Welcome to Splinterlands Tower Defense

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Defend resting souls from endless waves of demonic enemies.

Welcome to Splinterlands Tower Defense (SPLTD), where you are the guardian of the underworld. Rising with her dark army, the Nightmare Queen is sending her hordes to breach the barriers and corrupt the souls of the underworld, and only you can stop her.

You will have a variety of resources to build a defense. Collect mighty towers, fantastic spells, and brave heroes to hold back the hordes as long as you can!

Unlike other Tower Defense games, at some point you will be overwhelmed by the endless hordes. The challenge is… how long can you hold out? How many heroic souls can you save? How many rewards can you earn? You can retreat at any time, but to the BRAVE and the BOLD go the greatest TREASURES!


Game Play Concept

SPLTD takes a page from the Splinterlands playbook as an auto-battler. You will make strategic choices, such as the placement, upgrading, and arrangement of your towers, spells, and heroes during the preparation phase. You will then commit your defensive strategy to the battle. You can then either watch the battle play out at various speeds or skip to the results.

The team is excited for these mechanics; they balance the needs of both new and veteran players. New players learn the strategic outcomes of their decisions, while more advanced players can skip to the final outcome. The gameplay portrays an exciting battle of fate as the Nightmare Queen’s hordes relentlessly assault your defenses, revealing the strength or weaknesses of your strategy.


Tower Examples

To defend the underworld, you must strategically place towers along the horde’s paths. Some towers slow your enemies, some deal magic damage or poison, some target flying fiends, and more. You can also upgrade your towers along various tech-trees to customize your defense.


Spell Examples

Spells will further boost your towers. They add an extra element of attack and can be combined, upgraded, and carefully overlapped to create punch-packing combinations.


Hero Concept

Finally, unique and powerful heroes will bolster your defense. Heroes provide an additional layer of strategy, with formidable abilities to counter the Nightmare Queen’s hordes. Heros will have health and take damage as they battle their enemies, and once they run out of health, they will withdraw from the battlefield.

Account-bound Progression

SPLTD will introduce the concept of account-bound progression, where each account will progress through each level of difficulty using account-bound ingredients. As you progress through levels, you will earn various ingredients which can be combined to progress to higher difficulties. This makes the time and effort of playing on a single account more valuable and moves the needle toward skill level determining progress through the game.

Press Your Luck For More Rewards

Victory Screen Concept

Lastly, we plan to introduce a new “Press Your Luck” gameplay mechanic. After each successfully completed wave in SPLTD, you will be offered a choice: retreat and take your rewards or “Press Your Luck” and risk your earnings trying to complete more waves and earn bigger rewards. Each wave can steal some of your rewards… or you could lose them all! This exciting mechanic lets you defend your rewards through skillful gameplay and strategically selected NFTs. Each time you “Press Your Luck,’’ the rewards get bigger… and the risk gets more intense.

NFT Utility & Staking

Tower Level Concept

SPLTD follows the same core values and infrastructure as Splinterlands. Its card-based NFTs take the form of towers, spells, and heroes you can collect, trade, and level-up. Additionally, you can use your existing Splinterlands collection for a bonus in the game via staking mechanics.

Any Splinterlands cards, except for account-bound starter cards, can be staked into a tower to give it bonuses, such as improved stats, better ECR recharge rate, and more. Staked Splinterlands cards will not be available for sale, rent, or transfer until unstaked, which will take time. You can also spend Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and, optionally, VOUCHERs (which provide discounts) to shorten the length of the unstaking process.

There will be new staking mechanisms for gameplay in SPLTD in comparison to Splinterlands. The tower, spell, and hero NFTs will need to be staked into the game to use them to play. Staking an NFT removes it from being sold, transferred, or rented. The unstaking process will be the same as with the Splinterlands cards in the previous paragraph.


The Splinterlands Team is excited to announce that we plan for DEC and VOUCHER tokens to play a significant role in SPLTD. First, DEC and credits will be accepted as payment for the SPLTD packs at a fixed rate of 1,000 DEC equalling $1.00 USD, while VOUCHERs will give a discount on pack purchases.

