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Four years ago, I had an idea. I've had a LOT of ideas. Some were awesome - some... not! But I really believed THIS idea was something special. After a lot of brick walls and detours, this year I decided that I wanted to launch this idea on Steemit. Why? Because I love Steemit. I love the community here, I love the support here - and I believe that this place can be INCREDIBLE.

As soon as I decided to go for it - the FLOODGATES opened! It has been absolutely overwhelming to see the ways that people are coming alongside this project because they BELIEVE in it! Everything is happening so fast, and I just want to thank so many people for supporting this and supporting me! Thank you so much! I'm celebrating tonight - and I know you're all celebrating with me!!!! (Wanna know what Spunkee Monkee is? Check it out!!!)

On Saturday, I asked if I could be on @aggroed's show about dapps - IF there were a few minutes left at the end. He had never heard of me, never heard of my idea - but still graciously said, "Sure!" I waited for my turn, but so many people came on to share their awesome projects - time was slipping away. I worried that I wouldn't be able to do it justice with the few minutes left! I tried my best, but in the end I was 30 seconds too long! The best part of my presentation was cut off because the other radio show had been given the mic!

Oh, I was so disappointed! But, I tried - right?

Instead of being a "walk-on" for the show - @aggroed invited me to be an invited guest on his show for the next day! YES! He said we could talk for 15 minutes all about Spunkee Monkee! (@spunkeemonkee)

But we didn't talk for 15 minutes


And just when I thought it couldn't get any better... Could it GET any better???? YES!!!!! I had applied for a 5000 SP delegation, and though I thought I had offered a great price, no one fulfilled the lease delegation. The request was returned to me, so now I had to apply all over again! @aggroed asked me what my next step was.

"As soon as this show is over, I'm applying for the 5000SP lease again!" (-me)

"Don't worry! I already took care of it for you! There's your 5000 SP delegation" (-@aggroed)


I am still beaming with joy and appreciation from your support! Thank you so much for all your attention and interest and for having faith in this idea enough to delegate your power to it! I'm so looking forward to coming back to your show to follow-up, and I'm hoping that we will have TONS of data and updates to impress you!!!

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Spunkee Monkee images created by the amazing @jimramones. Only use Spunkee Monkee images with permission.

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thank you so much @aggroed. This is amazing. I also managed to talk your steemmonsters partner into donating 20 packs of steemmonsters cards for prizes for spunkeemonkee.
The people on steem are amazing. @dreamsteem you are also amazing and I know this will be a massive success


and you miss....


I was tempted to start gushing about everyone in that one post - hehehehee but - I have posts forming in my mind now to start the real gush fest LOLOLOLOL

Thank you @paulag!!!!!!!!!!! You continue to surprise me daily - and I am so grateful for your amazing support!!!!!! I can't wait to start handing out packs hehehehehe (THANK YOU @YABAPMATT!!!) and now that I saved money on the delegation lease - cuz ummmmmmmmm @AGGROED!!!!!!!!! lololol I'm gonna use that to build build build more :)

awwwwwwww this feels amazing. I can't wait to start making kids' eyes light up hehehehe love it!!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

You can do anything you set your mind to <3

SO SO SO Happy for YOU and all the people / kids that will benefit from YOU!!


Oh my goodness - i really think this will end up being something super special! I am so happy to get to do WHAT I ENJOY!!! doesn't feel like work- just feels like joy!!

It definitely happened and you did a great job while talking about the show.

The project is so unique with it being family oriented and a great way to bring young people on board. Very creative @dreemsteem.

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
Come and join us for some great fun!

That is fantastic news! Your presentation must have been really good for @aggroed to invite you back and give you the delegation! Congrats, and many thanks to @aggroed for supporting promising projects like this! 💚

It was SUCH an amazing surprise!!!!!! I was thrilled for just getting to be there again- the delegation was the best icing on the cake!!!! :)

Thank you @thekittygirl

oops - sorry - its Dreemie of course LOL - wrong account :) or.... right account! LOL you know what i mean hahaha

so PROUD of you, and your amazing idea!
Well done, Dreemsteem, well done!

Thank you @bluefinstudios!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! :) This has been quite a ride hehhehe

Congratulations! Hope you manage to launch this dream game of yours!

oh my gosh! remember a few months ago when we were talking about it????? hahahahaha it's finally here!!!!!!!!!! and i'm so excited :)

Thank you @bengy!!!!! :)

It was more than a few months I think! Quite some time ago, but I'm happy that you are able to put it into action! Will you be running it like this, or will you be moving to a dedicated front end, so that the Steem part is hidden behind a 'normal' website/app?

