My Exciting Splinterlands Battles, Number 5

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I just got a Dragon Quest and this is the first Dragon battle I just completed. I hope to complete this quest with 5 Dragon wins in the next half hour. I think I can do it!

Here's the start of this first Dragon Quest battle. I went with my +1 Magic Attack Summoner, my Level 9 DELWYN DRAGONSCALE! Of course I LOVE to chose Water to go with him. Gotta rely on my powerful Magic attackers! But that was not an option so I chose Earth which has a Magic attacker that drops the opponent's magic attacks by 1 and can give a poison debuff to an enemy card! I had my standard 2 dragon magic cards since I had a dragon summoner, so I still felt good about my magic attacks.

Level 9 DELWYN DRAGONSCALE Splinterlands Dragon Summoner

You can see I'm up against a Death Summoner with a Legendary monster and a powerful ranger and 2 Magicians - one of which is going to take 1 attack away from my magicians!

I was feeling that my 4 magic attackers would prevail with the help of mister brain in a vat tanking up front - well not attack tanking but putting up a pretty nice defense giving the mages time to do the damage they do!

What happened? Watch!


I have a bunch of Level 1s which are now worth $1.38 but my Level 9 guy has 305 BCX and its Estimated Value right now is $422!

DELWYN DRAGONSCALE Splinterlands NFT Card Value


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