Steem Alliance Takes Shape | A Steemit Backed Community Governance Organization

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Yesterday @Ned put out a call for nominations to form a community foundation to help with the funding and development of The Steem Blockchain.

Nominations were taking privately and publicly and the following are the nominees so far.

@crimsonclad, @aggroed, @whatsup, @upheaver, @llfarms, @howo, @starkerz, @elear, @steemcafe, @gargon, @thecryptodrive, @pgarcgo, @bobinson, @reggaemuffin.

The most important goal of this organization is to be as open as possible and because of this all chat archives will be released here. We also are working on a home for this organization that will be open to the public.

Open Call For Nominations

This is about the community and while some public nominations were asked for, we only felt it was right to open up these to the entire community using the blockchain itself.

Please read this document and nominate an individual you feel would be a good representative in the comments below.

All the information up to this point is listed below, and will continued to be done in the days to come. There will be no secrets, its all here.

aggroed [6:00 PM]
joined #community-governance along with crimsonclad.

aggroed [6:00 PM]
set the channel purpose: Ned made progress on a foundation. We're here to discuss.

whatsup [6:00 PM]
joined #community-governance by invitation from aggroed, along with 11 others.

aggroed [6:01 PM]
@Ned For now I've started by inviting everyone to this slack. Only one who doesn't currently have an invite that has been nominated from what I saw was steemcafe
apparently they aren't in this slack

slackbot [6:03 PM]
Ok! I've invited @gandalf to this channel.

gandalf [6:03 PM]
joined #community-governance by invitation from aggroed.

aggroed [6:05 PM]
Current list of all "nominees" Crim, agg, whatsup, llfarms, upheaver, howo, starkerz, elear, steemcafe, gargon, cryptodrive, pgarcgo, bobinson, muffin

llfarms [6:06 PM]
I have his phone number as he was at the Tron conference and could get an email if needed. Someone might want to reach out to see if he would be interested though first, as I’m not entirely sure he would be.

crimsonclad [6:09 PM]
I'd like to broach the topic of ethical/conflicts of interests early that come with some of us currently being consensus witnesses and what that looks like in relation to what we're looking to create here. I can see points both for and against that are important to me, and I think that's one I'd certainly like a range of opinions on from all of you :slightly_smiling_face:

aggroed [6:09 PM]
I would want to know more about what Ned has in mind before assuming it's a conflict of interest

crimsonclad [6:13 PM]
That's kind of what I'm asking about, no? I didn't assume, but I like to think these things through thoroughly, even as potentials.

Ned [6:15 PM]
Aggroed -- I'm completely open to the governance structures
And don't want to be in the way whatsoever

Anyone who is nominated, we'll get their emails and begin deliberating and finding one or more of the folks to be point person to finish setting up a foundation. I'd be happy to include you!

My plan is to fund it through inception -> then it's potential is to grow into an non-profit, mission oriented organization for Steem, that can flexibly add more to its doings as it raises more funds and shows success

Ned [2:56 PM]
A few months ago, Steemit made significant progress setting up a Foundation to support Steem sustainability.

Given the moment, it makes sense to find a person or two to fund and lead this. Is there anyone that comes to mind for you from the Steem community to lead this?

The general idea is hand the project to someone who will set up a Foundation governance that advances Steem, is transaparent, accountable -- is flexible for adopting more responsibilities as it grows. Take it through launch then launch fundraising efforts -- take it into actually executing given the funds it receives -- to which we would plan to donate a multiple of other initial donations
It is often the person most reluctant who would be best to lead
However, I believe the task should be manageable - we have contracted an organization that specializes in setting up >Foundations and can manage to the goals
Somehow, it would be great to get the initial nominated group to deliberate in their own channel, with comms appearing publicly
The funding I'm committed to is the initialization funding
I expect once it is initialized that there will be a subsequent fundraiser for year one (edited)
Based on fundraising goals, I expect it would attempt certain initiatives (edited)
I expect it will raise significant funding for year one (at least), and am committed to making that happen
Once an accountable structure is set up, I'm very optimistic is will become logical to put more responsibilities in this org
Can we publish this channel publicly?
Please :slightly_smiling_face:
I don't want any seats in the org for myself or Steemit, Inc folks, btw - for clear corporate distinctions

aggroed [6:20 PM]
I'm completely open to publishing it openly. It might be easier to host in PALnet considering discord can allow a role where anyone in here can type and view where as everyone else can just view

thecryptodrive [6:21 PM]
I'm fine with it being public as well, does Slack not have a read only mode?

llfarms [6:21 PM]
I believe he means public to the community

aggroed [6:21 PM]

Ned [6:21 PM]

llfarms [6:21 PM]
Posts could be made with full transcript
Channel open for all to see

Ned [6:22 PM]
Could someone be in charge of posting transcripts?

llfarms [6:22 PM]
Yes, that should be easy
What account would we want to post them on?

aggroed [6:22 PM]

llfarms [6:22 PM]
Also, sent steemcafe’s email to you aggroed

Ned [6:22 PM]
I'd so go ahead and choose one

aggroed [6:22 PM]
I forwarded to ned

Ned [6:23 PM]
I am stepping out of the way now
Please appoint a leader

aggroed [6:23 PM]
Ned do you have a scope in mind of what the foundation should cover?

Ned [6:23 PM]
I will be here for support

aggroed [6:23 PM]
or a broad objective?

Ned [6:23 PM]

The general idea is hand the project to someone who will set up a Foundation governance that advances Steem, is transaparent, accountable -- is flexible for adopting more responsibilities as it grows. Take it through launch then launch fundraising efforts -- take it into actually executing given the funds it receives -- to which we would plan to donate a multiple of other initial donations
A foundation that can handle as little as marketing campaigns with flexibility to grow to handle GitHub repos and engineering outsourcing

aggroed [6:24 PM]
are you open to creating a process for delegations from misterdelegation under this group?

Ned [6:25 PM]
I would suggest something like that be baked in to be manage-able from the way the Foundation is setup. Whether that needs to be in the by laws, I'm not sure; I'm not sure it's not too specific. A process for incorporating a process like that seems adviseable, (edited)
Short answer, yes.

aggroed [6:27 PM]
Do you have an initial budget in mind that would come from Steemit to support this initiative?

Ned [6:28 PM]
The initia lbudget is only to setup the organization
That will cost between two and 15 thousand dollars

llfarms [6:28 PM]
Before appointing a leader, we need to contact all nominees as many are not present here currently. Set up a chat, and hash out some details including conflict of interest brought up by Crim. We also need to decide if nominees are the only ones involved or if it should be opened up more in the sake of transparency and other all inclusion.

thecryptodrive [6:29 PM]
So where would the rest of the funding come from, the community can't afford to fund such an organisation imo.

Ned [6:29 PM]
I have a series of communications, contacts and setup documents to share with the group once it is somewhat organized with co-leaders or leader, etc

Ned [6:31 PM]
replied to a thread:
There needs to be a fundraising exercise once the organization is formed. I am committed to making that substantial for the first year, through some commitment later to a multiple of funds received for certain fundraising thresholds. This group must be willing to launch a fundraising campaign for this to work.View newer replies

crimsonclad [6:31 PM]
I don't even suggest it's the only or even a full conflict of interest~ but we have brains here that have so many valuable perspectives. There is nothing more important to me than doing right by steem so you may have to bear with me as I look at angles and ramifications of my (and others) actions and abilities to make sure that's what's achieved. It's not meant to slow down or confuse the process, but it is important to me.

aggroed [6:32 PM]
Well, hearing more from Ned now makes it easier to see what or what not might be a conflict. I think it's a good convo.

llfarms [6:32 PM]
And I think that sort of thought process is exactly how we need to approach this Crim, completely agree.

aggroed [6:33 PM]
I know you were looking at this a lot a year ago, did you see anything along the lines of technology grants that might be able to support a non-prof like this?