Yep... Being built as we speak :)

This is just the alpha testing so we can work out any issues and mistakes now!

And yeah... Few months meaning... 6-ish? Hahahaha couldn't be more than that! I've only known you since our graduation lololol

Im super excited about this!!!! It's been fun to interact with the kids and challenge them gently! I really am hoping for but things with this project. I want to see this actually impact kids in a way that a "favorite teacher" is remembered all their lives!

Great to hear! I'll be curious when the front ends launch... at the moment, I'm not sure that I could get the older one to type up a post each day, time is short enough as it is!

we have templates that are SUPER easy to fill out! :) they take about 3 minutes hehehehe

but.... maybe when the time is right - she can join! and if not - we will still love her from afar!


Wow, Dreemie.... That's great news, I am so so happy to see support come your way, this is so gonna be big! Thank you Aggroed for coming through for us...🤗❤

I look forward to seeing Spukeemonkee grow even big. Now, I want to be a kid...😀

hehehehehe i'm so excited!!!! :) i think a lot of adults are wishing that they want to be kids!

I'm just having more fun INTERACTING with the kids! hahahahaha Absolutely loving the interaction that i get to have with them! and the encouragement!! :)

Thank you for your cheering @audreybits!!! :)

Very, very cool. I can't wait to see where this goes!



Oh my gosh!!! I am so happy for you!!! I know you have great ideas and you make lots of things happen!!! LOOOVVVVEEE it!!!!

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! we will have so much to catch up on when we see one another!!! (i really hope!)
soaring and beaming!!! :)

Whoop! Whoop!

Overjoyed for you Dreemie! And all those kids you're going to be impacting. They are going to love you, Spunkee Munkee and all their new found habits.

This was a great way to wake on a Monday morning!

@aggroed You Rock!

I'm so happy and hopeful @juliamulcahy!!!!! Last night was SUCH a special surprise! :) I can't wait to start giving bigger upvotes to the kids now!!!!! oh my gosh - how fun this will be!!! :)

This is just awesome and not the least bit surprising. I've seen Aggz do this kind of thing before. Similarly, but not nearly as significant or 'valuable' in the big picture, but hugely meaningful for me – he delegated to my account the first time I was a guest on his show. He didn't say anything...I just suddenly had a vote slider. Confused me at first, but I was over the moon once I figured it out! He's a good ally to have – generous in his support of projects he knows will benefit the platform. ;) • So excited for you, love! You deserve this! <3

Thank you so much @zipporah!!!! Zippy - i was so thrilled last night - I think I bounced up and down for a solid 60 minutes. My cheeks hurt from all the excitement!!!!! hehehehe

wow - wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I truly believe in this project - i do! I think it's going to be something that is win/win/win/win/win for all! :) and you know how much i love those scenarios! :)

So glad you got to be there to be a part of the celebration hehehehee <3

It’s a beautiful project and more than worth believing in! 💜⭐️🙌🏼

I knew, you'll blow off heads with this!!!
So proud of you! Love you! Here for you, whenever you need me!
Hugs and kisses, dearest friend!

Thank you!!!!!! Can you believe it Ravi!? hehehehehehe oh my goodness - i'm still beaming my friend!!!!!!!!!! so very thrilled - i can't wait to see how everything continues to unfold for us all <3

Completely deserved! Enjoy your achievements :-)
And have fun...


Can you hear me screaming in joy all the way over there?!!

Hahaha! Oh, wow, wow, wow is all I can muster!

The floodgates did open! And flow they must. Succeed you will. Mmmmm.

May the Spunk be with you and all your Monkees in joyful abundance always xxx


twinnie?!?!?!?!? what in the world - right????

weren't we just getting goosebumps over our ideas and wondering how we would make them fly?? hahahahahaha and now?? what! what???? LOLOL

oh my gosh! i can totally hear you screaming.

and laughing about that poor cow.


shhhhhhhhhhh. we don't speak of the cow LOLOLOLOL i love you!!!!!!

Lol!!!! Yes I remember vividly.

Great manifesting love! It can only get better and better.

Hahaha, yes we do not speak of the poor cow .... But yes it still makes me laugh, in other random conversations too! Then I remember ppl don't know if this secret cow, and I miss your laughter and company to roll on the floor. 😂😂😂😂

Someone I know thinks you and I should see a shrink about it. The idea made me laugh even harder, we would probably have the shrink rolling over in tears!! Hahahaha!!

