Splinterlands integrates Hive-Engine!

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The Splinterlands team is happy to announce that players may now send their in game tokens to hive-engine! Alpha, Beta, Orb, and UNTAMED packs as well as Dark Energy Crystals can be sent back and forth from Hive-Engine. You can think of this like another exchange listing, and one of the benefits is that it means all of the tokens listed above can be traded against HIVE.

How do I move Dark Energy Crystals to Hive-Engine?

  1. From the top action bar click on your DEC balance.

  1. Type in a number of Dark Energy Crystals you would like to move. Choose the Hive-Engine wallet. Then click Transfer Out.

  1. After you click Transfer Out this message will pop up.

That's it. When it's confirmed you should see your Dark Energy Crystals in your Hive-Engine balance.

How do I move Dark Energy Crystals from Hive-Engine back into the game?

  1. From the top action bar click on your DEC balance.

  1. Type in a number of Dark Energy Crystals you would like to move. Choose the Hive-Engine wallet. Then click Transfer In.

  1. When you click Transfer In, a Hive Keychain confirmation popup should appear, allowing you to confirm and send the transaction. If you do not have Hive Keychain installed, then a HiveSigner window should pop up allowing you to send the transaction that way.

  1. If the transaction worked you should get a notification in the game that you have received the specified amount of DEC. If for some reason it didn't work, you can message us in the Splinterlands Discord Server.

How do I move packs in and out of Hive-Engine?

  1. Click on the Open tab in the game. There are 3 little dots next to any packs quantities that you own. Click on the three dots and choose tokenize.

  1. In the pop-up choose the quantity of packs and then choose SEND TO HIVE ENGINE

Now you have a pack in your Hive-Engine account.

To send the pack back into the game sign into hive-engine, and click on your wallet.

Choose the transfer icon.

In the "TO" field type steemmonsters
In the "AMOUNT" field type in the number of packs you'd like to send in game.
Leave the memo field blank.

You should be prompted with a Hive Keychain confirmation (or HiveSigner if you don't have Hive Keychain installed).

Choose confirm.

If it all goes according to plan then you should receieve an in game pop-up notice to the receiving account in splinterlands.com that says you got a gift!

How do I buy or sell packs/DEC on the hive-engine market?

Sign into hive-engine.com with Hive Keychain.

You have two options to get to the pack type you would like to trade.

  1. Click on the "Wallet" menu option and then click on the transfer icon next to the token you want to trade.

  1. Or click on "Tokens" menu option and then choose the trade icon from the tokens list next to the token you want to trade.

To Sell Packs

Underneath Sell UNTAMED
put in a price, and quantity. The total will be autofilled for you.

To Buy Packs

Underneath Buy UNTAMED
put in a price, and a quantity. The total will be autofilled for you.

Tips for buying and selling

  1. Make sure you have enough HIVE if you're looking to purchase. You can see above my balance of HIVE in that account isn't high enough to purchase the packs and will fail.

  2. When you place an order it may or may not be automatically filled. If you place an order and someone is offering at the price you selected then it can be automatically filled. If no one is accepting the price you're offering you'll have to wait until someone accepts your offer or until you choose to change the price to match what someone else wants.

The second part confuses people sometimes, but think of it like this: You can offer your house for sale for $1M, but that doesn't mean someone is going to take the offer. You can offer to buy your neighbor's house for $1, but that doesn't mean they are going to take the offer. If you place a currently unfilled offer you'll see it under "My Open Orders".

You'll also notice you can cancel orders from there.

What is Hive Keychain?

Hive Keychain is a browser extension that securely stores your Hive blockchain keys and allows you to sign transactions without ever passing your keys to websites. The extension appears as a little icon in the top right of your browser and allows you to perform a number of different functions on the Hive blockchain.

It can be downloaded for Google Chrome (or Brave Browser) and Mozilla Firefox at the following links:

If you're on Hive.blog, peakd.com, Hive Engine, or other sites that are part of the Hive family, your life will be greatly improved by downloading Hive Keychain. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out in either the Splinterlands Discord or Hive Engine Discord.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Post beneficiaries to peakd, null, and steem.dao. Liquid rewards will be used to purchase DEC off the market.


Is this a precursor for moving to the hive block chain? I figure it is only a matter of time.


Buying/selling cards for HIVE planned next?

I don't know whether to trade my DEC for HIVE or use it to level up my cards.

Get more DEC and do both!

Hm.. You have a point!

I know one thing I will only be selling any DEC on the hive engine

You're right. We're not trying to buy any more STEEM

I was very glad to see the feature available while checking my game wallet. I have already put some orders to buy some DEC on HIVE-Engine.

Great news.


It's working :)


Nice update

Great news!!!!

Excellent news!

Cool but complicated :)

I have not yriedhive engine till now...

This is great. Is there a way to transfer Hive from Steem-engine to Hive-engine without having to withdraw and incur 1% fee?

You can use Beeswap from @gerber, only 0.25% fee.
Works in 99% and if you encounter any problems, solutions are found very fast on Discord.


very good...

Great Job Guys! Always keeping things moving.

When Full Hive?

Does this mean HIVE and STEEM are now interchangeable as stake for Resource Credits? I didn’t power down Steem after the fork because I needed RCs to play.