Important Splinterlands Update

On Monday, June 1st, 2020 the Splinterlands game is planning to switch to the Hive blockchain as the blockchain of record for all game-related transactions. This is a very important transition for the game and not something we take lightly, but we feel that it is necessary to ensure the best possible future for the project and that it is in the best interest of our players and stakeholders. The reasoning behind that is described in more detail below.

As some of you have heard, it seems that there is a surprise hard fork planned for the Steem blockchain within the next 24 hours. We don't know exactly what this hard fork entails and have been given no notice about it or a chance to review or test the changes. This presents a huge, and unacceptable risk to the game. We cannot continue to operate on a chain where the changes aren't public and we are not given adequate time for testing and review.

While we want to give everyone a reasonable amount of advance notice before the switch, in the event that this hard fork causes problems for the game we may be forced to make the switch earlier than the planned date listed above.

We also want to be clear that no matter what happens with this hard fork, or with any other changes to the Steem blockchain, all Splinterlands assets will be completely safe and unaffected.

Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Ideally, most players will not even know that anything has happened; however, in reality there are likely to be some unexpected things that will come up. We will do our best to address many of the questions we expect players will have in this post, but if there is anything we haven't covered please feel free to ask in the comments, in Discord, or via email at and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Game Accounts, Assets, & Logging In

Players want to know: "What do I have to do?"

First and foremost, we want to make sure everyone is clear that your game accounts, cards, and other assets will not change in any way as a result of this transition. Your account name, passwords, and keys that you use to log in to the game will still be the same as before.

If you're using a username and password to login you won't have to do anything.

If you used the Steem Keychain browser extension, then you will need to switch to the Hive Keychain extension which can be downloaded at the following links:

For managing your blockchain account outside of the game, you can find a list of available Hive tools and services at: We also recommend that you follow our blog on Hive at

Finally, please note that while currently new Splinterlands accounts are created on both the Steem and Hive blockchains, after the switch only Hive blockchain accounts will be created.

Resource Credits

As most of you know, transacting on the Hive blockchain (just as on the Steem blockchain) requires Resource Credits, which are obtained by having Hive Power in, or delegated to, your account. Just as we have been doing on Steem, if you are using the Splinterlands website and your account runs out of Resource Credits, the game will automatically and seamlessly delegate some to you.

This is something that the majority of players do not need to know or care about, but for those that are aware of it we wanted to make it clear that the delegations will continue to work as before so that no HIVE tokens are required by players to participate in the game.

As we have stated in the past, accounts using automated software (aka bots) to play are not eligible for delegations. Those accounts will need to provide their own Resource Credits by acquiring HIVE tokens. This is the only situation in which players will need to have HIVE tokens to participate in the game.

Market Changes

One additional change that will occur at the time that the game moves to the Hive blockchain is that the STEEM and SBD tokens will no longer be able to be directly used for card purchases on the Splinterlands market. Only DEC and Credits will be able to be used to buy cards on the market on the Splinterlands website or any third party marketplaces that use the Splinterlands market protocol.

It will still be possible to use STEEM and SBD to purchase Credits in the game which can then be used to buy cards on the market, however STEEM tokens will not be able to be used directly. As a result of this, sellers will always receive DEC tokens for cards sold on the market, instead of either DEC or STEEM/SBD, which will make selling cards on the market much simpler for many players and help reduce customer support requests.

Steem Engine Integration

We do not expect the integration with Splinterlands-related tokens on the Steem Engine platform to be affected by either the upcoming Steem hard fork or the game's transition to Hive. Players should still be able to transfer tokens back and forth from the game to Steem Engine as normal, however it will be each player's responsibility to ensure that they have enough resource credits in their account to transact on the Steem blockchain going forward.

We have already integrated with the Hive Engine platform as well, including DEC and all of the pack tokens, and we encourage players to switch to that if there are any concerns about continuing to use the Steem blockchain after the transition.

Third Party Tools & Services

Any third party tools and services that read from or publish transactions directly to the Steem blockchain related to the Splinterlands game will need to instead read from or publish to the Hive blockchain at the time of the switch. This should be as simple as changing the RPC nodes used by your libraries to Hive nodes. You can find a list of public Hive RPC nodes here:

All Splinterlands API endpoints and calls should remain the same before and after the transition, so we do not expect any updates to be required for third party apps that utilize them.

We have already set up a test environment for the game using the Hive blockchain, so if any third party developers would like to test their tools and services against it, please contact @yabapmatt on Discord for access.