Oh my gosh! ....

Back to SM - I'm excited for next year!

Gonna be a busy year.

Hahahahhahahahaa it was so heavy to drag!!!!!!!

I'm in a conference and trying to hard not to laugh!!!!!!

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I bet it was!!! Dragging it AND trying not to laugh.....

And of course keeping a straight face at the conference. Lol!!!

The most amazing news ever! I am so happy for you, Dreem!!! And being in that room when this news was given was like no other - over the top!

It's a great idea and you took that idea and believed in it enough to put it out there. For that, others believed in you and your idea, too. For all the right reasons!

I am just tickled - not only for you but for the kids and all those participating in this amazing project.

oh my gosh i'm SO glad that you and your hubby witnessed it!!!!!!!!!!! IT JUST MADE IT THAT MUCH MORE EXCITING FOR ME TO KNOW THAT WE WERE ALL JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!!!


I'm SUPER tickled for the kids!!! I talk about it everyday - how I want to make this better for them - and this just made it better!!!!!!!! onwards and upwards!!!! :)

love to you my friend :)

So happy for you dreemie! I knew this was going to be a huge success!! I never have doubted on you!! So proud to be a monkee!!! Congratulations to you big sister!!! Thank you @aggroed you are amazing thank you for listening and supporting this project!!! Tgis is just the beginning I can’t wait to see it grow more!!!!!!!!!

Sissy!!!!!!!!!!!! :) can you believe it!?!?!?! hahahahahaha yessssssss i can't wait to see it grow more and more too!!! and i'm SO thrilled that the triplets are together in this hehehehehe

i love getting to be a part of your day!!! I absolutely love that you all are a part of this! oh man :) my heart is beaming :)

@dreemsteem congrats on the success! Very cool and happy to see everything growing and gaining momentum!! Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you so much!!!! It's really gaining!!! very very exciting!! :)

Wooooooooow! Just wooooooooooww!! 😲😲😲😲

You are soooo blessed that there are many great steemian out there ready to support your crazy dreems! You did it!!


I am one proud Mom Monkee here! 😍😍.. its not easy to raise monkees you know! Hahaha its sooooo much hardwork and fun of course.. but i never thought i would be able to log it like this.. only ate @dreemsteem can leap to making higher dreems!

Thank you sooooooo kuch @aggroed for believing in the littlw monkees! Hope you will get to enjoy their little blogs everyday. Dont be bored okay! Hehe..

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hahahahaha how can he be bored??? I giggle at their videos and posts and i LOVE seeing into their little minds and dreeeeeeems and I'm so thankful that I get to be a part of it!!!

I do believe in monkees ;) i do i do i do! hehehe (hmmmm sounds like a fun tshirt to make! LOL)

Thank you all for working so hard to be a part of this! I appreciate your loving support <3 I hope that it becomes something that is a significant part in making their lives richer! (and not in money - but in real treasure!)

Love you sisssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

Hahahaha well you are different sissy! You are never bored at all.. your enthusiasm and energy are all back like it was before the HF20.. and i like it!!!

Yesssssss! I believe and have faith in our little monkees.. and yeah i kept laughing at them too. There are soooooo many things going on under those little brains they have. I love their innocence and simplicity. We get to learn new perspective because of them.

As for the money, my little monkee is not so conscious about it. He knows that money had to be earned just like toys. But little by little he knows the value of money and what it can do.

We are both enjoying this little project od yours. We are glad to be part of it too..

Love you baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ate dreem!! 😙😗😙😗😙😗😙

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Seems like the project is on something related with playing games. Good for the gamers. And I hope that it will be another successful project on the steem Blockchain

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Yes -this is from the Welcome post

This Spunkee Monkee Treasure hunt is a way to make it fun for parents to help kids learn and apply good habits and healthy mindsets! As the children start to complete tasks in their lives to contribute to good health, clean environment, learning talents, having hearts of service, and learning about future careers - they earn points in their Spunkee Monkee account. When they've earned enough points, they get to trade those points in for digging up potential treasure on the Treasure Map! After choosing coordinates on the map with the help of their parents, they can check to see if they've won a prize! Sound fun?

Hope that helps to explain it!!! :)

This is such a wonderful thing! I love, absolutely love this community. I can't wait to get GrandGeorge the First involved.

I cannot wait for him to be a part too ( and you!!!!) Parents/grandparents being just as much energy and excitement to the table as the kids do! That's why this is such a fun project for me! It's all of us coming together for the sake of the child! :)
Love it!!!

