Steemjet or Hivejet?

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I can't afford to use both steem and hive accounts for the next Steem(or Hive)Jet World Cup promotion, so the first person to convince me to stay at Steem or Hive will receive the proceeds from this post (double posted in Steem and Hive so both upvote totals). The losing platform will be the one that I use to distribute all the rest of my power down cash to those beneficiaries of the Coronavirus relief promotion (see latest Steem post). Stay safe

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It's time to Move to hive and rebrand to hivejet


  • Hive is decentralized
  • Hive is community oriented
  • Hive is censorship free
  • Hive doesn't steal funds
  • Hive have real consensus witness
  • Hive has more curation dispersion
  • Hive has good contents on its trending page unlike steem which is bidbotted with shit contents
  • Hive has more tendency to pump
  • Hive has no CEO and its DAO funds are properly put to use to fund necessary projects
  • Hive has more dapps than steem.
  • Hive has fixed part of its dpos flaws in the old steem chain - hostile takeover over the network is risk free.

I'll be ecstatic if I make the list for the coronavirus promotion benefit fund. Thank you.

Stay safe boss and thanks for making me fly on the wings of superstar back then and now.

Thank you boss for the love on steemit. Here i come with you again to hive. As I pledge my loyalty to work with you, I also decided to come over to hive because you have decided to choose hive over steem.

Boss, while you are on vacation I tired to make the baddest jam for you, but I was sent out the studio, due to insufficient gears.
Here is the link to the post of how it happened.

Right now that am with you on hive.
I will like to make a classic unique musical video for hive as I did for steemit. It will only be done if you can consider to send me 2000 hive (due to the current price of hive in my country) , so as to give you the first official hive musical video to bring hivejet community alive on hive blockchain. Music is life 🎶 .
YBM #sf1

Welcome back on board boss @dimimp.
Happy to see you again on blockchain. Seeing you back online totally means you are healthy, which the kids are happy about. We really miss you. But no other people miss you much than the kids.

When you are on vacation, the kids learn alot from your evergreen story titled "Olivia and superstar" . This story really make them smart as expected. No more story for the kids to read or watch as cartoon. Now we are training the kids on how to become a professional basketballer. I could remember one of your earliest quote that "you wish the kids to become a good basketballer". Now the dream is coming to reality. We are begging you at this point in time to support us with 2500 hive token to buy some basketball kit for the kid, so we can achieve our goals.
Thank you God bless you as you send us the hive token.


HIVE is the Real Deal and HIVEJET will be a smarter choice because in my opinion, we need a stable environment to build a fresh Community on. To get inspired and motivated like we used to, we need a platform that embraces decentralization.

Steem is no longer giving us that VIBE we need and HIVE tends to be more promising as the platform has a better understanding of decentralization than Steem at the moment.

Best Regards!

Let it remain Steemjet.
What brought us together was Steem, what united our community is steem. The global adoption we preached about was based on the benefits we derived from the steem blockchain. It is the first social media blockchain that give young people across the globe to display their talents in arts, music, philanthropy, charity etc through the Steemjet platform.
Hivejet seems like an “hijacked Steemjet”, it will take long for it to settle, for us to connect, the philosophy and concept behind it might never be the same or reflect the initial purpose of Steemjet existence.

Let us remain steem and words!

I know this topic is raised because of my comment on your previous post where I requested for a minimum of 10,000HP for @hivejets account which I created and also created a community on hive.
I will like to share more light on this. Hive is now becoming a better place than steemit because investors now run away from steemit and prefer to invest in hive because steem has been fucked. There is still hope that hive can still come up with something better than steemit. I can say that steemit has shown and has done their best which is somewhat not up to the expectations of its users whereas hive is just coming onboard and are doing pretty well to a reasonable level.
The likes of @theycallmedan, @appreciator and so many other whales have a good insight on where hive is going before they decide going into it.
I will be glad if this request is granted by you because almost all the Space Force members are now on hive struggling. I already created an account for the this community which is @hivejets. I also created a community HIVE JETS waiting for your approval.


I will be starting with the newton 3rd law of motion which state that...