Second, we plan to offer ways to recharge the energy of towers, spells, and heroes by spending DEC. Again, VOUCHERs will offer a discount on these purchases.

Third, a new ingredients store will offer a small and time-limited offer of ingredients that you can purchase via DEC (with VOUCHER discounts). This allows you to utilize DEC and VOUCHERs to move your progression forward. The amount and availability of ingredients for sale will be limited in each rotation, with the majority earned through gameplay.

Token Distribution & Earning

SPLTD will introduce a new Splintershard (SPS) reward pool, distributing 1 Million SPS per month. To earn from this pool, players must stake SPS. Additionally, the higher the player’s level, the more rewards they are entitled to… but at these higher levels, they must also stake more SPS in order to unlock the maximum rewards.

SPLTD will be moving energy capture rate (ECR), which dictates a player’s earning potential, from account level to tower/spell/hero level to align ownership and earnings. This means that, for each game played, these NFTs will now be drained of ECR instead of the account. The more cards you rent or own, the more games you can play and the more rewards you can earn. You can also recharge the ECR on tower, spell, and hero cards by using DEC and, optionally, VOUCHERs to receive a 50% discount.

Pack Sale

The SPLTD pack sale is planned to be two phases: 1) Pre-Sale and 2) General Sale. There will be 2,000,000 packs available for the first edition. The cost per pack will be $8. Players can purchase packs using credits or DEC and can receive discounts using Vouchers. Each pack purchased with a VOUCHER will reduce the price of a pack by $3. Like other products purchasable in DEC, Splinterlands will accept DEC payments and treat them as if 1,000 DEC = $1. So, players can purchase a pack with 5,000 DEC and a VOUCHER. If DEC is trading below 1,000 DEC = $1 on external markets, then the market is allowing players to purchase these packs at a discount.

Pack Pre-Sale

The SPLTD pack pre-sale will be limited to 250,000 packs and is planned to start on September 20, 2022. It will end either when its sold out or when the date reaches October 18, 2022.

Each pack purchased in the pre-sale will also require a VOUCHER. The VOUCHER tokens are exclusive to the Splinterlands ecosystem and reward long-term stakers of the SPS token and holders of node licenses. The net cost of pre-sale packs with VOUCHERs will be $5 a pack.

Special to the Pre-Sale will be the first airdrop card of a Promo Hero playable in the game. The Promo Hero will be exclusive to the pre-sale and will not be available again after the pre-sale.

All purchasers of any pre-sale packs will have the following benefits:

  • Every Pack has a 0.2% chance to receive the Promo Hero

All purchasers of at least 500 pre-sale packs will have the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Promo Hero
  • Limited Edition Title
  • Limited Edition Avatar
  • Closed Beta Access

General Sale

The general sale for SPLTD will begin as soon as the pre-sale ends and will have 1,750,000 packs available for purchase. The general sale packs will cost $8/pack and, optionally, a VOUCHER can be used to reduce the cost by $3/pack.

These packs will remain available for sale until July 1, 2023 at which time any remaining unsold packs will be removed from sale.

All bulk purchases of 500 packs or more will get bonus packs.

The general sale will also offer special airdrops as the sale sells out.

  1. 250,000 packs - Promo Hero
  2. 750,000 packs - Tower
  3. 1,250,000 packs - Spell
  4. 1,750,000 packs - Tower

All purchasers of packs prior to each airdrop will have a chance of being awarded the airdrop. After the airdrop, the tower or spell card will have a small chance of dropping when opening packs.

Purchases of 500 packs will receive a guaranteed airdrop. Each airdrop will increase the 500 minimum packs required for guaranteed by 50 packs.

More To Come


SPLTD announcements will continue to be released over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. We are working closely with the team and community to build a game that is fun, challenging, and adds a new level to the Splinterlands universe.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I see, you‘re already in.