Ned [6:34 PM]
^ seems worth creating a role for someone to look into (edited)
Ok, I believe I need to help get this to one more step

aggroed [6:35 PM]
yeah, grant writer seems an imperative

Ned [6:35 PM]
The nomiated group should accept anymore nominees after soliciting from the first transcript post

thecryptodrive [6:35 PM]
What are the initial thoughts, operating the foundation as a trust with the Steem network as beneficiary or as a DAC?

Ned [6:35 PM]
After that, the nominee group should nominate each other for two co-leader positions
The co-leaders shall be blessed by the group to pull the foundation to fruition (edited)

thecryptodrive [6:36 PM]
I would even say three incase of deadlock

Ned [6:36 PM]
That works IMV
Who can volunteer for the first transcript post?

llfarms [6:37 PM]
I can do it once we decide on an account. Then can ask for nominations and collect

crimsonclad [6:37 PM]
Probably best to make one fresh, easily enough.

llfarms [6:37 PM]
Yes, just need a name

thecryptodrive [6:38 PM]
first order of business should be to name the foundation and account

aggroed [6:38 PM]
ok, Ned, I think we have enough to start

llfarms [6:38 PM]
Thank you

aggroed [6:39 PM]
I'd suggest we talk about Crim's comment about Witnesses and conflicts before going on
we have a lot of witnesses in this group

Ned [6:39 PM]
That perceived issue could get resolved through the next round of nominations

llfarms [6:40 PM]
I don’t know that being a witness is a conflict of interest as it’s an elected official who is vested in the platform, but I know some would disagree.

Ned [6:40 PM]
There also should be rotating board seats in the by laws, if not some seat reserved for STEEM-based votes, or some such

thecryptodrive [6:40 PM]
Almost all, if we remove them we have almost no one left and imo the consensus witnesses are in the position they are in because of their commitment to Steem. (edited)
i would say annual elections

llfarms [6:41 PM]
It needs to be balanced with witness and community members then (edited)

thecryptodrive [6:41 PM]
for the board (greater community vote) and then the board elects leadership

aggroed [6:41 PM]
especially because some of this stuff will involve keys I think it needs to be a term that's at least a year

Ned [6:41 PM]
Lawyers can be contracted to help handle keys

llfarms [6:42 PM]
Yes, as a “non witness”.. some people aren’t capable of doing any of this.

thecryptodrive [6:42 PM]
same as a body corporate trust, once elected, trustees nominate chair and vice-chair usually

crimsonclad [6:42 PM]
Right. As I said, I'm not even married to the idea it's a conflict of interest that means you can't hold a position. Just one that is kept in the backs of our minds as we look at how we want to build, spend, and be transparent. Looking at the questions and concerns people may have early in the process means you can create a structure that addresses them early to be as transparent and representative of the community as possible.

aggroed [6:43 PM]
I guess my thought on the conflict is that I don't perceive one especially if Steemit isn't sitting on it.
that wouldn't immediately cause one, but I think it makes it slimmer

llfarms [6:43 PM]
Agreed, and opening it up to the community makes it inclusive and balances it.
As was said though, next round of nominations could make this issue void.

Ned [6:44 PM]
Let's choose a name, can be temporary and move fwd

aggroed [6:44 PM]
I guess my main thought is that it doesn't matter if I think it's a conflict or not people will vote witnesses based on if they perceive it as a conflict

Ned [6:44 PM]
steem research foundation was a working title we had months ago
I believe we could do better

aggroed [6:45 PM]
I guess I ultimately believe the risk sits on teh witness

thecryptodrive [6:45 PM]
it has to fit a steem account length too
steemfoundation is taken unfortunately

aggroed [6:46 PM]
Having formed a group before and got bitten by it before I would argue the first piece of business is actually settng community guidelines

llfarms [6:46 PM]
Not without everyone here

Ned [6:46 PM]
We need to solicit more member before setting organization guidelines, maybe community guidelines is differen
Agree, we need everyone here

thecryptodrive [6:46 PM] is taken

llfarms [6:46 PM]
Pick a name, make a post then guidelines later

aggroed [6:47 PM]
determining what's public what's not, and some interim thoughts on a plan of how others get involved
determing acceptable behavior
I don't think it's controversial now

Ned [6:47 PM]
Let that occur with nominations of leadership
IMV for greatest inclusion

llfarms [6:48 PM]
Yes, which when opening up for “nominations” we do need an idea of what we are looking for. But I guess that could be worked out internally if it’s an issue after.

aggroed [6:48 PM]
Especially when involving the public and accepting any and all nominations as we currently do I think it's incredibly imporant this group has community standards, at least initial ones

Ned [6:48 PM]

llfarms [6:49 PM]
Second one

thecryptodrive [6:49 PM]

aggroed [6:49 PM]
institute is a good word

thecryptodrive [6:50 PM] this is taken

Ned [6:50 PM]
That works IMV

thecryptodrive [6:50 PM]
place thumbs up or down on steem-institute
next thing we need to approve how the account will be created and how keys will be handled initially

Ned [6:52 PM]
I would trust whoever here registers it for the time being

aggroed [6:52 PM]
I'm not sure we have either a quorum (1/2) or half the voters in favor of it

llfarms [6:52 PM]
Well, I think the account will just be for communication at this point. No funds are involved

aggroed [6:52 PM]
it's 12+ Ned i think

llfarms [6:53 PM]
I’m fine with the name, even though I think foundation goes more inline with funding and what other blockchains do.

Ned [6:53 PM]
Steem Institute, non-profit foundation for the advancement of Steem

thecryptodrive [6:53 PM]
all the iterations of foundation are taken on chain

llfarms [6:53 PM]
But the name isn’t that important really, it’s what happens after

aggroed [6:53 PM]
Crim, you're probably the best at branding here. Any thoughts on the name?

llfarms [6:54 PM]
Well, when you say it like that.. it works

Ned [6:54 PM]
Let's quickly move to getting this transcript posted
llfarms, woud you?

crimsonclad [6:55 PM]
I'm thinking on it right now, but institute is a great start. Suggests education and exploration. (edited)

llfarms [6:55 PM]

Ned [6:55 PM]
Thank you
Do we have a second?

aggroed [6:55 PM]

thecryptodrive [6:55 PM]
ok are you guys happy to create the account?

whatsup [6:55 PM]
Why in PAL or something and not the blockchain

llfarms [6:55 PM]
I have an account credit available and will make the account

aggroed [6:55 PM]
cause you can't live chat on teh blockchain as easily

whatsup [6:55 PM]
We have a communication platform

llfarms [6:56 PM]
Share keys with whoever needs them

whatsup [6:56 PM]
and this is supposed to be a community fund

llfarms [6:56 PM]
We are working on putting this on the chain whatsup
That’s the goal

aggroed [6:56 PM]
I still think we need 2 more before steem-institute is good to go

thecryptodrive [6:56 PM]
@llfarms will you share the main key with a few of us in DM as redundancy incase something happens to you

crimsonclad [6:56 PM]
We're placing all transcripts onto the chain. I don't think the idea was ever to have the foundation operating out of any entity. (edited)

aggroed [6:57 PM]
it's also going to be hard to read because upvotes will take things out of chronological order

thecryptodrive [6:57 PM]
also we need to consider the recovery account, should be blocktrades or something neutral (edited)

crimsonclad [6:57 PM]
AFAIK that was a suggestion to put them there until this was done, but we're moving straight to doing this first. I see no reason to choose any existing discord or community.

thecryptodrive [6:57 PM]
i know how to change the recovery account if needed

upheaver [6:57 PM]
just caught up with the conversation here, so far so good

aggroed [6:58 PM]
still need 3 on steem-institute (if ned's not actually on this he shouldn't get a vote)
still good to know he supports though

upheaver [6:58 PM]
I like it

llfarms [6:58 PM]
@whatsup I’d like to hear from you

aggroed [6:59 PM]
scroll up and thumbs up please

thecryptodrive [6:59 PM]
@upheaver can you put a thumbs up

upheaver [7:00 PM]
I did in two places

whatsup [7:00 PM]
I'm fine with that
was just asking a question. :slightly_smiling_face:

aggroed [7:00 PM]
I need to get a post out about my show tonight, a witness forum next week, and before this even started I was putting a community forum together for Sunday Feb 3 at 1pm EST 1800 UTC as an open opportunity for anyone to contribute thoughts on what governance should/would look like. Any objections to posting this? (edited)

llfarms [7:01 PM]
Just wanted to be sure. The goal here from the beginning is to make this open and no more behind closed doors. I will make account, share keys and post transcript.

