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RE: Feeling Good About Steem Again! Here's My Side of the Story.

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Not good that Steem (or the rewards model) has been getting you down so much. Just today a recent blog from the dev discussing options - although not yours/trafalgar's explicitly:

Good to hear there is at least some discussion going on and that you are a little more upbeat about proceedings.


I still maintain that @steemitblog's post should be replaced with @vandeberg's. Hell, it should be pinned to our welcome page.

I think at the very least maybe graphs about covergent linear would have been nice in the main post

I have been reading the comments you have been putting out lately and i really don't understand most of it. I do know that i am sick of micro auto voting, vote swapping, and self voting. What you are doing gives me a glimmer of hope. Thank you @trafalgar

It's good to know that at least it's being looked at and thought about - gives hope of changes at some point.

Pinning posts to the welcome page is vastly preferable to trending as an exposure mechanism to content via that vector. I'm not sure that detailed discussion of Steemonomics isn't a bit dry or potentially too confusing for neophytes, but it's better than trending IMHO. @vandeberg's ability to clearly explain complex issues in layman's terms is well revealed in his latest post, and it's comforting to me that someone so intelligent and rational is filling his boots in development.

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