Splinterlands - Retaliate Anyone? (Weekly Post)

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Retaliate is one of the abilities that first used when the game was introduced. In the beginning I remember it being a good ability since it gets to attack an opponent monster without wasting its turn. However in time as the game progressed I believe there were better abilities that overshadow retaliate. For instance opportunity is one and new rule sets that introduce opportunity or sneak ability into the matches. In the end I rarely apply retaliate, but since this week's share battle focus is on this ability I tried it in a couple of battles. The following is one of those battles.

Battle Using Retaliate


I have alpha cards with retaliate so only used them in tournament battles. Specifically alpha tournament battles as I tend to be forced to face similar monsters cards I fair well using alpha monsters there.


Both my opponent and I lead off with fire splinter in the battle and had the same tanker and rear monster. The Serpentine of Flame is one of those good retaliate cards when only alpha cards were available. I continue with Gaint Roc and Cerberus followed with Phoenix, Goblin Shaman and ended with Fire Demon.

On my opponent side they lead off with Serpentine followed by Giant Orc, Gaint Roc, Kobold Miner, Fire Beetle and end with Fire Demon. At first glance the formations look neck and neck.

Round 1


At the end of round 1 the monsters on both side remained the same but my Serpentine was the better tanker as my opponent's only had one health left.

Round 2


Right off the bat in round 2 the poison in rule set damage a lot toward my opponent and me. As the round progress each of my opponent's monsters was knocked out. This was a defining round as my formation lost only Serpentine while my opponent lost all but Fire Beetle and Fire Demon. Worse off they had only range monster left which left really only one attacker on their side versus my five.

Round 3


Poison again at the start of the round did most of the damage but by end of round 3 my formation came out on top with Cerberus, Phoenix and Fire Demon still alive.


The match really had the rule set control the match after round 1. Due to my formation having higher health overall I was able to withstand the poison rule set a bit longer than my opponent. In addition if you watch carefully in the match you would notice that my opponent's Serpentine performed retaliate much better than mine.


In fact my retaliate did not get executed at all and my opponent's did. They actually have the better performance with the ability. Still I prefer to take the win ;)

If you are interesting in watching the battle here is a link.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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Nice battle !LUV and !PIZZA



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Thanks !LUV and !PIZZA



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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

very nice post on retaliate ability friend. I also love to play with Serpentine of Flame often in ranked and brawl too. keep playing splinterlands and post awesome contents.

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