Splinterlands Chaos Legion & Tower Defense Holiday Deals 2022

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Splinterlands Chaos Legion & Tower Defense Holiday Deals 2022

November 29th 2022

The holidays are here, and Grum has a brand new bag... of deals for Chaos Legion & Tower Defense!

Whether you're new to the community or a long standing member, Splinterlands is offering bonuses in the form of:

  • Free potions
  • Extra bonus card packs
  • New promo cards w/ every pack
  • In some cases, free Runi's
  • Onboarding, training, & deck deployment/configuration services from NFTy Arcade.

We'll also share a discount code for crypto tax software, compliments of our friend at ZenLedger.

Bulk purchase promo details can be found further below. To purchase, simply follow the instructions on this form.


Communities & Guilds

We want to encourage new communities and new guilds to enter the Splinterlands ecosystem as well as continue to support those already in our community. We are planning to add some exciting updates to the guild system within Splinterlands to engender more team participation, and more opportunities to display your community and/or guild logo.

We expect to continue to upgrade the experience for other communities in the Splinterlands ecosystem with future improvements to guilds & tournaments. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Leveled up Guild Halls are currently only offered for Splinterlands (and not Tower Defense), but future upgrades for Tower Defense are certainly possible.

NFTy Arcade offers a new platform called Gateway. What does Gateway do?

  • Creates a Free to Play (F2P) onramp for gamers to play up to the highest league levels in Splinterlands.
    * Card owners list full decks for rent.
    * Card owners set reward split, min rating to rent, and rental term.
    * Gamer is delegated full deck, based on terms set by the deck owner.
    * Rewards are automatically split between gamer & deck owner.
  • Analytics for earnings & activity across all accounts.
  • Private listing between deck owners & individual gamers.
  • Curated deck purchasing.

Additionally, NFTy Arcade can provide help opening packs, configuring decks, and easy training to get your decks listed.

Learn more about NFTy Arcade by accessing their litepaper and user guide here.


Chaos Legion Bulk Package Promo

Purchase using this form.


Example: Another community pools resources to purchase a gold package. They submit a payment for $50,900 in BUSD. In return, the community is getting 19,000 Chaos Legion packs (with potions for all packs), 5 Runi's, and 19,000 promo cards. Additionally, they'll receive guild halls to house their community of gamers, a community pack opening event & branded tournement, and white glove experience with NFTy Arcade to configure optimal decks, educate community members on gameplay, and organize their accounts.


Tower Defense Bulk Package Promo

Note that Tower Defense packages also include the same promo cards found in the Chaos Legion packages. While these promo cards can be acquired by purchasing a Tower Defense package, they will still be specific to Splinterland.

Purchase using this form.

"Custom Branded Spell Cards" for Tower Defense are a new offering, available only with the purchase of bulk packages. This customizability will be added to an existing epic rarity spell card, with the customization being that the community or guild can add their logo to the card. We simply need a jpeg of the brand/logo you want to use, and reserve the right to reject distasteful content.

Each custom spell card created for this bulk purchase promotion will be a gold foil version. They will start at level 1, but can be leveled up by combining other spell cards with it. The spell cards used to comibine can be any rarity, any foil.

Example: A community guild pays $25,000 & 5,000 vouchers for a Silver Package. In exchange, they receive 5,750 TD packs (with potions for all cards), and 5,750 promo cards. Additionally they receives 24 custom branded spell cards, and a 20% discount on ZenLedger tax software.


Group Buys

We are pleased to offer purchase pooling again with this set of holiday deals, as we did during Splinterfest. If multiple parties pool their resources to make a single bulk purchase, we will distribute the resulting assets to up to 5 Hive wallet addresses. Details on how this works can be found here.

Quick update: outside of the bulk deals players are able to get the promocard with every pack they purchase between now and the end of year sale of Dec 21 at 5pm eastern. So, if you buy the standard pack deals through the website for each purchased pack, including packs purchased with vouchers, you'll be able to get 1 promo card. In other words, you don't have to participate in the bulk deal to get the promo card.



