New Art Contest - Sharpen Sistem's image

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a reply to desmoniac inspired this post

hey. this is much more defined! and funkier color!

this moves you above our pilot's delicious vinyl

but not as high as tingulini's fat gleaming vinyl masterpiece

jceasars is brilliannt but the steemjet logo is not very prominent

if i cant get sistems contrasted enough to do a paint our logo style contest again then I might choose


at that point, you are back in consideration for the official logo, but only because the steemjet logo is so prominent. Frankly, the new headphones around an old mic which only looks good if you are in 1965. that old mic sounded like shit by the 80's and were only kept alive by the movie industry for props. They brought back the shape but it is not functional by todays standards, so I doubt that this pic has what it takes to beat mbj's which will probably win if I can't get sistem's to contrast right, but so this contest is still very much up in the air even though I am giving sistem 1000 for his prize in this contest even if somebody beats him which is possible if I can't sharpen his image somehow, possibly another prize contest, maybe I will start it early.

Presenting the Steemjet art contest:

"Sharpen sistem's image"

500 steem first place
400 steem 2nd place
300 steem 3rd place

This contest will last until somebody cares enough about 500 steem to remake a sharper version of sistem's image:

If you look closely, the contrast of the white plane to the off white or other white center color, needs to be clear enough to do a paint our logo contest, or I can't give this first prize in the contest. Also, mic lines are too blurry, and the steem logo could always use some sharpening (maybe not), now I am being picky, but when I finally feel like I have an image worthy enough to beat this original masterpiece

And by worthy enough, I mean attention to detail, like mbj has here. I would need a very sharpened version of sistem's 2 tone gem if I were to proceed with a paint my logo contest, or award mbj (or whoever can beat mbj) but let's face the facts.

With the price of steem at 70 cents, nobody is busting their ass to make my fat donkey ass a logo, so you can all see why I am powering down and dishing you cash as fast as I can!

I am paying out anybody and everyboy I owe and am even pre-paying on future debts so I can give you guys some enjoyment in life before we are all gone! Don't make me post mrprecious here again !

Pretty soon (hopefully), you'll ALL be gone to steem fest!

joy for sunny and satoshi
joy for ned and dan
sing joy to all the people of the land!

our first album will be titled:

Self Audit

How will the dance team party go?

Give me some of your best dance team iniatives!

Sorry if my response is slow, but I am powering down as fast as I can. Convince your friends to take the buyout and I can increase my power down rate, currently at about 15k a week, don't worry, I will pay my debts!

Oh such suspicious imagry, who can tame these contemptuous curves?

The first coin that atomic swaps with bitcoin becomes the kings wife, all utxo along for the ride, then anybody can do it for next to nothing.

Blockchain - its just an automatic calculator powered by humans powering robots

I feel a steem rush coming on, I would hold on to your steem if I were you don't sell..

While Sunny King gives you cuttlefish and asparagus 3rd go fund me ICO project VEE Still trying to ride the magic bitcoin dragon to the top of the kingdom in the Developer Game of Thrones competition for bitcoin's golden throne!

1st prize
funniest satoshi
500 steem

2nd prize
funniest Charlie Lee
400 steem

3rd prize
funniest Vitalik
300 steem

4th prize
funniest Ned
600 steem!

So far, the meme to beat is this:

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Hey @dimimp I hope you still have some space for new workers because im bringing in my crew with some excellent projects that will blow your mind.
SJ new logo.png5e70d489-c3e0-4be7-94c2-c89fcd9d1058.jpg


@dimimp sir this is coppy and 2nd one is my...He is not a good man because he coppy from another entry..

hello. can you explain? why you use my design?

3D Applo

Notice from @dimimp!

I make a 3D vedio about important notice of you.Please promote me!



Sir Please kindly response Steemjet Bangladesh Community bugget

Our bugget is 2000 Steem

Please paid our bugget then i will able to do this program

Only waiting for @dimimp Response

My entry into this new sharpening of @sistem's design


Boss @dimimp.
Your queen of bling is back againhere is my entry




Hello @dimimp.
There is one very important thing I want to request from you and I want you to please do this for me.

Steemjet has become a very large community because of your generousity and kindness.

I want us to now run a witness server. We have technical guys who will be able to rune a witness node around here. I equally can also do that.