upheaver [7:01 PM]
no objections

aggroed [7:01 PM]

Steem Community Gathering

I want you to mark your calendars. At 1pm EST on Sunday Feb 3rd I'm going to host a community wide open forum. There's lots of ideas of community governance. I've been floating mine around, which I've called Steem Council, but there are others as well. I'm inviting anyone in the community that wants to share what they are working on, why it has merit, and why we should support it/ use it/ adopt it will be given a platform to share that.

upheaver [7:01 PM]
quick question, do we have any anonymous users in here?

crimsonclad [7:02 PM]
Do you mean, are our full names available on chain?

llfarms [7:02 PM]
Steeminstitute or Steem-institute?

thecryptodrive [7:02 PM]
I'm not anon

upheaver [7:02 PM]
not necessarily on chain, rather than known

aggroed [7:02 PM]

thecryptodrive [7:02 PM]

whatsup [7:02 PM]
I don't know anyone's name nor do I care

llfarms [7:02 PM]
Ok I like that as well

thecryptodrive [7:02 PM]
without the dash is hard to read

crimsonclad [7:02 PM]
I prefer the dash, myself. Clearer.

thecryptodrive [7:03 PM]
plus is taken

llfarms [7:03 PM]
Yes, easier to read. I’ll go with that

crimsonclad [7:03 PM]
I use my face and have introduced myself with my real name. If it became paramount, I would consider an on chain publication, since accountability matters.

llfarms [7:04 PM]
Real face/real first name.. if you look hard enough you can find my last, but I don’t broadcast that just for safety reasons.

crimsonclad [7:04 PM]
I've already had some problematic interactions, which have lead me to keep both my face and name off chain. It's more a safety and work/life line, but I'm not beholden to it if it becomes about more than me.

aggroed [7:05 PM]
Not keen on that being a requirement personally

crimsonclad [7:05 PM]
And with video outreach and in person steem business meetings, that ship is starting to sail anyways. But I do value trying to keep myself safe and my private life partially protected until such time as its completely necessary.

whatsup [7:05 PM]
It's not a criteria I would consider

thecryptodrive [7:06 PM]
I think anyone with active/owner key access should disclose their KYC to the attorneys, which can be kept confidential off-chain (edited)
posting and memo access no

upheaver [7:06 PM]
I would consider that any fund / governance model off-chain would require a level of publicity or at least shared identity in private between the group. Does not need to be public, but known to someone in case there are issues. Disclosure to attorneys would do. (edited)

aggroed [7:07 PM]
My initial guidelines would be-
no dishonesty of any kind
no stealing or destroying intellectual property
no harassment of individuals or groups of individuals

thecryptodrive [7:08 PM]
no theft or misappropriation of funds (edited)
no nepotistic preferences
"First do no harm"

upheaver [7:09 PM]
We can borrow "don't be evil" from Google, since they are not using it anymore

aggroed [7:10 PM]
I think that's good enough to get a safe start
still need 2 on steem-institute

crimsonclad [7:12 PM]
I'm absolutely fine with disclosing all of my details legally. My off chain preference comes from a couple of attempts at unwelcome contact that have sort of shaped my viewpoint here.

I would add a variation on a commitment to transparency in all communications and decisions, unless there is explicit reasoning for getting something done privately to ensure success and then posting timely logs as soon as possible. But that's not a good, short soundbite and may reach beyond personal conduct to committee conduct. (edited)

upheaver [7:13 PM]
sounds good

upheaver [7:19 PM]
@aggroed are you coordinating the communication between this group? I will dm you my contact details (edited)

aggroed [7:20 PM]
I was tasked/volunteered to get us all here (edited)
not taking private info at this time

upheaver [7:21 PM]

aggroed [7:23 PM]
for anyone that comes in later we still need a few more in support of steem-institute as a name
currently thumbsupping are crypto, aggroed, upheaver, whatsup from the pinned message (edited)

crimsonclad [7:24 PM]
I thumbsupped the wrong steem-institute by cryptodrive, lol.

Ned [7:26 PM]
guys, let's move fwd, let's publish (edited)
the name should be re-casted if needed
This is not a full group -- and everything should remain on the table, even those community guidelines, and can be re-cast in the first full gathering (edited)

aggroed [7:28 PM]
thats 6. I think its enough for a starting consensus
Steem Town Hall tonight, Steem Witness Forum 10/26, Steem Community Gathering — Steemit
I have mspwaves shows to announce. I'm doing the weekly Town Hall show tonight. Starts at 8pm (about 2 hours from… by aggroed
Tomorrow at 3:20 AM
I posted that, it has sunday feb 3 as the date i'll host a forum on this. Others can and should host their own and ill try to attend

upheaver [7:31 PM]

aggroed [7:31 PM]
yeah, it has keychain already implmented
it's amazing

upheaver [7:32 PM]
ah, I see.

aggroed [7:32 PM]
eonwarped made it

llfarms [7:33 PM]
Working on that part

thecryptodrive [7:34 PM]
This is a good starting point on how to structure a constitution (edited)
Github may be a good starting point (edited)

thecryptodrive [7:55 PM]
Ok so we will need a constitution and also I think a monetary policy, some I ideas I would like to add before they slip my mind being, 1- Multisig active/owner keys, attorney holds one of the multisig keys, 2. A smaller petty cash/float type account without need for attorney to sign 3. 70% of funds held in SBD savings, since SBD can be converted to 1 USD of STEEM it helps to preserve value of funds; 30% of funds to enjoy upside potential of STEEM. 4. If SBD > 1.05 USD, suggest leaving newly received funds in STEEM incase of SBD value drop back to peg of 1 USD. (edited)

upheaver [8:03 PM]
Foundations traditionally have pre-approved operational budgets set at % of raised capital, if this grows beyond steem you can probably expect the process for funding / signing off on projects grow beyond the concept of STEEM keys and this will be governed by the foundation's statutes. A bit too early to discuss this in my op.

Ned [8:06 PM]
Could we get a projection on initial post timing @llfarms ?

llfarms [8:07 PM]
Yes, sorry. I’m having technical difficulties and have cryptodrive helping me. I used a claimed account credit and making an account that was was different than what I’m use to. It copied all my keys over and now I’m having to change them. I apologize and feel a bit unintelligent at the moment but am trying to get it switched over, then will post immediately

upheaver [8:07 PM]
What I'm concerned with more at this point is how to structure the foundation model so that:

  1. it would be attractive enough for financial supporters
  2. it would have a model which would fund the right projects (those that make the most impact on growth or sustainability)
  3. it would have a long enough runway so that we don't spend the money too quickly but still make a sizeable / measurable impact
    and to ensure that the least amount of mistakes / waste

pgarcgo (cervantes) [8:19 PM]
Catching up. Great to see the fundation beeing born. I agree with the name steem-institute. Two things I would like to propose (a) If we create a real time chat system for fundation comms (such as discord), it should be a new explicitely created fundation one (all other existing discord communities buildteam, steemspeak, cervantes, PAL, etc could help their members registering in the new server). (b) Having good developers is key, a steem-institute academy should be created where on-line courses for steem-blockchain ingeneering could be offered

llfarms [8:36 PM]
Hey guys, for openness here; account is created, we have memo, active and posting keys. When account was created (through steemworld using an account credit) all keys were the same as my own, which I signed in with and attempted to change them. Somehow the master is not the same though and no other alternative was given at time of creation. Which means we can’t change the master, and mine didn’t work. I honestly have no idea what this reason would be, so if anyone has an idea let me know. Cryptodrive has been attempting as well with no avail. We just want to make sure the account is secure before posting.
I wish I would have just went with the traditional way of creating an account, but since I had claimed an account credit the other day.. I figured why not use it.