SPLTD will introduce a new Splintershard (SPS) reward pool, distributing 1 Million SPS per month.

Will the overall max supply of SPS change?

Aggy said that the SPS max supply will be only changeable by it's stakeholders via the dao.

they are taking it from the team allocation, as seen in the AMA of yesterday, so for the time being or next couple f years my guess would be no

33k a day, should be worth to play :)


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Its great to see the Splinterlands universe expanding with a new game.

It was at HiveFest Krakow almost 4 years ago that I discovered Splinterlands and it has proven fun, lucrative and has kept me coming back to play, time and again.

I hope the new Tower Defence game is as engaging and sticky.

They haven't finished actionable items they promised years ago, like land. Expanding is not a good thing if they just keep putting off important projects. This is an example of their money hungry approach and should be met with resistance, not praise. I'm about to give up on Splinterlands because of these dumb decisions.

Best comment so far! Agree.

I like the idea that Splinterlands is looking for other playable format other than card battler. Not sure if devs read this but like what I've said before, one main reason why League of Legends is still relative up to the day for more than 10 years in the game is that even if they grow their main game, they still add new playable features like Team Fight Tactics, or venturing to other game format like Runeterra. This is a really good move for Splinterlands and if this tower defense game pops off, I wish they also focus on this while growing the card game.

We may just see the next Riot Games of cryptocurrency.

You should have created some breathing room between RiftWatchers and SPLTD. That would make investing into the game in the middle of bear market a more manageable task. I might be able to buy 100 Packs. But reaching 500 is going to be very difficult. Two major presales at quick succession is way too difficult to handle for those of us who are not whales.

Maybe the timing should have been upto the community to decide via DAO vote.

You think whales 🐳 have unlimited resources :)

Just sain' the Bear is on all of us.

No, but they will have enough resources to get to those Titles and guaranteed airdrops as well as the larger discounts via bonus packs. Things would at least be easier if the two presales were split apart. At current prices I will have to miss out on the best deals.

You just blindly assume that there's no risk involved, but there is. The Pack prices might as well just drop for now and make a comeback only months later, we've seen that happen before. Especially Vouchers can cause FOFO prices early on.

I'm planning for the long term. Take a look at the prices of Alpha, Beta, Orbs, Untamed, Dice prices on Hive-Engine. Prices will eventually end up in a profit even it it take some time.

I think my Math is not becoming clear, you now pay in DEC and SPS, wich I both expect to grow in value over the following weeks to a couple of months by 40% for DEC (obsly) and SPS 500% at least (call me crazy), + you need the vouchers + packs on the Engine will be traded at discount to the initial price. It might very well be that your "whales" overpay by a factor of 5x-10x to get into the Pre-Sale with mass. I call that a risk.

SPS 500% at least (call me crazy)

I personally expect far bigger gains for SPS. You are being very conservative IMHO.

It might very well be that your "whales" overpay by a factor of 5x-10x to get into the Pre-Sale

There are perks that are coming with the extra investment. Getting 6 Doctor Blight Cards and additional airdrops from Chaos Legion Presale is something I am happy looking back.

  • The Cheapest Alpha Rare Card is $1.60
  • The Cheapest Alpha Common Card is $0.70

That leads to minimum $4.40 value for $2 Alpha Packs. Even if I opened the packs now in the past I was forced to HODL Packs because I didn't want to open them without Potions), I could recover the losses through future price appreciation. As a player, I would be using some of these Cards in the game. The rest I can rent to earn some passive DEC.

Even in the case SPS ends up outperform Presale, it could still be treated as a form of diversification which could come in handy. For an example, I could sell a Card at an emergency faster than SPS which I have to wait 7 days for.

Are you a packs hoarder? :)

So what you're saying is, if you keep, let's say 1 out of 3 packs, you can sell them later (18-24Months) and go break even with that alone? This game is probably not old enough to make a solid case for that, but it might very well be totally true.

can bots play?

I can play


I'm looking forward to playing the Tower Defense game.

There is always something to be excited about with Splinterlands!