I learnt that one of your account @dim is still an active witness node and may not be useful to you anymore, So I humbly request that you mail me the private keys to that account so that I can use it to run a witness node for steemjet, If you want me to that.

Here is my email:

It will be a very good thing if we can run a witness node for steemjet and it fall among the top 10 witness node. More funds can be generated in the process to keep funding steemjet amazing Ideas and parties.

Please do this for the love of our steemjet.

Thank you.


I don't have the @dim account, but I have several others with better, more recognisable names. what kind of name would be more effective? Rattle off a few ideas, and I will tell you what I have that is close to what you are thinking. I just emailed you at the same address I sent roleandp.

so was already taken, huh?

How about the @steembath account?

I bought that one!

Boss @dimimp please you added me to the top 15 of the steemjet records competition, you said my work was brilliant boss and you liked it

OK sir, just send me the pkeys to the @steembath account..
Will try to get it approved as a witness node.

If it doesn't work, will get back to you.



Hello big boss @dimimp, you insisted we make use of the one you posted, here is what I made out of it and I hope it's exceptional, I'm waiting to get reply from you





Sir @dimimp am very happy to see my art work up there. Here is what you asked for PicsArt_09-20-04.26.41.png
Thanks so much once again

Funniest Entry

Charlie Lee Vitalik Ned dimimp
Dance Video

My Entry for Sistem Paint Logo



Good day sir@dimimp hope preparations for everything you are planning is going smoothly and without troubles. I know there is currently alot you are busy with at the moment. So as your goals in life were achieved by the aid of crypto so also i hope mine would be achieved by your aid also and you would believe in my project. Currently am not a professional singer/rapper/songwriter but i hope with your aid i can achieve it and take my music far and wide,with this am pleading that i am supported and get the chance to perform at the upcoming steem festivals taking place both in Nigeria and outside NigeriaIMG_20180718_231011_773.JPG

Hello boss @dimimp here is my new logos for steemjet records.

steemjet records logo1.jpg

steemjet records logo 7.jpg

steemjet records logo 6.jpg

steemjet records logo 4.jpg

Hi sir @dimimp here is my entry for art contest ....






That would be awesome , meanwhile here's a little snack to keep you rolling ,so let me love you

@dimimp here’s an update / Report on the Visa Application & Processes , for the steemfest ,so far i have been able to finish up the Health insurance procedures and duplicates here take a look DAB0DF9A-D270-40AE-B551-D9CF7883EFFF.jpeg 3C22CAA2-4203-417C-B88E-D5360E817682.jpeg All these I have done a with almost no assistance yet F4282749-0083-4F28-B9D1-770112CDB0DE.jpeg, I do implore you sir to please put me on the first batch of your power down payment-schedule ( and please please kindly Top up my prize money to 5000 steem as this will enable me carry , out all expenses / Debt incurred so far as steem has dropped badly roughly at 0.7 $, currently i am in Lagos state to meet up a visa agent for further procedures , Thanks a lot daddy 😘😘


Good day sir @dimimp .. My name was omitted from the 2nd position on the current steemjet logo contest @ozurumba , my name was on the 1st post ( on the logo contest but it isn't on the current one, please reinstate me sir.

This was one of the images I made in the first one


Here was your comment sir


I also made another 3D logo, I hope you'll love it sir.. Music is life... Life is music. We're heading to the space.

I bring to you sir @dimimp [S. J. R] STEEM JET RECORDS.

STEEM RECORDS mockup.jpg



Hello @dimimp please check out this entry. I feel it deserves to win a prize and we'll be waiting for when you update the list. I hope you get to see this


@dimimp sir we did a little steemjet dance grove on the street ..a small competition just for fun this is the video
Sir we will love if you can delegate this account SP for more events like this thank you
HOD of steemjet dance department


Boss @dimimp.
Your queen of bling is back againhere is my entry




My entry for steemjet logo



Hello dimimp this is my logo design for the Steemjet Records contest.


