Chaos Legion Updates & Official Doctor Blight Reveal

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The Chaos Legion presale period is winding down the time of writing there is only ONE MORE voucher drop left for the presale period, and then presale packs will remain on-sale in the shop for another week after that. Once that is done, no more Chaos Legion presale packs will be available ever again!

Once the presale ends, the countdown to the release of Chaos Legion will begin! The new Chaos Legion cards are expected to descend upon the Splinterlands on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 - so make sure you're ready! At that time the packs will be able to be opened and the Chaos Legion cards will be able to be used in battles, transferred to other players or platforms, and be bought, sold, or rented on the markets!

Please note that the new Modern and Wild ranked play formats will NOT be released at that time - there will still be only one ranked play format that allows all cards in the game to be used. The new formats are expected to be completed and released in January 2022.

Pack Sale - Phase 2

Also on December 8th, along with the release of Chaos Legion, 2M additional packs will go on sale in the Splinterlands shop. These 2M packs will still require VOUCHER tokens for each pack purchased (not including bonus packs) and will cost $4 each just like in the presale. Packs will be able to be purchased with Credits, DEC, or SPS, but there will no longer be a discount for purchases using SPS. Please note that only purchases made using Credits are eligible for affiliate rewards.

Additionally, the VOUCHER token airdrops will resume on December 8th at the normal time at double the pace of the presale period for 30 days starting. This means that a total of 2M VOUCHER tokens will be awarded to staked SPS token holders over the 30 day period at the rate of 66,666.666 per day.

While the exclusive pre-sale benefits will no longer be available for these next 2M packs, keep in mind that after each set of 1M packs are sold a new card will be airdropped to pack purchasers with each pack purchased having a chance of receiving an airdrop card - as well as a chance of receiving ALL of the airdrop cards going forward over the life of the set.

Ongoing Pack Sales & VOUCHER Tokens

Once the 2M Chaos Legion packs from the phase 2 sale are all sold (however long that takes), then the remaining 12M Chaos Legion packs will be available for general sale. These packs will NOT require VOUCHER tokens to purchase and will still cost $4 each purchasable with Credits, DEC, or SPS, however VOUCHER tokens will still be required in order to receive bonus packs for bulk purchases.

For example, if you are purchasing 100 packs in a single transaction during this phase of the sale, then you will need 10 VOUCHER tokens in order to receive the 10 bonus packs with that purchase. If you have fewer than 10 VOUCHER tokens at the time of the purchase, then you will receive one bonus pack for each VOUCHER token in your account.

After the 2M VOUCHER tokens are distributed over 30 days in phase 2 of the pack sale (even if the 2M packs have not yet been sold), VOUCHER tokens will continue to be distributed at the rate of 20,000 tokens per day to staked SPS holders indefinitely.

In addition to being used for receiving bonus packs with bulk pack purchases, there will be a number of additional uses for the VOUCHER token within the game that will be announced in the future.

Doctor Blight Limited Edition Promo Card Airdrop

Last, but definitely not least, on December 8th, along with the Chaos Legion release, all purchasers of Chaos Legion booster packs during the presale period will be able to check and claim their limited edition Doctor Blight promo card airdrop!

Please remember that each pack purchased will give a 2% (1 in 50) chance of receiving a Doctor Blight card, with at least one card being guaranteed for each 50 packs purchased by a single account. Additionally, each Doctor Blight card airdropped will have a 2% (1 in 50) chance of being a Gold Foil version of the card, with at least one Gold Foil version of the card being guaranteed for each 1000 packs purchased by a single account.

The stats of the Doctor Blight card are below:

Doctor Blight is a Legendary Neutral Monster card that can fit into many different team compositions at only 4 Mana cost. In addition to his Magic attack he has almost all "blight"-related abilities in the game! He has Affliction which can prevent his targets from being able to be healed, Slow which reduces the speed of all enemy Monsters, Poison which causes his targets to take damage each round, Scavenger which allows him to gain strength whenever a Monster dies, and finally Weaken which reduces the health of all enemy Monsters.

