I Bought 4,000+ Steem Today: Better Days Ahead For Steem

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It's no coincidence that my Steemit profile describes me as staunch believer in the Steem blockchain.

The truth is that I believe a lot in the Steem blockchain and the boundless opportunities it provides to thousands of content creators across the globe.

Also, I believe that Steem is out to redistribute wealth by creating a novel economy that the world has never seen.

Consequently, for the past eighteen months, I have been loading my bag with as much Steem as I can before Steem becomes quite unaffordable.

I started buying Steem when the price stood at $3.5. Somehow, the bear market crept in and the price kept nosediving. When the price reached $0.5, I bought again.

And now, the price is at $0.18 which is cheaper than I have ever imagined. So, I decided to load my bag again.

In the words of Donald Trump, I will not say that my next buy target is $0.10, but I'll buy massively again at $.0.10.

I believe that beyond creating good contents and earning Steem, I have a duty to grow my account ahead of the glorious days ahead.

I wish you a full Steem ahead.

Yours sincerely,


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Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your precious time.


I hope you invested right, may the cryptos be upon you.


It is good; you remove 4k steem from the circulation.

Sure, that's exactly what happened. I wish you a full Steem ahead.

Highly rEsteemed!

I admire your work and glad to see you committed to growing your Stake!
I wish for you abundant success with your recent investments. It should be very good for you since you are ultimately investing in yourself... Good Call Bruv!


Bacon Be Steem.png

PS: Also, the "Savings" feature is pretty useless. You should POWER UP your STEEM rather than keeping it in "Savings."

Thanks for your peerless support from the beginning. I sincerely appreciate you. Thanks also for resteeming this post. It means a lot to me. I will ultimately follow your advice and power up the Steem asap. Cheers to the good days ahead.