My Exciting Splinterlands Battles, Number 3

in #spt9 months ago

My first 2 posts in this series were about battles where I played the Water splinter. In today's battle, I played the Dragons but used the Waters to battle with them.

Here's my team and the enemy's team:


My Dragon Summoner is level 9 and gives me an extra Melee damage. But I got matched with a Death, which takes one away!

I put my beloved Sea Monster at the END to guard against cards that attack from the back. The healing and thorns should take them out.

I put my Kraken up front (well after a lowly chicken) even though he has no healing. But as you can see, he does have Demoralize, Enrage and Retaliate. So I'll be taking one Melee from my adversary too. I just have to hope that I Retaliate a LOT!

Did I? How did the battle go? Watch!