The Daily Meme #433!

in #statists2 months ago


How do you like rule by force now?

You get a bumbling idiot with a nuclear holocaust just one bumble away.

Heaven help us if his ticker gives out.

This is what you get for not watching whomever is counting your votes close enough.
When was the last time you poll watched?

I vote we stop forcing our rules onto other people, but nobody wants to hear that.
They are all just waiting for their turn in the cat bird seat and their turn getting to say, 'Off with their heads!', because the first lesson in life most of us learn is do as you are told, or consequences.

It's just a matter of turns and fairness that we get to be the tyrant at some point.

But, be careful what you ask for, dear reader, your thoughts are not always your own.

Not since Bernays printed Propaganda, and dumbed it down for the outer initiates, have any of us the luxury of accepting things at face value.
It is just too easy to manipulate the behavior of crowds.
Especially, unsuspecting crowds of true beliebing rubes that are not even aware that their high self esteem is a manufactured contrivance grown for them by the controlling factions of humanity to keep them in line and out of the streets with pitchforks and torches.

The truth may very well set you free, but first, I bet it makes you mad.



Are you are tired of paying your masters to bomb children in far away places?
Perhaps it is time you pushed back on that.
A simple way that anybody can do that is to hoard your coins.
A dollar of change in your pocket is a dollar of value out of the banksters' pockets that force us to pay them so they can play in the amusement parks from hell and shop in the human grocery stores.
'Aint that fresh?'

Metal in your own possession will always have more intrinsic value than digits on a bankster's ledger.

That is all, for now, you may resume your otherwise mundane day.
To contest the characterization of your day as mundane, make a post of your own explaining why your day is not mundane and ping me, eh?

We are having a membership drive in these discords, tell your friends.
If you want a voice in the consensus join them, and be one.

Join the Hive Discordiant Room:
This room is open source, and end to end encrypted private chats are available.

Exercise your duty to mitigate abuse.

Appeal blacklist flags here.

Get your flag reviewed for redemption.

Proof of Brain:
You know, what they sold us on to get us here.

The Terminal:
Newb friendly chat.

@irivers' list of discord servers.
@irivers does hive website reviews.

Well informed newb friendly chat.

Hive Official:
Central focal point of much of the hive.
Building the holodeck in 3d VR.

The Pulse:
Alternatives to the groupthinc.

Klye's server:
When your day just doesn't have enough Klye in it.

These are public rooms managed by private people for the benefit of everybody using this blockchain.
What they do is voluntary, but openly public.
Don't abuse their willingness to work for the collective for what little we give them, eh?
Without them, none of this exists.


Billy Jack, the movie.


Kermit looks deep in thought..

Maybe some despair and melancholy, too.

We have a phrase; "The truth is bitter"

He's trapped in a paradigm of his own imagination. has a rich list, but I don't know how to see how many tokens go out for a vote.
Peakd used to show it, but now they don't.
They said the api wasn't accurate, or some such.