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I'm new to Steem, more or less, as of today. I had read about it roughly a month ago and liked the concept. For some reason the website wasn't working correctly on my computer at the time and wouldn't let me sign up. I see that it has continued to gain in popularity since then. If I understand the concept correctly people gain credit for submitting stories or responses to ideas that people upvote (find useful or interesting).

Without being too vague, I'm curious what the most practical uses are for Steem? And can it be used to seek information?

For example, I've started learning computer programming this past year. I've done countless web searches as part of the learning process. Places like have been very useful. has a voting system in place to help bring the most relevant answers to the top. Would Steem be a be a good place to pose questions about things like this or other technical topics and upvote the most useful answers?

Sorry if this question seems rather basic, just trying to get a better idea of what people might use this site for. Any thoughts are appreciated.



Welcome to Steem. The short answer is YES, this is exactly what Steem is designed for.

The long answer is that the community is still small relative to Stack Overflow so there are not as many people here today to answer questions. That said, we will be offering rewards for users from Stack Overflow to migrate to Steem once it matures a bit more.

So you can get a head start by getting involved early! If others like the idea and join then you will earn a lot of Steem Power which means every question you ask has an implicit bounty proportional to the value of your upvote.

Take the time to format your questions properly and phrase them in a manner that is useful to as many people as possible.

Hey, thanks for the response! ...I'm interested to see how this site evolves.