Introducing the Risitas Interface: Battle aggregation tool and potential bot killer!

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The Risitas battling tool (Designed by Discord user: Lightproject#8137) combines collected battle data and competitor battle history to give you an edge against your competition. The tool helps SPL players determine the best hands to play based on rulesets, competitor battle history, and historical battle data. Can this tool help kill bots? Let's find out.

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 8.24.16 PM.png

How to get started:

Click the battle feature on the front page. There are three tabs that will present you with a wide collection of useful information.

  1. Villain tab – shows the summoners owned/played by your competitor. This tab will also show your competitor's most played splinters in the last 50 battles as well as collection power and current DQ.

  2. Best Combos—My favorite tab. Shows you the best combos of monsters to use based on the abilities ruleset. Note that the combos are not in order and need to be re-arranged so there is some decision making involved after picking which combo set to use. Each combo shows the number of battles in which data was collected and the overall score. Higher the score and more sample battle data = better chance at defeating your opponent.

  3. Manual – this tab allows you to pick your hand manually.


Villain tab:
The villain interface is an awesome tool to learn more about the deck you play against! In this tab you can view the splinter that your rival loves to play most often based on the last 50 battles. Further, the interface shows the current quest that your competitor is playing and the CP of your competitor! This can be a great tool to determine what hand your competitor will play prior to battling.
Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 7.51.22 PM.png

Best Combos:
When picking the best combos the interface will present the best cards to play even if you do not own them. In this case you will have to disregard the combo or rework it with cards you own in order to use the best recommendations to win.

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 8.07.32 PM.png

*Notice the scores and sample size data on the right hand side. Higher the score, more wins for that combo.


The last tab is manual where you can pick your own hand. You can see the ruleset, managed, and battle button. The battle time can be found in the top left corner (not currently shown on screen). What I don't see is the timer, but I'm sure that will be added soon enough!

So far I am 6 for 10 in battles. With more battle history and data this tool can become a very useful addition to your SPL game plan! Learn more from the developer of Risitas tool here:

What's your favorite splinter? Comment below!


Awesome tool...any idea where i can download it from??

Thanks man! DM Discord: lightproject#8137

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Can't find the link pls

Hey @shingoski message Lightproject#8137 on discord to test the beta!

Looking forward to this!. I hope that you have success taking down some bots 😄.

Any idea if it will be free to use/ subscription based? Would be cool if it would just be financed by advertisement or sth similar :)

PS: I won 1000 LVL token in the last tournament hosted by you! :) Is there an ETA on when you will be able to send out any rewards?

I believe it will be subscription based when released! Feel free to DM Lighproject if you want to test out the Beta!

Not sure what tournament you are referring to. Please dm me

A few more lines of code and you can make this the new bot for us that plays smarter?

Very interesting tool! Is it gonna have to be downloaded, or is there a website?

There is a website! it's Contact Lightproject to access the beta!