First Riftwatcher and now this #SPLTD what a big move by team Splinterlands. This game will soon be on top ranked games.

Looking forward to this game, happy to see the growth of the whole ecosystem! Great job SPL and SPLTD :)

the Nightmare Queen is sending her hordes to breach the barriers and corrupt the souls of the underworld, and only you can stop her.

Unlike other Tower Defense games, at some point you will be overwhelmed by the endless hordes.

That is a bit of a mishap :D

LOL SHIT! Tower Defense games are fucking AWESOME. They are so old school but such a diverse and epic expansion of Splinterlands. DAMN I'm looking forward to this if this is legit!

I think this can become huge with this team behind it, I cant wait!

Been playing TDs since WC2 custom maps got me addicted. Seeing this is a great reason to stockpile assets for the pre-sale and general sale. Good work, team. Can't wait to see how this pans out.

Man, I still remember those days. I barely played any of the WC3 main game, it was all custom games for me!

Even after all this time, it still weirds me out that DotA turned into one of the most popular games ever, League of Legends.

We would take shifts in college for about 2 weeks straight playing DotA. 3 of us would rotate every 4ish hours on one PC playing. It was nuts. We all watched our grades plummet that semester.

Wc3 tho ...

Definitely the peak of refined TDs.

y como pa cuando seria eso

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Awsome!! I liked kingdom rush a lot btw... Would definitly play it for free

Okay. Thia is what I need! :D
Sounds awesome!

I love TD! Looking forward to it.
I just hope that SLTD will not be bot-friendly unlike SL.

Well, I guess it's good that they abbreviated the game as SPLTD, instead of just STD.

Although I do hope this game's popularity spreads like a raging STD. 🙃

Okay, you had me at Tower Defense.

Graet stuff Splinterlands!

Do i have to play SPLTD wo be successful in Splinterlands?

Great stuff. The only thing I don't understand is why say $8? Why not just make it $5 plus a voucher throughout.

That $8 price tag triggers some people and it puts a psychological ceiling on vouchers at $3 which is weird since the next tranche in licenses puts it at $5 and these two things might be happening at the same time.

I understand what you're saying but the $8 price tag is for people who buy without vouchers for whatever reason (for example, convenience, if they don't come from the Splinterlands/Hive ecosystem).

Looking forward to this game, what a great job 😆


Looks awesome!!!


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When are we going to call Splinterlands as a Metaverse game rather than #Play2earn 🔥

Thanks for the information. Just a question, can DEC be used also on the presale?

Splinterlands Tower Defense Game looks great. I can't wait to play it.

I hope "Concept art" means that all the graphics will be more similar to splinterlands graphics

I love tower defense! Glad to see the @splinterlands ecosystem grow and have new potential uses for my cards!

Another powerful release yet in Septembet. The future of SPlinterlands look bigger each passing day.

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@libertycrypto27 I hope you make a guide on how to play because it will be incredible

Nice . Onwards and upwards. GReat news

Oh smack, will this be playable like Clash Royale in PVP? Resembling a Hero Line Defensive maybe, or just against the clock?

Just look at this finely crafted crypto ecosystem !

Vouchers that had no intrinsic value for a gamer perspective are now soft peg at $3 by utility only ! (And soon soft peg to $5 as per node license sale system )

DEC just saw their emission cut by 80% with 2 major utility boosts: Riftwatchers and SPLTD card packs.
The high demand of DEC will offer arbitrage opportunity to SPS holders who could burn SPS for immediate returns and creating a long term positive effect on SPS !

1k DEC < $0.7
1 Voucher < $0.9
1 SPS < $0.07

I think you know exactly what to do next !

I am waiting for this and very excited 😁😁😁😁


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Join us in Discord!

Looks super fun :D Cant wait to play it!

Can not wait to see the game.
Tower defense is my other favorite game besides card game :)

Hey SPL team and community, here is my next translation: This Tower Defense introduction into #german https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@anjanida/willkommen-bei-splinterlands-tower-defense

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