Hive vs Steem

We understand that there are a lot of strong emotions regarding the Hive fork and the various issues surrounding it. We want to be very clear that this decision is based only on an objective evaluation of the facts around both platforms in order to choose which is best suited to support the future we envision for the project. It does not mean that Splinterlands supports any particular decisions or actions taken before, during, or since the fork or that Splinterlands is taking any sides in any conflicts or disagreements between members of either community.

We evaluated the following criteria for both platforms as objectively as possible:

  • Infrastructure & Reliability
  • Ongoing Development and Support
  • Decentralization

Even though the Hive blockchain is certainly not perfect, in all cases it was clearly a much better choice than Steem which is failing in every category and causing significant issues for the user experience of the game which we have been dealing with for months now.

A number of players have asked about the possibility of running our own blockchain for the game, or switching to a chain other than Steem or Hive, but both of those options would be very involved projects that we have neither the resources or experience for at this time. We need to focus as much as possible on game design and development instead of on blockchain-related issues, and at the moment the Hive blockchain is clearly the best option for that.

We know that some of our players have strong feelings against the Hive blockchain, but we hope that they can understand why it's necessary for the game to move off of Steem and why Hive is the best option available at this time. Playing the game after the transition will not require owning or acquiring HIVE tokens or to utilize the chain in any other way. It will merely be the place on which the actions taken in the game will be recorded.

That being said, everyone is always free to sell their game assets at any time and for any reason, which is one of the great things about a blockchain-based game as compared to most traditional games.

Thank You!

As you may have seen recently Splinterlands reached the number one spot on, which is the most widely used dapp tracking site. We're not just the number one game in blockchain. We're ranked as the number one dapp in the world!

This wouldn't have been possible without a very dedicated fan base of hard core and casual players battling, providing feedback, trading, and buying cards.

We're doing everything we can to ensure that the game grows, plays smoothly, and is the best experience we can provide for all players and we appreciate your patience and support as we make this transition.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will go to @steem.dao (the Hive Development Fund account) to support the development of the Hive platform.

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I've been powering down on Steem since the move and have been purchasing Splinterlands cards with that powered down Steem. Obviously this move was always coming, the Steem blockchain itself has had a couple of disruptions in the past few weeks... but I was hoping to completely power down before this move was necessary.

Super glad I'll still be able to purchase credits and then cards with Steem. Definitely a workable solution.

For all the new accounts that were created with the help of splinterlands this should be a smooth move because you have mentioned that the accounts were created on both the platforms. I'm not sure if there were accounts created on steem alone after the split (not with the help of splinterlands but directly) and then used for Splinterlands. In that case, there should be an option available for them to create a new account on Hive and get started. I'm not sure if you already thought about this.

Listen to this man!

Ha ha ha thanks buddy. 😀

Fantastic news, and just in time!
I was quite worried about my Splinterlands assets staying on Steem with all the problems there.

As was I! I moved and sold all my DEC in anticipation of issues. I don't regret it since I can just as easily buy it back but with the fork without notification, you never know what the hell is going on with Steem and the team there.

This is a fantastic move in my opinion! The Steem environment is increasingly toxic and unstable, never mind the majority stakeholder is deadset on doing whatever he can to 'get back' at those who he doesn't like because they didn't toe his line.

I appreciate all of the work you folks are doing, as well as the difficult position you are in. If people love your game, they will follow you wherever it is. This shouldn't be about personal feelings over one chain over another. If they don't want to interact with the chain it resides on, that's their prerogative.

I look forward to getting better stability in the game! I know the Steem environment doesn't seem to care much about stability of things like this.

Finally! No more losses to Justin's Puppets.

There is also one other thing in article:

Only DEC and Credits will be able to be used to buy cards on the market on the Splinterlands website or any third party marketplaces that use the Splinterlands market protocol.

I really like this change, having 4 currencies that can be used to buy/sell stuff was bit crazy. Turning everything into DEC seems much better.

What will happen till 1st of June? I would like to continue selling some of my cards, but I don't want to accept STEEM/SBD... What options do I have?

Get on steem-engine and trade it for DEC ASAP.

Yes trade it for DEC/other crypto or buy credits in game with it if you plan on buying other cards


I was wondering when you'd make this move, thank you for doing so, I really wasn't happy about my assets being on Steem!

Here's hoping for a smooth as can be transition, with as few headaches as possible for you,

See you on the other side!

Great info not 1 day in front or after. This is great professional.

I have 2 questions

  1. Could you build a important update or news button so that every gamer now what happens. A lot of games have a news blog in-game or blinking button or a screen that they must clicktrough. I lost like 9000 dust because I didn't know that they were stopping. It is still in-game(shutdowned) under my main if i knew I could or would have taken action.

