and reward it!

No, thank YOU, for keeping on producing great content :)

so much circle jerking in these comments. This voting guild is centralized, and will not last long on a decentralized platform. I will be patient and watch it all fall apart eventually, as steemit implements it's plans for growth in 2017.

The rewards that Steem Guild allocates are extremely decentralized; 350-400 authors are being supported. Curation projects like Curie, Steem Guild, Steemtrail, and Streemian are primarily responsible for the long tail rewards distribution these last few months, which a handful of large whales simply cannot achieve on their own. Curie has managed to decentralize the workflow also. I suppose we could try to decentralize the task of tracking 400 authors, but it might be messy at the moment. The day when the guilds fall apart: man, I will look forward to that, when we don't need them anymore. Then I can go back to writing, which is all I ever really wanted to do. :)

when steemit has about 5 times more active users than it has now, all those projects will be in the past, and those names and titles unrecognizable. This tiny community of less than 3000 active users will continue running around in circles blaming and praising each other until then. It's good there are not much outsiders looking in at all this, they would barf.

You have a point.

Haha. I can't disagree. It's one reward pool and we have basically one main feed right now to argue about. Plus, there isn't much for bored people to do, aside from write long articles or complain. But I hope that will change soon as more features come online.

so much circle jerking in these comments

I'm in the comments. It's in my nature to thank people for looking out for me. I thank my mom when she invites me over for a hot meal as well. If I can't thank people without being accused of doing something wrong, I don't know what the hell to do anymore. I don't get this attitude. Why drag everyone down...

down?.. I think circle jerking is more like a pleasurable experience for those involved, and a weird one for those who only watch, like being at a party uninvited

To each their own. I don't think a circle jerk would be my idea of fun, but if you find pleasure in it, all the power to you. I can't help it if you're standing in the bushes watching everyone through the window either.

Now back to reality. All I did was say thanks. That shouldn't be a problem.

*I'll just add this in: The people on that list are just regular, average, everyday Steemit members. They didn't choose to be there. What good will come out of finding reasons to despise them as well? If some pack mentality forms around this hate, and people decide to stop voting for those on the list simply because they are on the list and others don't like them being there, what happens to them? They don't deserve to be punished by a centralized pack of bullies. Will those finding reasons to despise this group be there to vote for someone who decides to opt out due to these peer pressure tactics? I personally doubt it.

to anyone not on the list, the list looks like members of a gang, it's a small community, publicising the list is a bad idea

I think it's easier to just ask questions and get answers rather going straight to the worse case scenario and believing that right off the bat.

This just in: @nonameslefttouse profiled as a gang member by Steemit police! (Just messing with you, but that's how dumb that sounds.)