Yay!!! You totally deserve it. So happy for you! 🤗💞🤗💞🤗

Thank you my friend!!!!!
I hope you are having an absolute blast in Poland!!! I can't wait to hear all about it and I will DEFINITELY be going to the next Steemfest!!!! :) Hopefully with telling all about how welcome wagon and spunkee Monkee has evolved into even more amazing programs hehehe

How exciting!! I'm so happy for you that your idea has come to life!!

Thanks!!!! It is absolutely thrilling!!!! It truly is! Hehehe

So fun to watch every bit of it unfold!

Dreemie!!!! I know you deserve it and being humble I'll say, you deserve more! I hope others will see it as @aggroed did! I love your idea with spunkee monkee! <3 <3

Have fun on your journey :D <3 <3

Thank you whackie!!!!!

I'm totally enjoying the journey and still hoping that one day the journey brings me over to your side of the world!!!!! We MUST meet hehehe ♥️

We WILL meet ;) I don't worry about that... <3

Hehehehe right????

I'm glad you feel the same!!!!

“I got an idea for a movie and it goes like this, it’s about a boy who gets his hand stuck in a battle of piBB.”


My husband had an idea for a movie where his shoelaces got stuck under the escalator snd pulled him under. He dangled by his shoelaces upside down as the escalator brought him back to his original starting place and sucked him back up ....

He always thought that should be a movie too.

Maybe you two should race to see which one gets chosen? Lololol

sEEEEE DREEMIE , everything works out when you do good and give it your best, im so happy for you to get the boost you need to help continue forward and see your dreems fly like fireflies in your eyes... be well with love

Jason!!!!!!!! ♥️

Just trying to ride the wave, my brotha!!! Hehehe is it funny that I just wanna tell you when I'm going grocery shopping so we can coordinate a mini meetup??? Hahahahhahahahaa

Love doing our Krazydreems project with you!!! I absolutely love it!!! It's such sweet synergy ♥️

✌😁 ❤

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I love it too and that sounds fun... thanks for being you my sweet sista!!!

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This is just karma lady!!! All the good you do for us!! Now all you gotta do is play that flute lady!!

@aggroed no one deserves tjis more than dreemy, she helps so many peeps out im so happy there's a big fish that helped make her amazing project get that much needed exposure!!

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I feel like I need to really buy myself a flute at some point hahahahaha

And maybe some cool green stockings or something??? Hahahahaha

Thank you for your love (and laughter) and support (and giggles) an DMs. (and snickers) hahhahaa

Hugging you from around the world. SQUEEZE MY BABY!!!! ♥️

Dreemie, I can't tell you how extremely happy I am for you... it comes as no surprise to me that @aggroed sees your worth and value to Steemit and those of us fortunate enough to be a part of your journey here. You are a Superstar babe and one day the rest of the world will know it. You are on your way to making Steemit an awesome place for newbies and now families. I'm so very proud of you am3ga and can't wait to see what the future holds for you. Having a front row seat is Awesome!! I love you @dreemsteem! Congratulations to you love... it's deserved... and the blessings will continue for you I just know it!! 🖤🖤🖤

Love it my girl!!!!

#am3gas for life!!!!

Cannot wait for you and me and @andysantics to sit back and relax and just hug and laugh. It's such a long time coming. And I've missed our m3gatime.

But it's all happening for a reason.. its hard work keeping us apart but gonna be some sweet time of relaxation bringing us together

And I seriously can't wait.
Loving you both with the fullness of my heart!!!

Nice. Congrats and @aggroed seems to be a valuable asset to Steemit

Thanks!!! This means a lot from you @robertandrew.... Cuz when I think of innovative and ambitious... You are one of the Steemians that come to mind!!! (Still think of that house number painting post when I think of you and smile!!!)

Im thrilled that @aggroed believed in this and hope that others will follow suit as we grow this project into a massive, world-changing, family-supporting, kid-thrilling movement!!! ♥️♥️

Well earned :)

Good things come if you keep moving toward them!

Thank you for your encouragement!!! :)

We intend to keep moving forward!!! 😊



official WWWD

Have a most wonderful day!
The official Welcome Wagon Weekly Digest Team

Woo hoooooo!!!!THANK YOU!!!!

what a thrill to be featured in your amazing digest!!! I'm excited to see who else is joining those ranks this week hehhehe

High honors and thankful for the spotlight on this project that I'm so passionate about!!!