thecryptodrive [8:38 PM]
@llfarms has some of the keys except the main, so we would have to do an account recovery, I haven't done a recovery before, does anyone have experience with that?

crimsonclad [8:44 PM]
While working on that, decline payouts , make it the announcement/logs account, and whomever is on foundation after can create actual funding account.

llfarms [8:45 PM]
I was thinking that, two separate accounts for posting/funding may be beneficial in the long run. Even though I feel like an idiot here.. and I have no idea what happened. Still have the steemworld page open trying to figure out what I missed.

crimsonclad [8:47 PM]
This name may not even be accepted in the long run so make it secure as possible, do recovery, but work under the assumption this will have no funds so it isn't critical for that at this second and gives you time to post logs and get through the technical bits to have master down control.
Or just get and chuck this one in the fuckit bucket for now.
Which is likely much easier.
And means steem-institute won't be used in a confusing way by a bad actor.

thecryptodrive [8:48 PM] exists

crimsonclad [8:48 PM]

thecryptodrive [8:48 PM]

llfarms [8:50 PM]
Has no one used an account credit to claim one? Is there something specific about getting the master? I’ve made accounts before, I’m somewhat intelligent.. and this baffles me.

crimsonclad [8:50 PM]
I use a script to broadcast claimed account creation, so I'm not sure what happened or how you did it

llfarms [8:53 PM]
Steemworld > claim new account > use existing public keys > create account

It said “account created” and that was it. Then I assumed it must have used my key. Signed in with Active, which worked.. then attempted to change keys and got an error. Cryptodrive reached out and attempted signing in with the master and got an “incorrect passowed” error but all others worked.

Just for public record.
Working on writing up archives to be posted on this account to get it in public. As long as no one has any issues with doing so while we do an account recovery.
Also, I apologize guys. Not sure what happened here. I’ll take full responsibility for it here in case it’s questioned later.

thecryptodrive [8:58 PM]
Not so sure we can recover this as owner key has not changed in last 30 days

Travis Sung [9:06 PM]
joined #community-governance.

thecryptodrive [9:18 PM]
I am not in favour of using an account, even just for communications, that can't be recovered. Users will get used to visiting that account and could be an issue if it gets hacked and false messages displayed on there and we can't recover. As far as I understand it in order to recover, the owner keys must have been changed in the last 30 days.
Unless anyone has ideas on how to get the owner key (which was supposed to be @llfarms original owner key which now doesn't work on signin to steem-institute), I suggest we come up with a diff name.

llfarms [9:23 PM]
I’ve sent him every owner key I have, none of them work. Any ideas are welcome here. You’re all free to flag me as well. (edited)

crimsonclad [9:24 PM]
Get the account without the dash instead and keep moving-

llfarms [9:25 PM]
They are all taken

crimsonclad [9:25 PM]
Unless that exists too? You had asked earlier
Blergh. I'm on my phone in the hallway at a dinner out so there's only so much I can do at this second

thecryptodrive [9:36 PM]
No need to rush, let's wait for others to come online and decide a way forward.

llfarms [9:41 PM]
Should I post archive on my own account to get it on the chain and explain? Then can post on account when decided? Just knew it was important to get it out there as soon as possible.

thecryptodrive [9:50 PM]
I think wait for more people

llfarms [9:52 PM]

Ned [10:27 PM]
What's the hangup exactly? Name was squatted?
Momentum can die hard.

pharesim [10:32 PM]
joined #community-governance along with 2 others.

pharesim [10:33 PM]
@reggaemuffin started a discord and a github for this idea. i'd suggest to move it over there, so no one gets banned without explanation

ekitcho [10:34 PM]
joined #community-governance.

Ned [10:34 PM]
Someone needs to get an account up and post these logs! please

smooth [10:34 PM]
joined #community-governance.

aggroed [10:34 PM]
it's happening

Ned [10:35 PM]
Thanks :+1:
Steem_Foundation would be a good alternative

aggroed [10:38 PM]
shit, underscores aren't allowed

pharesim [10:40 PM]
steemgov :stuck_out_tongue:

Ned [10:40 PM]

llfarms [10:40 PM]

eonwarped [10:41 PM]
joined #community-governance.

llfarms [10:41 PM]
Steem-core is good

Ned [10:41 PM]
Just view it as temporary

pharesim [10:42 PM]
we could fork out a squatted name

llfarms [10:42 PM]
Steemalliance is available

Ned [10:43 PM]
Great. I'd say go for it

eonwarped [10:43 PM]
are you still stuck on account or you are good?

llfarms [10:43 PM]
Justinescrewedup is available too

eonwarped [10:43 PM]
steeminvite is what i used recently with a whole set of keys

pharesim [10:43 PM]
the account she registered is burned, owner key is unknown
i'd guess a typo somewhere
the one she has isn't a valid wif

aggroed [10:44 PM]
we should put making resource credits as an easier thing to use higher on the list

AusBitBank [10:44 PM]
joined #community-governance.

llfarms [10:47 PM]
I have the owner key saved in multiple places, none worked. All other keys did. I can’t apologize enough, just bad time to try to use a claimed account (RC credit)
Working on the new one

aggroed [10:50 PM]
steemalliance made
llfarms has the key though I paid for the account so it may look like I did it
working on the post now

Post made by @llfarms

There are 3 pages

This group will be open for all and representatives from all communities will be welcome and play active roles. These nominations are less for “who I think is great” and more for individuals that have the skills, time and desire to help get this off the ground. This is a volunteer position, no pay will be occurring and it might even mean due to conflict of interest.. specific members projects will not be up for funding (when and if there is funding). We are asking for nominations to help with the heavy lifting and those that may have the experience and skills to help in these areas of starting a foundation.


We know information is limited, as it’s limited for us as well. But please keep the above in mind when nominating.


I volunteered to help gather the names that have been nominated here and will edit this comment when additional names are added. I will add all nominees and then at a later time will give them an option to decline if they choose, but this way they are all in one place.

Please refrain from doing joke nominations though, as it makes my job harder, thank you 🙃

@crimsonclad, @aggroed, @whatsup, @upheaver, @llfarms, @howo, @starkerz, @elear, @steemcafe, @gargon, @thecryptodrive, @pgarcgo, @bobinson, @reggaemuffin, @tcpolymath, @smooth, @themarkymark, @embrebeyler, @holger80, @kevinwong, @gtg, @fabien, @noisy, @eturnex, @juliakponsford, @arcange, @therealwolf, @anthonyadavisii, @meno, @jedigeiss, @neoxian, @truthforce, @allcapsonezero, @itstime, @redpalestino, @shaka, @jaki01, @balte, @twinner, @dragosroua, @berniesanders, @abh12345, @dzivenu, @ausbitbank, @ats-witness, @sircork, @jesta, @lukestokes, @donkeypong, @lemouth, @justtryme90, @sorin.cristescu, @v4vapid, @steemchiller, @vieanna, @andyjaypowell, @theaustrianguy, @freiheit50, @jumaidafajar, @teukumukhlis, @adelepazani, @tangmo, @kobold-djawa, @rea, @mayasiam, @aishwarya, @double-u, @afrog, @anggreklestari, @shaka, @balte, @pfunk, @fyrstikken, @good-karma, @ausbitbank, @arcange @dragosroua, @dzivenu, @timcliff, @transisto, @fulltimegeek, @drakos, @jedigeiss, @acidyo, @jrcornel, @uwelang, @lemouth, @mobbs, @hanshotfirst, @cheftony, @svemirac, @mcfarhat, @helo, @eastmael @tobias-g, @hsynterkr, @amosbastia, @cadawg, @pennsif, @katrina-ariel @bluefinstudios, @jackmiller, @dreemsteem, @shadowspub, @guiltyparties, @tattoodjay, @fiftysixnorth, @thekittygirl, @patrice, @richardcrill, @jackmiller, @ura-soul, @prc,, @gmuxx, @ethandsmith, @penderis, @termitemusic, @nathanmars, @f3nix, @hidden84, @geekgirl, @fbslo, @josephsavage, @quochuy,@exyle, @blockbrothers, @riverhead, @xeldal, @roadscape, @pharesim,, @project7,, @mcfarhat, @heimindanger, @taskmaster4450, @tarazkp, @anomadsoul, @someguy123, @luzcypher, @ats-david, @jesta, @alexvan, @felixx, @scipio, @travisung, @pfunk, @ethansmith, @penderis, @knowledges, @mcfarhat, @bluefinstudios, @enginewitty, @justyy, @ericet, @iguazi123, @diregardfiat, @cheftony, @lloyddavis, @jrcornel, @uwelang, @mobbs, @hanshotfirst, @ankarlie, @mermaidvampire, @thereikforest, @samic, @eastmeal, @tobias-g, @hsynterkr, @mkt, @amosbastian, @cadawag, @koh, @ayogom, @clayop, @jayplayco, @lostmine27, @blockchainstudio, @snakplus, @abit, @haejin, @alexs1320, @taskmaster4450, @howo, @fredrikaa, @chrisaiki, @bitrocker, @toofasteddie, @runningproject, @zipporah, @riverflows, @soyrosa, @oflyhigh, @warrior-sage, @ejemai, @impactn, @mariska.lubis, @trafalgar, @ervin-lemark, @surpassinggoogle, @qwoyn,

