Barbarella's New Project: The Steemit Book of Wisdom

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How we all started!

When I joined Steem and the community, I was so lucky to be picked up soon by the @welcomewagon. Honestly, who read the Steemit Whitepaper completely to figure out how everything works here?

I tried, I tried very hard!!!

Nope, didn't read it until the end!



Barbarella's Plans!


Here comes the Plan!

In my last post I wrote about the new plans of The Barbarella Show - @Barabarella-Show - created by my dear friend and Co-Host @ravijojla, The Lady of the Velvet Words, and me, more than 60 days ago. Please read the full planning for Barbarella's future here!


Our Background!

Me, having a marketing, business consulting and design background and @ravijojla sharing very much of my professional background aspects, we both agreed one day, that Steem would really need some more promotion outside the Steemiverse ecosystem. Besides, we both agreed that a Whitepaper is not very useful to create an emotional connection to a product and of course not very valuable when it comes to explaining such a complex ecosystem that Steem has today.


Not only an Explanation of how to get your Blog to the Top!

Well, the Steemit Book of Wisdom is not thought to be only a new explanation of how to get your Steemit Blog to a successful level. Our vision is to show the amazing values that our community contains! These extraordinary values that formed our community and that are reflected today in high-quality content, charity projects and so much more! Support is all around and our community is a community of GIVERS!!! I have a very happy smile on my face while I write this now.


Our Extraordinary Community Values!

We want to transport these extraordinary community values to the world outside Steem! Thus promoting Steem and sharing at the same time some most valuable insider knowledge and tipps by the Big Fishes in our pond!



Steem is so much more than just another Crypto-Token! Steem is a community, a feeling, own ethics - Steem is a life setting for me! This amazing quality needs to be transported into the world in an appropriate way!



With the Steemit Book of Wisdom!

Printed and sold in every corner of the world. Emotional stories explaining what Steem means for us. How it holds the potential to bring change. Change on a smaller and change on a larger scale. All the most important insights by successful Steemit Bloggers called Big Fishes! Introducing knowledge how to start with your blog. How to communicate with others. Where to get more information. Where to get support from the community for a successful start to become a Steem Lover!

Our book will be available in a printed version and also in all needed electronic download versions.

Please read also @ravijojla's article about our book project called The Steemit Book of Wisdom! (working title)



Some personal words!

Please help us to bring Steem closer to the world outside. Help us spread the word how awesome and different our community is. I know that nothing is perfect. Only nature is perfect. As long as humans are involved for sure nothing will be perfect. But I truly believe, that our community with its values and ethics is a role model that holds so much potential for a better world! We need to spread the news and prove that we act differently!

The Steemit Book of Wisdom could be one more important step!

Thank you very much for reading!
Enjoy the day, my friends
and like my dear friend @ravijoja would put it:

Stay Tuned and Stay Steemitted!






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Hello anutu,
it seems a very interesting Book! I'm upvoting this content.
Let me know when it will be ready for us to read.

For sure, yes we will! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!!

Hi - You just got a up-vote from our small Steem-Banat community.

We will be glad if you use #banat hashtag (keyword), so your posts will be easier to find and rewarded from the whole community.

Also, the biggest support of the community is Banat Trail, and to join us in Trail, it is necessary to follow the instructions from our post:

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We wish you a lot of success in further work, as well as many interesting pictures, themes and posts.

We expect you in our trail.


Thank you so much for your support Joe! Gonna check out the trail asap. Thanks so much for your most wonderful support!

Good luck! I'll feel free to recommend this post to @zen-art for building up the capacity. Well-laid thoughts! Appreciate the reference to my content!

Yes, finally back online ... so much happend within the last hours ... WOW!

Hey, @anutu!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steemit project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

Thank you so much for your support!!! We truly appreciate it a LOT!

Good job and good luck, let me know when you get started!

So good to see you @zen-art! Thank you so much! Yes, of course, we stay in close contact <3

I'll DM you on the details, dear @zen-art! We'll be happy to have your advice on the idea presentation if it is admissible.