TO EVERY ACTION, THERE IS ALWAYS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION have done so much as regard steemit...touching lives, helping people, and realizing peoples ambition, as well as providing awareness for steemit most especially in african in addition to creating the most popular community in Steemit community called STEEMJET...perhaps you have put your effort and I think it's time to reap what you have sow...

Hive is promising because of the price..but I still believe in steem

I stand on Steemjet...


I will be glad you include me among the beneficial of corona-virus relief..... Health first....don't 4get that

these are Varities of plants am working on


As a is my contributions toward eradicating corona-virus...all I need is fund to keep start the project

Kindly visit my link to see my research

"Steem brought us together"... Agreed
"We started on the steem Blockchain"... Agreed

There is no denying the fact though that a lot has changed and members and projects formerly on the Steem Blockchain have now moved to the hive Blockchain.

Now, I am not saying steemjet should move to hivejet just because other communities have moved as well. No, we shouldn't be copy cats.
We should move though because steemjet is a community. A community made of people most of which are already on Hive.

Since the split, hive has proven to be a real community. Yes, it has it's flaws and a lot of underlying politics but it possesses everything steem had it has lost. The true sense of community. It is growing at a fast rate unlike steem. Communities are blooming and users are thriving.

It looks just like the logical thing to do at a time like this. So in my opinion, hive is the way to go.

We've missed the jet by the way : )

Dimimp please 2000 hive would be of great help to me, i can't even explain anymore cause i have become so weak about everything, and it's really frustrating. see


thanks for the hive @dimimp....I can see you ignore and neglected the kids in your promotion relief fund........NO ONE IS A SOCK PUPPET HERE....BUT THE FACT IS THAT THE KIDS ARE NOT HAPPY WITH YOU, Considering the hive you sent to's unable to trash out our plans for the kids..... and the hive remains in our wallet


Now we are planning to feeds another set of kids...with the budget on us with 2400 HIVES to make the kids happy



#I trust you can't see kids suffer, the hive remains in our wallet, it doesn't match our plans

#God bless you @dimimp


Hive will be a good place to Start all over and also correct some flaws we had on Steemit. But I don't think you need to be convinced @dimimp because your always 10 steps ahead of us, so you know the best platform. Lead us there. Finally I really missed your presence and brilliant post😀😀😀😀


Move to Hive. It's still pretty new and moving. A lot of things have happened on Steem already. Stakes being taking down, unexpected witnesses topping the charts, and so lot more making it a centralized platform. This deeds isn't good for the platform, and since you left, the price hasn't really changed. If it did, it reduced.

We will do a lot with a moving platform, and also, most steemians have moved there.

We want to move forward, so let's choose the platform wanting to move forward.

Hello User,

Welcome to Hive... I noticed this is your first post since the exodus movement from steemit.
You will find this platform real. There are no bots but real interactions.
Steemit is dead, user interactions have dropped drastically.
All the big exchanges have Hive including all btc,eth and USDT trading pairs.
90% of Dapps from steem have moved to Hive.
Hive is the best performing social media Dapp.
There are many communities that needs supports and doing real and great things like #blacklivesmatter community.

Welcome to Hive.


Good day boss. I must say first of all that it is so nice to have you here. I will say that we can port too Hive and make it Hivejet. The reason is that the community has moved to Give, and there's more followership on Hive. Most of the features that make the community experience interesting have been disabled on Steem and are working on hive. HiveJet is going to be an explosive experience and I can't wait for it!

Move to Hive. Steem is centralized. Hive has a community.

Let's stick with SteemJet. However, you know best Lord @dimimp. I'm with you regardless your decision

I think it will be beneficial to the community if the program moves to Hive for the following reasons;

  1. The major part of the communityz particularly individuals who were beneficiaries have moved to Hive.
  2. Using Steem will also present problems for beneficiaries to exchange, as major exchanges are skeptical about dealing with it.
  3. HiveJet actually sounds cooler than SteemJet.

I believe hive is the future and although steem was the best thing after slice bread it didn't reach its potentials so you need to stay in the future, the present circumstances in the world makes me wish time went backward a little so we would have avoided the whole coronavirus phase but then again the future means we defeated the invisible enemy and we conquered our fears. We are Victors...stay at Hive boss, the future is brighter and better and the future is now... #HiveForDimimp let's go!