Please feel free to double check me and let me know if there are any errors, thanks so much!

Have updated list. If you see anyone missing, please respond to this comment. Thank you.

Thankful to see @neoxian has already been nominated, he is the first one that came to mind for me and has my full confidence and support.


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These nominations are less for “who I think is great” and more for individuals that have the skills

That is a important objective in this endeavor, I think Whatsup doesn't fall within the latter half. She's great so don't get me wrong on that but she is the Gladce of Steemit and it just doesn't seem appropriate from a professional stand point of all due seriousness of what you are trying to achieve here. It takes all sorts of characters to make a site a success, she plays a integral part as far as that goes but most of what she writes goes under the category fun, funny, funniest and drama, drama queen. When I think of reading serious writings, professional writings or professionalism Whatsup isn't a go to for me in that regard but I surely love her for her ability to stir people's attention by coming up with weird, wacky and dramatic headlines to draw attention to her blog.

Thanks for your hard work!

Posted using Partiko Android

most of the guys I would suggest are mentioned above but we miss indeed @ats-david in this list / comment and @donkeypong - one of the guys who does good for the platform since I am here without any drama participation. Fully backing up @kevinwong and my fellow Germans I can not tag all :-).

I second all your nominations

Solid choices!

Okay, wow, that was a lot of reading I've done in here... Caught up now.

The folk I nominate:

@shredz7 (his technical tutorials are awesome, maybe he can help with foundation dev tutorials)
@nicniezgrublem (might be too busy with Engrave, but I'd say its one of the most promising projects)
@crypto.piotr (May or may not be technically-inclined, but very supportive and active in the community)
@yabapmatt (really suprised he's not on there... A+ witness)

Not out to nominate myself or anything for any decision making position, but I am happy to assist in some small way if needed. I would be happy to write out transcripts of meetings or communicate the foundation's activities or plans to the community on steemit.

Thanks for stepping up!
Great list so far.
They've been mentioned below, but not on the list yet. @jesta and @lukestokes both have been around a long time and contributed a ton to Steem. They understand both the tech and the politics from a foundational perspective. Steem really needs their participation.
Glad to see Kevin there. Straight shooter, sharp, level head and outstanding integrity.
It'd be nice to see @donkeypong here too. He's one of the old timer quiet strengths of the community and has been invaluable to many projects, while managing to avoid the drama. How does he do that?

How does he do that?

By being a saint. Kind and levelheaded just seems to be who he is.

It was kinda facetious. But you're right.

Thank you so much to @d-vine, @enginewitty and @shadowspub for nominating me, but there are more than enough people far more able than me already on the nomination list.

@llfarms - please remove me from the nomination list. Thank you.


thanks for grabbing the names so far.
I see that @crimsonclad has rightly so, brought up conflict of interest. I think this is hugely important and should not be dismissed so easily. If the intent is openness and impartial governance or at least, an impartial conduit in both directions, to and from the community at large, then both actual Conflict of Interest and the Appearance if it must be addressed.

I like seeing many mentioned so far, however, it's important that, there is buy in and acknowledgement form top witnesses and whales, that, voices all among the steem community need to be heard. Whales, Orca, Dolphins and yes, Minnows and Redfish. Without buy in and engagement at all levels, then, the voices and opinions become insular and often miss important views from the trenches.

A diverse group needs to be representative. Not merely the same names and same voices, and same opinions as always.

I'm still unsure if I am going to moving beyond a "help others get this started and lett'r rip" capacity; my first and foremost goal is to accomplish as much as I can supporting people, communities, and companies directly... but since we are beginning with a non-voting working group, it's things like this that I tend to think on carefully and present to those involved with ways to diagnose strengths and weaknesses. A conflict of interest doesn't need to be a deal breaker if it is recognized, considered, and nullified in a way that still allows for positive participation.

I realize that many feel like top twenty witnesses already run the show and there should be a preponderance of diverse voices to work in tandem with any who may decide to run for a place on this board, which is why I asked outright. I look forward to hearing from the community on all of this.

You spelled @arcange wrong I believe

Can you provide any evidences of your allegations?

You forgot to add me.

They need to add you and @sircork while they are at it. actually added fyrstikken and krnelol. Looks like a farce to me.

Then they talk shit about me on voice chat when I wasn’t listening. Saying things like, “He never has suggestions.” And it’s funny because...


And specifically, this:

Guess it is then.

Updates are done manually and this is the first time I’ve had time to update, apologies for that. But nominations are on the chain and won’t be ignored. Whether this comment is up to date when you look at it or if it takes a bit longer.

@ats-David you were asked to come on or chat. I’m sorry if one person had an opinion, I think the rest of us were pretty fair. Town hall meeting will be happening to choose new “working group” aka grunts soon. Please bare with us.

careful where you promise those group nudes, girl! ;)


I’m sorry if one person had an opinion, I think the rest of us were pretty fair.

It would probably be good if that “one person” wasn’t nominated and approved in the working group, given the fact that he has made threats of physical harm against users on many occasions and has been accused of scamming people multiple times. It doesn’t look good to include people like that in an organization that will be charged with handling funds for the community.

And adding his business partner/developer probably isn’t smart either.

If we’re looking for a serious organization here, then the selection process - from the start - ought to be taken more seriously and done more carefully. Just some friendly advice.

I understand your concern, but as a reminder the “working group” you’re speaking of has no control of funds whatsoever. The only goal behind the group is to simply organize this week and then will have a town hall meeting where the new “working group” will be elected by the community, because this was done in a rush so it was decided it should be done differently.

The newly elected “working groups” sole goal will be to open up proposals from the community on the running of such a foundation and will also have no power.

So, while the individual was nominated and voted by those there.. the group is temporary and will have no power, funds or anything .. other than some volunteer work on posting and organizing the discord.

Hope that eases your mind a bit. This town hall will be announced as soon as possible with more details. Thanks for understanding.

I don´t know, @ats-david - if you are for or against STEEM. Your criticism has been extremely harsh and unfair at times. You point fingers, but never have I heard you solve a problem or suggested loud and clear a solution to any of the problems you point out.

Mentioning that is not "talking shit about you". You were there, and you did not even voice up to explain yourself.

Prove me wrong by stepping up to the plate and become part of those who now will be working across the network to address and solve some of these problems bit by bit.

They cant go without you!

I'd love to see @scipio, creator of the @steem-ua project, added to this list. I believe he would be a great asset to this initiative.

Who is @jakioi ...? :)

I have no excuse, thanks for catching it. Fixed 🙂

No problem at all. :)

Hi @llfarms, Travis from team Tasteem here and would be glad to be added as a nominee. Currently running and (FYI, It's a KR steemit portal just launched a week ago lol). Not fully oriented with the details of how this foundation may be leading the community but It'd still be great if I can take my part in contributing to this BC.