Hope you like it I hope I will win a prize this time around.


it is my entry for the steemjet records logo contest


Hi sir @dimimp,am not sure if this message will get to you but with a little or no curiosity of why you muted me,
I say am so sorry for whatsoever I might have done for me get that,maybe I didnt deserve it cus am such as asshole too
Please unmute me,am such an asshole🙏🙏😳😳.
Steemjet: on the wings of forgiveness may we always be filled with it spirit

I must say am honoured Dim.
Thanks for visiting my blog and making an awesome
But I still could not comprehend part of your speech you gave about 6years ago at Bennington college : Don't search for defining moments because they won't come
I wanna know what this entails boss

Funniest meme for Mr Charlie,Vitalik and Sir Satoshi😂😂😂
I just hope the threesome would not dress for Steemfest like this cus it's gonna be so so hilarious you know, with Satoshi being the Violin man ....hehehehe😱😱😮.

And here comes the funniest meme of Great Neddy Neddy
I call him the Young.And.Getting.It(Y.A.G.I)


And finally, the "sharpen sistem's image" trial....
The rays are glaring boss😮's gonna be official for the record like this....believe me.


Enjoy boss and thanks always
Much love from your girl @joanhay.


Hello Dimimp, how are you doing?
Please, I humbly request that you cash me out. Thanks

Also, here's a short video recording I did of a song. I wish that you give me some Steem to improve on my music so I can start releasing songs for Steemjet. Thanks

Hello Dimimp, here's a reply to us few weeks ago.

Hope you haven't forgotten our project?
The goal is to bring all things spoken word into one umbrella, instead of being scattered.
Also, we'll like to produce this video and make other ones.

We have people on ground who are willing to produce beautiful spoken word videos.
All we need is funding of about 3000 steem.
Dear Dimimp, we hope you can look into this project.

Sir @dimimp, I hope you have not forgotten my entry, you ask me to use the official plane and change some colours (I hope you remembered) , I did all and re-branded the design and you said it now good to go, check your comment below




Thanks in anticipation dad


SJ new logo.png

SJ new logo.png

hello. can you explain? why you use my design?

SJ new logo.png

The first image can also be used for sistem's sharpened image contest @dimimp. I hope you like my work.
This is my first time partaking in a steemjet contest organised by you @dimimp. Would really love to get a warm welcome and also start on a bright note. Thank you sir.

Hello Sir Boss @dimimp Trust you doing great.
Here is another video I made showing some of the best steeemjet records logos selected by you.
Am sure you will love it sir... 'cause takes a lot from me to get this done Sir.
I did this in continue to shows my love and passions for the great community "steeemjet".

Thanks for this opportunity Sir We owes you a lot.

Thank you Sir

Hello sir @dimimp, i know this is a bit late but this is my own entry for the sistem logo.
I thought it upon myself to just try and do something


Thank you once again for the opportunity given based on my request for support to help push my music foreward..i am very grateful sir

Screenshot_20180922-083445_Samsung Internet.jpg
This is the video am sure you can now listen to it!

@dimimp you spoke about doing an album called “SELF AUDIT”. I have taken it upon myself to start this journey..

I double as a singer, rapper and a producer and here is the recent video I did put so much effort in making for you @dimimp and the community since we are focused in partying. 


production of 10 tracks in the album : 3000 STEEM

Video production for three tracks 1300 STEEM EACH : 3900 STEEM

Copyright and licensing fee : 200 STEEM

Promotion of the album include YouTube,Facebook,Instagram and on air: 800 STEEM


I reduced the amount by 100 Steem cause when I made my research its supposed to take more than that! But am good to improvise!

@dimimp you know that am talented and am gonna make steemjet super duper proud of me! I want you to fund this project without a twist! Because just like @emmycapable you are too capable to fund this project

Album is looking to feature alot of artists in the Steemjet records, and from outside the block chain


It been party party going through your blog.... I will like to join the party... Here's one of my performance. I hope to get hired


Sir @dimimp You promised me to raise delegation and pay the fund after sending steemfest prizes. I just noticed you just completed the all prizes of steemfest except some members of SF5 SF6 & SF7
So i am requesting from you please just send as you promised me

  • Below Is the link of Post you can check the work here we can daily upvotes
  • The traffic is to much see it in the post

Sir you paid others you hired but did not pay me , I have been hired 24days ago ,Sir please take note , I really need this cash out
Here are the proofs




Boss @dimimp.
Your queen of bling is back againhere is my entry



Accept my entry @dimimp


Good day @dimimp. It's your boy @king-oghie (my @oghie was hacked.) I actually wanted to remind you about the promise you made to me. Sir in one of your posts, i commented that i needed some funds to pay some demanding bills. And you replied back, saying i should drop a YouTube video of myself singing/rapping. Here's the prove bellow,

This was exactly what you said, and for that reason i decided to drop a song which i did on my own for steemjet and for you sir @Dimimp.