Moving to hive would best. No drama or stealing going on their.

And about the name, I think a new name should be formed but this time it shouldn't include any of the names (hive or steem) to avoid we having to change the name again if another fork happens in the future.

Boss if am to say my mind,I will suggest we move to hive, nothing much is going on here on steemit,right now we don't Know what steem holds for us,sometimes we get scared that we might wake up one day to see that all our funds are gone (for those who still have funds like you), steemit is now a centralized platform,it wasn't so when we started,it is true that steemit brought us all together but then things are different now,my humble suggestion is that we move to hive,let's go there and continuing building our brand but then this time we would make it more exciting and educative of course we wouldn't forget to party along. I am here if you need a project manager,thanks.

Hive is more reliable and more decentralized, though it is relativity new, but it has a lot potential and advantage over steem in term of value and usage.

We should just abandoned and forget about the whole ideas of steemjet/hivejet. We can improvise and come up with another fine name to give it. Maybe HIVErocket will do this time around.

We should leave steem project for steem and hive project for hive. Not to migrate since it is not an application. The number of users will determine which one will be successful.

I prefer Hive for our "Jet" project.

▪︎Hive pays more attention to the actual community, and here, groups are broken down to their smallest unit, the individual.

▪︎Hive is a little less rigid with censorship and contents. I see a lot of people feel more at home saying the little things on their minds and having people relate with those things without the author being shunned for being too lazy to coin grammer in long sentences and paragraphs to describe the same things they said in few real sentences.

▪︎Everyone owns Hive, or at least our tiny stakes and opinions matter more on Hive than they do on Steem.

▪︎You remember our mission of global adoption? On Hive, little "Olivia" will be able to sketch her teeny-tiny little bit of understanding of cryptocurrency, and have people appreciate and not shit on it, and may even get a chance to trend with it.

All I'm saying is, there is a better chance to be free and real on hive than there is on Steem, this is the atmosphere our "Olivia's" need to grow in understanding and adoption of Cryptocurrency.

It was a fun ride with Steemjet on Steem but I suggest we pivot and move to Hivejet on Hive. Steemjet wasn't really a success on steem. The aim was to move steem to the next level using the platform Steemjet in the process attaining global adoption but it crashed shortly after taking off.

With Hive we can re-strategize and redefine a structured course designed to promote growth in crypto space. The hive logo has a jet already infused in it (but can still be worked on). See, we've already taken off even without trying.

Hello sir it's your quarterly and the HOD of dance department. I'll say we should switch to Hivejet because of the prices. Hive has more value than steem now so I prefer you choose HIVE and make us Hivejet TZjG7hXReeVoAvXt2X6pMxYAb3q65xMju8wryWxKrsghkMCBGu4PbRkAwyL4BWVRbxkrYuZpxMc1ja16Y8Qphgq2dEMuUNtsPEyFMQUYcUxr73EYf21V2cRAeDebE1qSuK4Wr1XsnkEAu4.png

No time to check time.

Hivejet all the way✈️✈️✈️

Hive chain has a lot of potential right now as most people with stakes on the Steem blockchain has migrated. It won't be a bad idea to see you support communities over there with your stake and funds. Look out for blacklivesmatter community while you're here. See you soon Dimimp!

Sir to me personally , i will advice you remain here, we have really gone a long way with @steemjet , you have spent alot of money , time and effort to build this , alot of subcommunities such as @steemjettalents , @steemjetrecords have been doing fine and making you proud under this great community (steemjet), will you let go of all this cause of a new coin ? Think about the time, effort ,money that will be needed to build Hivejet from the scratch , i will advice we stick to steemjet , so far , @steemjet is one of the largest community on Steemit , lets build @steemjet together again .

Also i will be glad if i am considered for the covid19 palliative cause life with this covid19 has not been easy especially for a fresh graduate like me with no job , the chance of getting a job right now is zero cause the covid19 pandemic has crippled the economy of my country, right now i don't even know when i will get one cause the firm that promised to give me a job to managed already notified me that my service will not be needed anymore , but i am hoping to get some steem and hive from you sir , i think it will go a long way in sustaining me till things get better, if given 1000 steem and hive , i will sell and get some food and daily needs till things comes back to normal , thanks in anticipation Sir , stay safe .