Well done. Love your skills.

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As much as I appreciate the nominations, I don't think I would have the amount of time necessary to devote to such a thing. The fairness @bluefinstudios speaks on below in the comments is suffice enough for me to say - please remove my name as he is definitely worthy of a seat and brings similar views as I.

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I note several names are listed more than once, @pfunk, @dragosroua, more too, I think. It might make it easier to avoid dupes if you arrange the list alphabetically.

This list is nominations for the initial working group?

Thanks very, very much!

I spent a year as Treasurer of a startup 501(c)3 nonprofit as we went through the process of defining and building the organizational structure, filing with the IRS, and developing our initial fundraising efforts. I am willing to very lightly consult if anyone would like help in the process from someone with experience.

My first note would be that every nominee should give significant thought to the amount of work they are getting themselves into. I'm glad to have had that experience; I would not repeat it for the world.

Great to learn more about your background.

I nominate tcpolymath!

I would not repeat it for the world.

Possibly, there are roles with less work involved. The stage we had gotten it to, if it continues from there, an organization was contracted to do all the accounting and much of the administration:

In case you may find this interesting...

Beckstroms's Law measures the value of the network. Rod Beckstrom was the CEO of the ICANN and among his achievements was more decentralized internet. He now has a consulting company where they consult and advise startups, organizations, etc about the network economics. They can be reached at Not sure how much they charge, but I think Steem and Steemit could use some expert evaluation and consultation.

Here is the presentation on the Beckstrom's Law by Rod Beckstrom himself.

There are many models used in attempts to calculate the value of a network. Some simple like metcalfe's law and others with varying complexity. They all have something in common. They all have some form of exponential growth with respect to the number of active nodes (users). The best model is one that is fit to the growth-value after the network has experienced growth. Of course, we can't see into the future to get the best fit model. If you can't afford to pay for the consulting, you can find a professor at a college and I bet that they could get a student to perform an evaluation as a Ph.D. Research Project.

In the presentation above, Rod Beckstorm also talks about Metcalfe's law and his reasoning why it actually doesn't work in practice. For example, every connected node doesn't necessarily represent a user. In one household you may have 4 computers connected to the network, but it may be only one user using them. At the same time, several users can be connecting from the same node. Etc.

Failure in a practical implementation of Metcalfe's law was actually what motivated Beckstrom to come up with his model.

Moreover, Beckstrom is an advocate for decentralized networks, and he puts forward interesting ideas and observations in his book on the topic, the Starfish and the Spider.

Beckstrom's law focuses on benefit/value & costs of each transaction for each participant, rather than nodes and users in the network.

For these reasons, I believe Beckstrom's law is a good fit for measuring the network value, retrieve useful data to improve network economics.

Metcalfe's "law" doesn't work as it is just an approximation for the number of connections when N is large. I recall reading that a better fit for large N is kN.logN, where k is a network-specific constant, thus slightly different for, say, FB and Reddit etc. The reason being that users tend to cluster into user-groups.

Thanks, will follow the links.

I did point out that it wasn't accurate.. I take it you were just driving that point?
The best law is the one that fits the actual growth after the growth has been accomplished. (i.e. hind sight is 20/20).

Metcalfe's law also doesn't take into account for market saturation. (what happens when everyone is part of the network). It assumes that growth can go forever, but there is only a limited number of people in the world.

Metcalfe's law can be a good approximation provided that the network costs are low. For instance Facebook where they have very few employees compared to a typical company of their size.

The thing that will throw both laws out the window is that both assume price for goods/services remain constant. We don't have that here. A year ago the price topped out over $8 for STEEM. That STEEM was being used to cover operating costs of and Steemit Inc (i.e., being traded for goods and services). Now it is less than 40 cents. Our operating cost fluctuates with price of our currency. The problem with both laws is that you can't add a variable that accounts for price of STEEM as there is no way to predict the price of STEEM.

Thank you, I’ve added him to the list of nominees.

What is the jurisdiction of choice?

Steemit Alliance is very good name for a foundation. If the jurisdiction of choice is USA, did you consider Puerto Rico - they are not common but civil law place and foundations are little bit more straightforward to have. A type of entity by the statutory law itself.

He would be a excellent choice, this man knows his stuff.

Additionally: I appreciate the commitment to transparency.

I would like to nominate @smooth.

Thank you, added

I'd nominate you in a heartbeat, your skills, expertise and opinions are some of the best I've read on this platform, they would be well served to have you aboard and/or as a adviser.

Thank you. I dropped in on the end of the meeting today and so far it looks to me like there's a good starting plan in place.

I would be more than happy to nominate you, from which if I read right will start this Saturday with voting to happen on Sunday.

Thank you for the confidence, but this next stage seems like a nightmare to me, far far outside of my skillset. It needs a cadre of technically-trained election judges, and I'm not sure how many of those there are anywhere. Maybe we should ask Nate Silver if he'll do it for us.

I am not even quite sure what all they are trying to accomplish, all's I am sure of is when you put the words looking for "techinical" and "professional" individuals your name is the first one that pops into my mind. I know there are many others with those qualifications, time and again seeing their writings you have never been lost on the words and quite often bring clarity to those struggling to understand what's being said.

I've got a ton of respect for you. Ned nominated you and I would too. I don't agree with all his choices but this one I do.

I hereby nominate the german STEEM investors @redpalestino, @shaka, @jaki01, @balte and myself.

Thank you @twinner!

Thank you, added

I nominate the SteemSTEM founders @lemouth and @justtryme90.

Furthermore I nominate @sorin.cristescu and @v4vapid.

I also would like to see some middle-sized accounts involved as well, thus I nominate @steemchiller, @vieanna, @andyjaypowell, @theaustrianguy and @freiheit50 from Europe, and @jumaidafajar, @teukumukhlis, @adelepazani, @tangmo, @kobold-djawa, @rea, @mayasiam and @aishwarya from Asia.

I don't know if the number of suggestions is limited, if not I would like to add: @double-u, @afrog and @anggreklestari.
I like 'normal' people to have a say as well ...

Danke dir für die Nennung! Bin freudig überrascht ;-)

Diese Nennung hast du dir wohl verdient! :)

Hallo, @double-u ... Ich bin am überlegen, dich zu nominieren ... Soll ich, oder hast du eher kein Interesse?
(Du könntest dann die Kneipenbesucher für dich mobilisieren.) :-)

Hallo @jaki01, das ist sehr aufmerksam von dir, und es freut mich sehr!
Aber ... ich befürchte, mein Englisch und meine Detailkenntnisse sind nicht ausreichend gut. Daher verzichte ich lieber.
Ich gehe davon aus, dass du bereits nominiert bist. Falls nicht, würde ich das gerne tun. Bitte gib mir kurz Bescheid.

Danke für deine Rückmeldung. Ich war nominiert, habe aber auch zurückgezogen, wie du im Kommentarbereich lesen kannst.

Ich war jetzt nur zweimal kurz online. Daher hatte ich nicht selbst geschaut.

I'm very very normal/ordinary people in Steemit. But, thanks for mentioned me.

Maybe in the future, it would be nice if there were nominations for a good and consistent content creator from any community.

Let's see what will happen the next time. :)

In my eyes you are making very good content and engaging a lot for the STEEM community.

I mean 'normal' in a very positive sense, not being a 'celebrity' but making good work. I think 'normal' people are the big majority here on the STEEM blockchain and should be represented in the 'government', especially as they understand the everyday problems of the average Steemian much better than whales or orcas do.

I think 'normal' people are the big majority here on the STEEM blockchain and should be represented in the 'government', especially as they understand the everyday problems of the average Steemian much better than whales or orcas do.

This is an interesting thought. That's why most of the "normal people" are waiting for SMT to attend and hope that more good content can be "seen".

Danke @jaki01. Thank you for adding me.

Gern geschehen! :)

hmm and you add newbies?