  2. The spt is that moving too?

I guess spt is owned by someone else. Not sure though. I have the same question as well. 😀

There was a splinterlands forum where gamers can react on each other. The coin spt is a forum token for this forum but it is down you still get the coin though I saw the forum some time ago. Powered some coins up and still get the coins. But the forum is down I will investigate further. The tokenbb forum is shutdown. It's a pitty but what about the coin spt now?

Yes, I have seen that too. I'm also not sure if that is even active now.

This wouldn't have been possible without a very dedicated fan base of hard core and casual players battling, providing feedback, trading, and buying cards.

This also wouldn't have been possible without all the bots / automatic playing tournaments to increase numbers on blocks, for sure.

But jea, Well done on that Goal!

I originally was against this bot notion, but I very much appreciate them. As frustrating as fighting some of them are, they provide a vital service to the game, to keep matches going all day every day instead of just when people are online.

That being said, I've been casually looking but do you happen to have any resource of the way to set up a bot in the game? I have a second account I wouldn't mind setting up as a bot but I have no idea how to do it. Any feedback or direction would be appreciated!

yea, same here, please tag me if you find anything

Will definitely let you know! I’ll do some searches now to see.

I'm starting to love @splinterlands again !!! To be honest, I'm glad that HF 23 will happen tomorrow, which was the last straw for seeing @splinterlands on HIVE !!!


Great move!
I hope that you guys can focus now more on improving the Gameplay and overall reward system.
And please find a good solution for the Bot situation...e.g. lets make Bots available for everyone and create an official business and rule sets around with rental needs to be regulated.
congrats Splinterlanders!

I would Totally LOVE to run a Splinterlands bot, just to say that I do. I think I would be wiling to pay $25-50 for setting it up, including some basic $10 cards.

I don't mind the bots when they play, many of the games that are not on the blockchain are played against bots as well, its like back in the day when we would play against "the computer."

Also, I would like to pay in fiat and not in hives or steem....

I am commenting in case some entrepreneur sees my comments and decides to create a business.

Thanks for your comment. I agree there are many users interested in running their own Bot or they just want to take advantage of the strategies that runs the Bots.
Anyways, I think Bots should be open to everyone who wants to use them and Splinterlands just has to make sure that Bots get registered on the market place and set the rules on how they are running.

We love manually destroying bot opponents!

Even though the Hive blockchain is certainly not perfect, in all cases it was clearly a much better choice than Steem which is failing in every category and causing significant issues for the user experience of the game which we have been dealing with for months now.

yep, i just want to play the game without additional stress added :)


Just came here to make that exact statement.

Amazing news and I was waiting you on the HIVE to transition to. Great decision, great game, hopefully greater things are at the horizon.

I wonder if the game value will increase with this move as well as HIVE is better priced and no sudden dumping of it.

You gave Justin's STEEM a chance, many chances actually!

Not receiving info ahead of a Hard Fork must be terrifying if you're running a business and have your livelihood invested in a business on STEEM. I can't imagine the feeling, safe to say you're making the best choice for the game.

Hell, It's about time.

I was about to comment the same thing!


Took you long enough... 😩😩
Steem is a sinking ship. Couldn't battle twice without fleeing randomly.

So awesome to see this news!

Congrats on the decision and finally...Splinterlands is on HIVE :)

Oh my, these are huge news! I'll start my Splinterlands adventure asap

Can't say I didn't see this one coming! Their loss is our gain :)

Amen to that and I look forward to kicking your ass again on the battle field 😆🤪

Lol I had something in my eye at the time, not fair! Next time you’re going down

Looking forward to it partner

I knew Justin would come through for us (Hive) once again! He is good like that.

best decision ever.

This is a smart move I must say. I'm glad all assets are safe.

About dam time! I was considering selling all my cards for a while now since I just don’t feel my assets or access to them are safe on what has been going on over on that blockchain.

This was a step that should have been done a while ago.


Awesome. Look forward to the change. Good luck with all the work!

I'm very happy you are moving over, It'll be great having the game be more reliable now!

Finally we move to Hive 🎊🎊🎊

Beautiful done!

Woot woot!

This game wouldn't be the same without our Korean players. There are a few Europeans and a dozen or so Aussies; but without the rest of Asia the game would mostly be Americans.
I genuinely hope you all decide to stay, but if this is the end, know that you'll be remembered fondly.

Finally! Sadly steem is not a blockchain any business would like to use currently :/

Sadly steem is not a blockchain at all 😂

That was exactly what I was about to write. 😀

So what's left on STEEM? Nothing? Good!

you should re-brand the domain to hivemonsters as well ;)

That was the whole point of being splinterlands instead of steemmonsters, so we could grow beyond the blockchain.

guess its time to sell

I'm definitely selling my Steem for new cards now.