But unfortunately, when your power down was due, you sent thousands of steem to other artists and i wasn't included.
Well i felt maybe you didn't like the first one i did, and so i decided to drop another YouTube flows, and which is this;

Sir I know you're a man of your word, and so i request you fulfill your promise to me. Your power down is in few days (at the time of writing) please send something my way so as to encourage me to drop more flows. And also you said in your other post that the dance competition will commence in a week or two, i sincerely hope you reward me for this piece thereby encouraging me to drop more flows and also getting set for the dance competition. Thanks a lot sir, love you!


Hello sir @dimimp here is my entry for the Steemjet Records Logo contest. I took some time in attained this sir just to ensure I give you a better concept.


New Sharpen System image edit Entry









thanks for upvote

It's been party party party here... I would really like to be on the list... I'm the best female dancer in Nigeria wink

Good day sir @dimimp , here is my own YouTube music entry as required by you, it's a piece of my own, check it out, I hope you love it and get me hired sir.

Thanks in anticipation sir @dimimp

Here is my entry



Sir @dimimp, in the image above, you said my former entry was not bad but you asked for original pieces, I came up with this

I hope I get hired this time sir @dimimp

Thanks in anticipation dad.


Sir @dimimp One Month ago you accepted my cashout Offer

Sir @dimimp i want to cashout i already told you a month ago and you accepted it but i still not receive any amount i am @einstei1 from #SF2 you also promised to me to fund 4K steem to running a bot on the discord after paying steemfest
I think all steemfest members received steem. Now you have to attention towards me so i complete the project it is still hanged need your support to complete it soon

Hello Sir, I want to be a member of the space force team. I managed to sing with this. I am a singer and spoken word artiste.

listen to a cover i did with dtube

@Dimimp, I really want to thank you for things you've for me, sincerely before now. I have been looking for money to rent a new apartment cos my rent was due and I wanted to change location also so I can focus on steem and steemjetrecords fully, you indirectly rescued me by promoting me and I used the 1,000 steem you gave to me to rent a bigger apartment which will accommodate a studio and making videos when am able to put things in place, steem wise. Earlier this week, Monday precisely I moved into the new apartment and here the video below

My Birthday is coming up next saturday which is 22nd, September. I hope to have a blast, party! party! party! You know what I mean man.

Thank you so much @dimimp


Boss, this is my entry for the sharpen sistem image, hope it suits the taste??

(MY ENTRY) I hope i will not be ignored because i am a newbie,I have got a lot in stock to offer

Above is a clean HD dance video I titled Steemjet Dancer produce and Directed by Kleanse Film cinematography
The overall cost of this video are ,
costume used: 100steem
Transportation of materials and miscellaneous: 100steem
Cost of production ( : 500Steem

Total = 700 steem
I have to source everywhere for money to fund this because I know I will definitely be rewarded back by you for the good job .. Thanks in anticipation sir.

Hey @dimimp I hope you still have some space for new workers because im bringing in my crew with some excellent projects that will blow your mind.SJ new logo.png

This is my 3rd entry since you told me my voice is good when i sang Roar but i should get an original piece of my own, i hope i get hired this time

Thanks in anticipation sir @dimimp

I feel like crying because you have forgotten my entry.Here is a dance freestyle video for you sir @dimimp , If also i can be hired to steemjet dancing crew , you are going to see my best.

Thanks in anticipation sir.


Boss in reponse to your comment, we are glad you appreciate the thought and our concept too , we also want to bring to your notice that delegating to this account doesn't stop us from partying, if you really understood what we said it means that this is what everybody wants and can't be scrapped out, we have tried our possible best on this and we hope you can ignore what you feel to grant this request.

Every other community have their curator account delegated and funded, steemjet shouldn't be exempted.
Please help us make our work easier by delegating this account and also funding it with some steem.

It would help us party more and have more fun, as you just mentioned giving us some enjoyment.