Maybe not really newbies (they still don't have an overview about how STEEM is working) but also not only big and 'famous' accounts.

I also want to understand this - Who will answer?

What exactly is your question?

Ich fühle mich sehr geehrt! Und was muss ich jetzt machen?

Ich denke, erst mal gar nichts - abwarten, wie sich die Dinge entwickeln. :)

Ich wollte einfach ein paar Namen von Leuten ins Spiel bringen, die so gut wie immer guten Content kreieren. Wie das Ganze genau weitergeht, weiß ich auch nicht. Jedenfalls bin ich der Überzeugung, dass an einer wie auch immer gearteten 'STEEM-Regierung' nicht nur Wale und 'Celebrities' beteiligt sein sollten, sondern auch Menschen mit Ahnung vom STEEM-Alltag eines ganz 'normalen' (im positiven Sinne) Steemians.

Ich denke, erst mal gar nichts -

Sehr gut! Für Nichtstun habe ich immer Zeit! Typisch für Philosophen. Während die anderen Kinder mit dem Ball spielen, denkt der Philosoph darüber nach, was die da so treiben.


Mit ReGIERungen kann ich mich meist nicht anfreunden, es sei denn, ich BIN die Regierung. Aber ein Team, bestehend aus langfristig Überzeugten von dieser Plattform finde ich gut.

Während puren Nichtstuns kamen mir die besten Ideen, die ich je hatte (z. B. zwecks Verbesserung meines Wettquotenrechners). Ich halte Nichtstun also in der Tat für eine der produktivsten Beschäftigungen überhaupt. :)
(Wobei es aufgrund des stets arbeitenden Metabolismus genau genommen gar nicht möglich ist, nicht zu tun.)

Mit meinem aktuellen Vorschlag zunächst einmal nichts zu tun, ging es mir allerdings weniger um prinzipielles Nichtstun, sondern darum, erst einmal abzuwarten, ob du später überhaupt in eine Position gewählt wirst, die dir die Aufnahme von 'Tätigkeit' erst ermöglichte. :)
Abgesehen davon könntest du in dem Fall dann natürlich auch ablehnen ...

Wenn es tatsächlich irgendwann so eine Art 'STEEM-Regierung' (oder ein Komitee oder was auch immer) geben sollte, sähe ich darin dann eben lieber Leute wie dich vertreten, als irgendwelche Schaumschläger ... wobei mein Einfluss ohnehin denkbar gering ist. Ich dachte nur: Vorschlagen schadet nichts, als tue ich's einfach.

Danke @jaki01, dass du deine Stimme auch für die 'einfachen' Mitglieder erhebst, welche die überwiegende Mehrheit darstellen und die mit ihrem Content die Plattform lebendig erhalten.

Mich stimmt froh, dass bisher neben all den internationalen "Größen" auch eine stattliche Anzahl vertrauenswürdiger deutschsprachiger Persönlichkeiten nominiert ist.

Man darf gespannt sein, wohin die Reise im mitunter stürmischen Ozean geht.

Man darf gespannt sein, wohin die Reise im mitunter stürmischen Ozean geht.

Ja, mir ist auch ehrlich gesagt nicht wirklich klar, was genau geplant ist. @llfarms schreibt in ihrem upgedateten Kommentar etwas davon, man solle nicht nominieren, wen man "great" finde, sondern diejenigen mit den nötigen "skills", wobei mir nicht klar sind, welche Fähigkeiten genau erwartet werden, außer gesundem Menschenverstand natürlich ... :)

Wie auch immer, ich sehe nicht den geringsten Grund dafür, weshalb irgendwelche 'STEEM-Celebrities' mehr 'Skills' aufweisen sollten, als die von mir vorgeschlagenen 'normalen' Steemians, die seit Monaten oder gar Jahren beweisen, was sie wissen und können. :)
Lassen wir uns einfach mal davon überraschen, was noch alles kommt ...

I can feel it, the Steem Celeb Aura, Ksteem Kardashian is near

oh youuuu very much dear @jaki01 :) i appreciate

You are very welcome! :)

Thank you @jaki01 :)

I nominate @pfunk, @fyrstikken and @good-karma.

Here is my explanation for what was going wrong with creating the new account:

The Use Existing Public Keys option should only be used with existing public keys for the new account name (with from the Key Generator exported keys for example).

I've added a warning in the Account Creator tool, so that something like this won't happen again:

I nominate you @steemchiller for at least an advisory role. I assume you have a lot on your plate but would love to see you have regular input.

steemworld rules!

Yes, themarkymark explained my mistake to me later.. not sure what I was thinking at the time. Thank you for clarifying this and for steemworld in general, its an amazing tool. First time I have ever caused a warning label to be added to anything.. #lifegoals haha. Thanks!

Interesting, let's see where this leads. Hopefully, more good will come out of this. I'm not sure how many people one can nominate. Let me know if i should trim this down but these are people i feel have the integrity to do well. I nominate @ausbitbank, @smooth, @stakerz, @bobinson, @reggaemuffin, @themarkymark, @shaka and @arcange.

Thank you for calling me @pangoli.

Thank you, added the additional names here.

I nominate, aka Sida, the founder of Partiko, the mobile app that has contributed significant value to our chain since 2018.

Thank you so much for the nomination!

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you deserve it! :)

I second this!

Thank you for the nomination. I would like to decline.

Not sure what the job entails or what the goals are.

With that being said, I could see this turning into a great project and I offer my support!

I think you’d be a great addition to the team. Even if it isn’t entirely clear what the purpose is. It’s a great chance to influence the direction of the team however

I’m not sure what it entails either or if/how much I want to be involved... but with it being such an amazing idea I wanted to stick with it to at least get it started. As more nominees join and it gets a direction, guidelines, jobs needed, etc. then maybe we can make a better decision at that time? Would you be willing to stick with it until then? As I feel you make a damn good nomination.

Why? You're one of my top candidates.

1st. It isn't that clear what it is all about.
2nd. It seems to me someone level headed, but also with some experience in other blockchain foundations and how they work would be ideal. So that they would have some ideas on how to model it.
3rd The current level of cooperation on Steem is going to put this role in someone's line of fire. Which I would be fine with IF I knew what I was getting into. No reason to subject myself to that with out knowing what it is about.

the other approach may be to leave your name there... see how things develop and if you're not comfortable with the outcome .. then step down. You'd be a good voice to have there @whatsup

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I think it is going to create much strife this way...

A better way to do this to promote decentralization in my opinion. The terms and amount of the fund should be published and those who wish to manage it should present their team proposals for managing it. Ned could then pick the model he likes the best or spread some funds to 2 foundations and see which one can also obtain external funding. There is no reason to pretend these are public funds, when in fact at this point they would be coming from a private company. Also hopefully this group would be able to attract other sources of funding as well.

This just reinforces the current status quo. (my opinion)

I have a decade of experience with quality systems for critical software systems (not testing but think process oriented quality management system)...if there is at all any need would be glad to volunteer.

Also second the nomination for @meno

I follow all of the stuff that is going on here... I may as well make myself useful. Putting my name in the hat for grunt work.

Thank you, I’ve added you to the list.

I think @abh12345 would make a fantastic addition to this group

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second this.

Thanks @sparkesy43

Happy to be involved, not sure if my non-US timezone will be an issue but I'm here to assist if need be.

Thank you, added

Third this!

If you're looking for fair, just and unbiased nominees, the vast majority of what I've seen down here will not fit the bill. You should have tried and true valor who love this chain and are here for the (in my opinion) right reasons like @shadowspub, @guiltyparties, @tattoodjay, @fiftysixnorth, @thekittygirl, @patrice, @meno, @llfarms, @richardcrill, @jackmiller, @ura-soul, @prc,, @gmuxx, @ethandsmith, @penderis, @pennsif, @termitemusic, @nathanmars and I could go on with a massive list. True community witness with proven community leaders and minds that aren't skewed or in any other organization's pockets. That, would see massive benefits to the chain.