Hi @dimimp,

Steem has been controversial and disorganised of lately.

I think a lot of users are beginning to move over to Hive.

Critically looking at the, moving over to Hive (hivejet) will greatly help the community to reorganised, reassess and build a community with clear and strong focus.

I will support @hivejet for the future.

Thanks @dimimp and I hope I will be included in the Corona Virus Relief payout sir.


Welcome back sir Glad to see you here after a long time hope you will be safe, i will say that we need to move to hive

I have become so weak to pick hive over steem or steem or hive and at the same time I can't breathe cos Coronavirus is kneeling on my neck and they took away my ventilator.
I was robbed some days ago and they took away my ventilator which is my laptop and other accessories. It is really difficult to cope now cos I have been using the laptop to make YouTube tutorials, and also doing some programming courses online but now all has been put to stop and no means of getting another one. Making posts on steem and hive with my phone, I make nothing from then. Really Frustrating

I can't convince you to stay. There's nothing anyone might say that will really make you change your mind. I'm just thankful to hear from you for so long. The coronavirus had nothing on you. Unfortunately for me, I have been greatly affected by it and I'm managing to recover from this pandemic. Great to see you again Boss.

This is a very easy question.
The answer is Hivejet.

This reason is super simple, steem censors people. We didn't leave traditional media just so we could face the same challenge on the blockchain.


After much deliberation in our teàm of six members five of us choose you stay in hive while one of us choose steem

Steemjet-tv says HIVE
Remember us on steemit sir

Staybhere on hive sir, it's so painful I heard about you not long.... remember me sir

Staying on hive would be more better and preferable..
We've got things we would onboard here on hive..
Stay safe..

hello buddy, let move to hive, as we already have an hivejet community account already. let the jet land at hive blockchain and let get the party started. you can as well delegates hive power to the account, which will be appreciated.


Boss @dimimp....i will be glad if we stick to have invested so much on steemjet community....for me i stand with #steemjet

perphaps I will also be gratefull if am picked as one of the beneficiaries of the coronavirus relief #this corona-virus lock down has make me lost my job as most companies here have to sack 50% of their workers

#Pls consider me
#God bless @dimimp
I use this medium to welcome the head of the most successful team back then on steemit, STEEMJET. As we all know that time is moving day by day and it waits for no man, i will like to remind us of some important point.
In the course of deliberation and interrogation, we understood the reasons why we need to move from steemit to hive.
This is the official account of steemjet on hive for Space Force members. It is time we move to hive and let steemit be. All top communities on steemit back then are now on hive and they are doing well. The 10,000HP delegation requested is for the smooth running of the community because a community has already been set up on hive named HIVE JETS. The account @hivejet is not for Space Force but @threespeak. The official account is @hivejets. Do well to consider us for delegation as we do not need any hive for now.
We've done well on steemit. We've exhausted her time on steemit and need to move forward to hive for a better performance that superceeds that of steemit. I hope this project will be done for all SF members are waiting eagerly.

Thanks in anticipation.
Account: @hivejets
Community: HIVE JETS


Because no one knows what steem will be in the next year or if there'll even be steem or if it'll be a part of Tron ecosystem
Hive carried on the original steem vision so we should move to Hive.

I don't know about you but i don't find find steem welcoming anymore.
The site is no longer inclusive as it once use to be, take a lot at the trending page and new post page and see for yourself.

I believe Hive is the best option right now where we can be us, the way we are.

I say we move to Hive because i don't see steem remaining for long as a separate entity. As time goes on steem might get Incorporated into Tron and all our progress would be lost or we might have to compromise.

So i say we don't take that risk, we move to Hive where we are sure of sustainability for now at least.

Welcome back @ dimimp

I gave out some corona-virus relief in form of face mask to people in my community today 13th june 2020........with this i think you should include me in your corona-virus relief fund

Here are the beneficiaries






kindly include me in your corona virus fund......I will be glad you empower me with 3000 Steem and hives to extend my tentacles and financial strength to other local government......please fund me

#God bless @dimimp
#pls answer to my request

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