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For everyone that isn't up to date: Aggy already confirmed that every pack bought will include a promo card. The deals mentioned here, will just give you more

Is there going to be a deal for those that aren't the 1%? Or is it not worth the company's time/effort to cater to "that crowd"?

People will most likely create pools where you can enter.

Yes it's not mentioned very well (and was added late) but there is a 4000dec option ... buy a pack get a promo card. Not sure why i'm doing the responses for their team or why they didn't write it well enough to avoid every person not understanding this. But such is life.

Just wanted to ask this!
I can only give a little for your effort, but I'm happy to send it your way 😅

Sent 0.1 PGM - 0.1 LVL- 1 STARBITS - 0.05 DEC - 15 SBT - 0.1 THG - tokens to @arkasz

remaining commands 0


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Join a group and bulk buy its easy with splinterlands to become part of the 1%

Anyone with at least 4000 DEC can benefit by buying a pack and getting a promo card. Or if they have even 100k DEC, they can join a pool and take advantage of the bulk buy. That’s what I’m doing. Joining my guild for a pool to get bulk buy perks. I don’t have $10k myself to spend on it.


40% extra, Nice.

I'm not sure what all the salt is about aside from their being no lower tiers this promo above is what allot of us been asking for (A holiday/End of year sale for packs) and we been asking for it year after year. Since every pack purchased gets a promo card the promotion includes all and any size purchases including those who purchase just one pack. As I already noted the only thing I can nit pick at for this promo is the min entry price for the Extra value starts at $10,000. I would have liked to see a few smaller options with smaller bonus packs offered. Something like 10/100/1000 packs as to give everyone the feeling of being able to participate in all aspects of the end of the year sale. The feeling of being included is something many of the players that frequent the lower leagues need right now.


10 + 1 Pack & Promo cards
100 + 15 packs & Promo cards
1000 + 200 packs & Promo cards

The above gives 10-20% bonus, the same as onsite except at lower levels.

A lot of those comments were posted before they edited the post and said that every pack counts 1:1 so you didn't have to participate in the bulk buy for the promo.


This is how things should have been. Just giving the discount that the 100 pack buyers get to the lower levels would make things accessible to the krills. And not releasing the promo card details with the post is a big miss. It's like SPL is playing checkers.....

I don't see anything for the little guy here guys. (After the backlash, they changed the offer)

Sad facts, money makes money. There is no way around it unless you're giving handouts which would destroy the economy and nobody would put money in... Kind of goes against what the community wanted giving deals... we voted for the burn not to devalue Chaos even more than it is... if they cared about doing something for the community they should of did a reward card just for December. Promoting people to play instead of pay.

Looks like no human playerbase

4000 dec pack gets a promo card that's for the little guy i suppose

Yeah that was added after the fact.

Post wasn't well written i get it and added late... but no one came back to edit their comments after the post was improved. Which is understandable.

you can buy tokens that will be part of a pool to get a share of it, look at this if you are interested. https://leofinance.io/@nealmcspadden/sneak-peek-clp-chaos-legion-promo-packs-are-live

Yeah im not that interested for all that work.

Wait.. so the cheapest holiday deal is $10k?

cheapest deal is 4000dec for a promo card

I think when Aggy said we would get a holiday promo card sale type event I thought it would be a lower barrier of entry.... not here is your sale, spend 10k with us and we will give you a discount... While I might still do a bulk buy with others this is wayyyyy off the mark. Do better

Also I could care less if you dont like my tone or me in general, doesnt change how stupid this is

Don't forget the mystery promo card that's not ready yet lol

Barrier is 4000dec for a pack that gets a promo card

That wasnt in the original post when I made my first comment, either way there is no discount for the lil guy which is the majority of the complaints.


Every single pack purchase gets a bonus card, and everyone can pool with other players to meet the minimum package deal. This is a good deal and nearly everyone can participate at some level.

Can't wait to tell all my friends!! Hey guys...

From Packburn proposal to this :D

Looks like the only customers of whales now? So many bots?