Like we mentioned earlier most delegates have no delegations again, most of us can't make a $1 on our post without the help of this delegations, so we need your support and also steem to reward amazing and hardworking authors.

Without this there is no joy and no complete happiness.

Thanks in anticipation.

The curating team are doing very well in giving support to members of the community, over time they have proven their worth and commitment, i trust if they are granted this request, the members of the community will appreciate and party harder. Thank you for your consideration

Sir @dimimp, i believe the curators have tried and they deserve some accolades, they need your touch. If delegating to the @steemjet-curator will make them happy and their work easier, please hear them out. if funding them with liquid steem will make them party too, please consider. If promoting them will make them feel recognized by you, please don't hesitate. They have worked hard even when no one is looking.

These curators like holding the keys, upvoting and rewarding the community. Curating is art, it's music, it's like orchestra, it's like a silent song. Reward them for their efforts please my dear friend.

Yeah...that's true...promoting the STEEMJET tag and STEEMJET post has been possible with the help of the creation team.


I started dancing at a very young age, it started moving from stage to stage until I became a dance instructor, instructing hundreds of persons. When I come across people, you either hear them say "I love dancing but I can't Dance", "I love dancing but my body is too big in size to dance", "I love and fancy dancer but I wish I could dance" , and I get to hear people still say they love dance but they don't have the time to dance. Something you love doing should be worth doing for despite how busy one can ever be, we got 7days in a week and if you create two days out of it , let's say Friday and Saturday to rehearsal and you do that for a month, trust me the difference will be very clear and you will love yourself for loving dancing.

These are some sacrifice you got to pay for things you love.ANYBODY CAN DANCE, this is something I do tell people, the video above is a 3years old boy that I taught how to dance and now he's dancing like an adult despite his age. When I heard the upcoming steemjet dance logo contest, I was indeed happy because dancing is my thing and I was also thinking that "what if steemjet organize a dance contest", trust me it will be the best thing ever on the STEEM BLOCKCHAIN, then you will get to see people talented in dance. Here are my dance logo design for steemjet and I hope you like it.






i have posted this in so many of your post but i have not gotten any reply from you, its seems as if you are neglecting my post.

do well to consider my entry.


Hello sir @dimimp i have been waiting for your reply for the rap song you ask me to make so you could employ me on space is the link sir,i hope you will like it.

You didn't consider my entry

Hello dimimp!!!
Steemjet my name is praise94 I have been following steemjet for a while now and as a lover of dancing I have been looking for an avenue to showcase my dancing skill and I finally found steemjet,where every talents is accepted

So here is my dance with my crew,we are the Dynamic DANCE crew and we will like you to accept us into the Space Force and help us in anyway possible to pursue this talents
My team consist of
Others re waiting for approval of their account

Here is my personal freestyle for steemjet

I anticipate your response soon

Nice suggestion @steemjet-curator, I'm really in full support of this,has it will enhance continuous curation within the steemjet community.

Yeah, I'm in support of this

What's the essence of a curation account If it doesn't have SP to vote?.
I think delegating to this account will go a long to dish out tangible earnings to SF and non Sf members.

With utmost necessity dimimp it is necessary that steemjet-curator is approved without hesitation as their initiative is crucial in this project - steemjet

Nice initiative.... I think it will be great...

Boss please your delegation to this account will be of great importance.
They have really been doing a great work.

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Steemjet curation team have been working tirelessly round the clock, five days every week to see to it that posts with the steemjet tag are curated. This has served as a form of encouragement to a whole lot of people, especially newbies on the steem block chain.

Their efforts need to be rewarded and it would be great if the account's delegation is left and more support is given to them in the form of liquid steem.

Thanks so much @dimimp for all you're doing in this community. Long live steemjet, long live @dimimp.

...On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem.

kudos to the team behind curating.. You guys have been amazing and I hope @dimimp will listen to your request for the benefit of everyone

Hi @dimimp friend greeting and good wishes to you. here is my entries for the steemjetrecords. I am newbie in this platform you might like my art.

Funny memes contest entries

charlie dimimp vitaalik satoshi ned


GIF_1537763367166 (1).gif


Steemjet Records Entry
I hope I will win something in both the contests

i like the no.1 because it has a steemjet official logo on the shirt and in the background with records logo in front.
soon i will participate in all the contests.

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