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I also would like to nominate @jedigeiss and @therealwolf. Jedi has done a lot of voluntary stuff for the german community, is capable of programming and has a working background that gives him competence in supervising projects/work. Wolf seems a great choice as well and seems to have the right life circumstances as well.

Thanks! Added them both to the list

Agreed - two top guys that have to be in there - I might even add more but have to scroll the suggestion list before.

I'm nominating @meno and @kevinwong.

By the way - how and when can we vote?

thank you Wolf, I'm willing to help in any way I'm needed... just point the way.


Fixed, thank you.

All details are still being worked out, but we wanted to get the transcript out as soon as possible. Ideas about how to vote will definitely be covered and brought back to the community as we gather nominations. This all happened rather quickly and as you can see above, not much detailed planning was done. All nominees were not present and it didn’t feel right to make too many decisions with such a small group.

All information and announcements will be made openly as soon as we know more.

Thank you.

I think you just did?

I nominated, but I didn't vote yet.

Second the vote for @meno.

nominate @kevinwong

Thank you! Both added to the list.

Great to see the progress.

Looking forward to hearing how the co-leaders will move forward

In the meantime, to get things going, I'd like to nominate @kevinwong !

Is there a discord group to congregate in or somewhere folks should go to meet with you guys on this?

This is the leadership I've been so eager to see Ned, I hope you can keep it up. We all have one life to live, just one life to create something good for the world. Don't waste the opportunity, think long term, think big.

People want to participate, build along side with you. One group can only create so much value, we'll only fall behind that way. Blockchains are here to change the world, cutting middlemen, destroying gate keepers. And the biggest ones will be the ones that people deem fair, open, and something they'd be proud of being a member of. That's why Ethereum is up there even when they chose to fork due to DAO hack.

And good luck!

Great nomination and thank you for the question. The group is working on that currently, but felt it was most important to get this archive out while asking for the communities input on nominations.

The goal is to have a place completely open to the public for the organization to call home. This would allow the community to be involved in every aspect. Many felt a separate and dedicated discord server would be the best fit. The goal is to do so in the most decentralized way possible, so it takes just a bit of time to make a plan for. Please bare with us.

We will be updating as soon as that decision has been made and invite everyone to join. Thank you!

Please make it open for all. It would be great to see openness and transparency from the start.

It will be open to all to see and comment. The details are being worked out.

“details being worked out” implies there is already an unknown decision making group.

No "decision making group" - few people with access to a Slack owned by Steemit, Inc. Some of the members are nominated to a sub-group (for the lack of a better word) and members of the subgroup are discussing about who should have what role and how to make everything public.


The Alliance can come on over and set up a group on Scripsio. Managers and moderators can be assigned.

Great nomination! Btw what exactly are the nominations for? And how it will progress, the selection I mean. Are they going to be informal group of part of formal managerial body of a legal entity?

Hard to admit but this is a fab suggestion - @kevinwong is a killer guy with not only brain but heart in addition and a good taste of music - we need new great vibes.

I would like to nominate @eturnerx and @juliakponsford. After working with both of them on @msp-makeaminnow and having worked with Julia for longer than that on the @minnowsupport project, I can say that they would both make great candidates to consider for the foundation.

Thanks! Added both names

I would nominate @timcliff, @elear, @jesta, @transisto and @fulltimegeek.

Let me explain why I am nominating these guys. The first three are top developers. The foundation should have skilled individuals at the top of it.

The other two are whales. If the foundation doesn't have proper representation of large stakeholders, a conflict of interest may arise. It should have both devs and whales. It also should include some critics and steem enthusiasts (not nominating any new names since many of them were already nominated by others).

Edit: I would also like to nominate the following witnesses:


I would like to be involved in this somehow. Just in general to help out and give my thoughts on things.

My background is Information Systems(SAP) and Management. I manage 500 million USD + of production in multiple manufacturing plants. I work with and coordinate with people ranging from the low level staff in plants to VP/Senior VP levels at a large company.

Not looking for any kind of payments or anything like that. Will stay anon, if that isn't possible then I will just contribute via blog posts every now and then.

Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself, added!

I'd like to nominate @themarkymark , @emrebeyler , @holger80

Thank you for the nomination. However, I have a full-time job, this position(?) should belong to somebody who can go full-time steem.

?: I have no idea about the position since I wasn't a part of these secret slack organizations like most of the community. Maybe before asking the community to pick/nominate people, these secret conversations should be opened up. (instead of sharing a part without the prior context.) So the majority of the community can evaluate things better.

The transcript above is the discussion, there are no secrets.. we all know as much as you do.

Ned posted in multiple places (including open discord servers) and this is what came of it. Nothing was discussed outside of what is detailed above. I’ve been nominated, helped to write this post and know nothing more than anyone else about what this will be or what is needed. There were no prior talks other than his posting in multiple places and people responding with nominations. The rest of the discussion is here on the chain (in the post above).

The goal is to get the community involved, then work out the details.

To add to @llfarms comments, we are looking for ways to make the entire discussion public like using public mailing lists used by Free and Open Source Software. My personal favorite is Python foundation and I have heard good things about Drupal foundation too.

I just shared this:

I think we can start with little older foundations like Linux Foundation, Python Foundation and then combine with Stellar/IOTA to get the best of both the "blockchain" world and before it ? The reasoning is obviously one being maturity and second being a thought that the blockchain space is full of acronyms which makes it difficult for people.

Thoughts are welcome :-)

Thank you for the nomination. However, I have a full-time job, this position(?) should belong to somebody who can go full-time steem.

I myself is not aware of the "scope". So I wrote the following.

"PS: this not necessarily mean I can contribute full time to this new endeavor, but I can volunteer to lead a team / review code/ co-ordinate etc and if there is financial aspects involved, I can stretch and attempt to spend more time under which I can contribute in terms of code, architecture and such."

Thank you, added them

I second the nominations of @themarkymark , @emrebeyler & @holger80 based on the following criteria:

  1. I have never met them personally
  2. I had / have limited communication with all three of them
  3. But from what I see publicly I have noticed that they have the technical abilities and persistence needed for communities of this nature.
  4. I have not communicated with any of them or anyone else regarding this nomination and its completely up to them to accept/involved or not.

This is a great opportunity for active people that really love the Steem blockchain to be a part in the growth of the Blockchain. Certainly, there are lots of dedicated and reliable guys here. I think is it important to pick guys that have invested their time, skill and ideas to build a successful app on the blockchain. @elear is the first person I will be nominating, because he has been contributing to the growth of the blockchain with his evolutionary Idea. Also, I will nominate another wonderful guy that posses the zeal of creating stuff that adds value to the Steem ecosystem. @knowledges is skilled and always available to work. @mcfarhat would be a wonderful plus to this team. @therealwolf and @abh12345 are awesome.

Hey, @tykee. Thanks for nominating me.

My two cents, and my two nominations,
First @davemccoy I have looked at the list of nominees and have not seen any that are working and swimming with and protecting the minnow and redfish folks, so I nominate him.
Second: @fulltimegeek another individual that has the minnow and redfish and dolphins that he supports and tries to protect.
I do not know if they would be interested or not or in what capacity they could help.

Thanks for the mention here @bashadow but I would not be anywhere near as helpful as @fulltimegeek... I 2nd that nomination and hope if they are serious they take the one guy (with size) who has put his money where his mouth is on a regular basis day in and day out.

Thank you LLFarms for stepping into the breach on this. Having kept a list or two myself, I thank you for stepping up and doing this service. I, for one, appreciate it.

I do see the possibility of conflict of interest with consensus witnesses. Does not mean in anyway that I will not support, but I think we all have to know that possibility exists. Just sayin'

That said, I'd like to nominate @shadowspub. She's articulate and intelligent, damn familiar with the players and mostly non attached.

Thanks for making this even a possibility. Who would have thought this could even begin 6 months ago?

Again, LLFarms, thank you for keeping this list. I appreciate it.

thank you @bigtom

I'd like to nominate @enginewitty @pennsif @katrina-ariel @bluefinstudios @jackmiller & @dreemsteem as good communities members working to build without agendas

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