I mean if the playerbase would be really that big, lower amount could make bigger $.

I think they should add another package for 1000 packs and name it wooden package

Buy one pack, get a promo card. Don't have to be a whale for that.

I've joined a pool to get in on the deal and I'm certainly no whale.

Go easy on the salt.

Are these bulk packs eligible for airdrop cards?

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WOW, 10k usd to get a discount!!!, seems very high to me, theres no space for the small player

4000dec is the entry point ... they just didn't do a good job of pointing that out in the post.

Will these pack also be good for airdrop points?

who the heck in bronze needs to buy 2500 packs for CL wtf is the point of this, this just looks like a whale hunt.

BRONZE is the name of the discount level not which group of players qualifies for said discount.

4000dec is the barrier for this promo... it's there at the very end and not highlighted well

IT WAS ADDED LATER, YOU DONT LOOK COOL THINKING WE ALL OVER LOOKED IT... just because SPL butters your bread doesnt mean you have to fight all their battles for them....

it's fine but i'm not blaming you or anything just making sure people who now come to the post understand that there is a 4000dec option.

Im an asshole and Im so sorry for being a dick dude. You build so much awesome stuff for the community and you do it without expecting anything in return often times. I was wrong and the more stuff you release and build for the whole community the worse I feel. Thank you for not letting piss ants like myself to stop you from being awesome

Does chaos legion GOLD get two TH10?
When will you have the stats for the Promotion card?

Will these packs contribute towards airdrop cards as well or not?

Sorry guys, but I don't like it.
It seems to me that you're giving away random things in order to sell, without thinking about the average/little player trying to make them feel part of the community without having to join pools or anything like that.
The 4000 DEC offer to get a pack and a promo card in 1:1 ratio doesn't look like a promo offer, because with that rate the promo card would be probably common and worth something like 0.10$. In addition you're making a promo to sell stuff that we already have.
I would like to see actions to give more value to the community and this one doesn't.

If the promo card ends up being worth $0.10 that is $0.10 in extra value for a pack purchased or put another way 2.5% extra value (using your $0.10 evaluation and $4 price point for packs). Nothing wrong with that deal at all.

Agree that the card can give additional value and I think it's even better than 2.5% supposing you're paying with DEC each pack would be 3$ or less with DEC at about this price.
But you can buy packs for 1.8$ in the secondary market now and possibly less after this Christmas sale, and even if you consider future CL airdrops I don't see any advantageous deal here (except maybe if you'll go for gold or diamond deal).

I used face value and calculated minimum extra value based on the $0.10 price point. Lets not forget each pack purchased from the official Splinterlands site will have a chance at the ongoing milestone airdrops. Packs being cheaper 1 vs. 1 on secondary markets for actively sold packs is the norm. One isn't going to go to secondary markets to pay over the amount Splinterlands sell them for. Look at it this way; two days ago if you purchased one pack you got one pack and a chance at an airdrop. If you purchase a pack during this special event sale you get one pack, a promo card and a chance at an airdrop. No matter how you dice it, purchasers are getting more for their purchase during the sale.

Thank you, I can see those big buyers will dump CL packs on HE and maybe krill like me can get them at $1.4 on January 23. Smart move to lower CL packs on secondary market


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just one question what IS the promocard? -Will there be one or a set a random card will be dropped from?

Promo card details have not been released yet.


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I think you could literally make a post saying "everyone in the game gets a million free packs" and people would still find a reason to cry about how it's only for whales. It's getting so old. People need to grow the eff up. EVERYONE who plays this game can benefit from this promo card deal if they can scrounge up like $3 and people with a little more money but less than $10k can join one of many pools being organized. People just like to complain.

After we all voted to burn the packs, this sale is diluting the market more and devaluating cards and rental prices! Honestly, I can't see the reason why is good for us? Whatever I will buy some cheap cards...this is the last discount of the CL pack in my opinion.

Okay... so if I buy a pack, I get a promo card later on?

If you only want a few packs try https://splinter.fi/clp

which promo cards can we expect???