I'm going to continue playing no matter what!

As you may have seen recently Splinterlands reached the number one spot on, which is the most widely used dapp tracking site. We're not just the number one game in blockchain. We're ranked as the number one dapp in the world!


Finally, I had a chance to play this amazing game soon since I don't have steem account. Thank you in advance.

Finally! The best news in the last month!

Splinterlands, welcome to HIVE!

Great news!! Go Splinterlands Go!!!

This is something I've been waiting for since hive was born, my desire to play is back!

It is such an unfortunate and unstable situation that happens with STEEM I hope you make the right decision for the growth of the game but now the game will be called HiveMonsters Lol

At last I can finally say, "Welcome to Hive Splinterlands!"


If our passkeys are different on Hive to Steem, will we have to re-login with the Hive passkey?

Yes, if your keys on hive are different from your steem ones, (i.e you reset them or something) you'll need to re-login with the corrent hive keys.

I guess that should be the case. Only the assets will be moved. You have to log in to Splinterlands the same way how you log in to other apps.

That makes sense, thank you.

You are welcome 😀

Use the Hive keychain to login to your accounts, much less hassle.

I use a mobile device most of the time, so unfortunately I can't. It's on the desktop, though, for when I get the chance to go on there.

Sounds like a smart choice. You said, "We know that some of our players have strong feelings against the Hive blockchain". What are these feelings based on? I'm genuinely curious.

I believe many splinterland players were excluded from the hive airdrop because they had voted for two or more Tron witnesses. This is especially true for Korean players, which for whatever reason tended to back the Tron takeover of Steem and make up a large portion of elite players.

But as they say, if you have a problem with the migration to hive, I'll see you on the battlefield and we can work out our differences there.

Good philosophy! See you on the battlefield instead of in a hateful comment section!

I feel partially bad for the folks who aren't included in it but if you make a choice, stick with it. The game and environment will move on with or without those players. There is a strong backing in plenty of other countries around the world that didn't make the same choices.

There nothing particularly injurious to those excluded from the airdrop about Splinterlands moving to Hive. Since Splinterlands is delegating Hive Power to cover gameplay bandwidth, the migration is not forcing users to support the Hive network in a major way.

Yup, absolutely. You don't have to do a single thing on the Hive social media environment if you don't want to, and many won't. Don't get mad at the Splinterlands team for choosing superior connectivity and power versus mediocre at best. I've experienced perhaps 50 battles where the Steem chain had poor performance and it rejected my battle and made me lose simply because the Steem blockchain has poor performance. As a platform owner/developer, I would be pissed and immediately explore other options. They knew they didn't have to look far at all because when the current Hive witnesses were running Steem, there wasn't any performance issues at all besides the ones around HF21.

Sounds like it will make it easier for some of us to reach the very tip top part of the game then.

And maybe if there is some dumping, buying cards at a cheaper price.

It's not based on anything. They say a lot of ridiculous things over there about Hive like that it's "the most centralized ever" and that it's an "ethnically cleansed" Steem. There's a lot of people that don't know what they're talking about.

Well I for one love the Hive blockchain, that's a kind of a strong feeling innit? 😎

Me too, it's my favourite blockchain to post to so far! There are a couple of things I like about Publish0x but Hive has more of a community vibe to is which really resonates with me. Thanks for the upvote and comment!

They basically hate Hive blockchain. Already a few mentioned that they would quit splinterlands if the game moves to Hive. That should be the feeling.

Fantastic news!!

@splinterlands I have some mixed feelings over this because it seems that you are only moving to Hive (at the last possible moment) out of sheer desperation to save your game which I understand from a business standpoint and all but both honestly and sincerely folks tried to warn you and you disregarded that to apparently appease your fan-base.

I wish you the best moving forward and all and hope that through all of this you have learned something that will help enrich you as a person and I do not mean in a monetary way.

Best regards and Hive On!

Where's the desperation? Splinterlands has just recently declared the numero uno place in blockchain games, in deed the number one place in blockchain dapps even.

Uh the desperation that I am referring to is the one created by the current scenario of the blockchain that it is operating on.

The game itself really has nothing to do with my statement so I do not see what point you are trying to make there.

It definitely sounded like you were saying there was a desperation on their own part, although the game had been a raging success. Yes the Steem situation was already desperate and I completely misread what you were saying. Sorry about that.

No worries. You are obviously passionate about the game!

Way to go. Hive is the place to be if you want to continue as a decentralized game. Also, this decision enables me to cut ties with steem completely. Thanks! ;-)

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