Basically, you're going to want this guy on your side in your battles, so make sure you pick up some Chaos Legion presale packs while they last!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Looking forward to these. I wish affiliate rewards were better, I worked very hard to bring on others into the game. It seems every year those rewards get less and less. I know people were abusing that system and why the first nerf was made a couple years ago, but I feel this system should be looked at again.

The reasoning given to us for lack of affiliate payments, "affiliate abuse is why we only include credit purchases for affiliate bonus" is BS. Splinterlands the company is out the same much per affiliate rewards given no matter who gets the affiliate rewards (the 5% offered). It would be nice to see Splinterlands get back on track with giving affiliates a straight 5% bonus like was advertised to us when we started recruiting for the game.


Scenario 1:
I signup up using @reseller Splinterlands link. I make a $100 USD purchase. Reseller then earns $5 USD. The Splinterlands company is out $5/5% of the purchase.


Scenario Two:
I signup up using @reseller Splinterlands link. I notice the affiliate deal and decide I'm better off making a second account to make my purchases on. I make a $100 USD purchase on my second account. I then earn $5 USD. The Splinterlands company is out $5/5% of the purchase.

Yeah, credits only is really kinda shitty. With you on this one!

They're not wrong but I still think it needs a rework in some way. The original rewards were AMAZING, most players will never know what that was like. I also get that we are at a point that affiliate marketing has little value as people are now joining the game in mass.

A contract is a contract. Players now joining in masses doesn't take away from that. Affiliates were promised 5% of lifelong purchases made from those we sign up. When the affiliate contract was first put in place there was no mention that we only get 5% if our sign up uses A currency but if they use B to Z currency we get nothing. If Splinterlands wants to make a new deal for new affiliate marketers then they can but past deals already in place should be honored as well. I don't want to harp on this too much because Splinterlands offers us many ways to earn but that is how I see it.

Good points I agree with

Surly in Scenario Two the company is up $5 as you need to spend $10 to open up a new account.

I always thought the affiliate rewards were way too high, personally. No one really deserves to make money for infinity for bringing someone to a game once. In my opinion, that is.

However, my opinion doesn't matter, big picture. If they had something set up as an affiliate system, changing it later will definitely upset people, and I understand why they're upset.

From the beginning and until the end, one of the biggest hurdles for a game like this, in which it's possible to make real and decent money, is people exploiting it. I commend the Splinterlands team for what they've done to curb this exploitation, even though it ruffles a lot of feathers.


Agreed by 100%, struggling with this too

Please note that only purchases made using Credits are eligible for affiliate rewards.

Not gonna lie, that's pretty shitty..

Otherwise awesome and looking forward to release, good luck on the last bits :-)

Soo plebs won't have the chance to get Doctor Blight?! ☹️

Anyone can have a chance to get Doctor Blight if they bought at least 1 CL pack during presale. If not, they can buy it from market but I'll not expect it to be cheap. 😀

yeah, I know. It's just a really lonnngggg chance of that happening😵
Would like to hear about anyone that gets the Doctor with only 1 CL pack actually 😆

On the flipside, that reduces the chances of any lower-level players from meeting an enemy with a Doctor Blight card.

i got one pack cost me over the odds didnt get nothing

Dr Blight Comes In Time For Christmas

Christmas is going to be fun!

Has there been any talk of redoing the collection power needed per league? The players that have been around a while have a huge advantage over new players since the Chaos cards aren't worth a lot of CP.

IRC, that should come with the new formats, so in January.

Yeah that's what would make sense to me too but I haven't heard any mention of it.

Cant wait for the general sale of CL and opening those packs!!

btw is this "Once the 2M Chaos Legion packs from the phase 2 sale are all sold (however long that takes), then the remaining 12M Chaos Legion packs will be available for general sale." for real?
This makes no sense, that would never happend, people will hold vouchers

Holding vouchers makes no sense, you want to hold pre-sale packs and buy as many of those you can get your hands on. I personally think the voucher system is great, will stop the whales from buying all the packs.

Vouchers will continue to be distributed indefinitely, so it will happen, and probably pretty quickly once we reveal the next airdrop card when that next 1M packs are sold.

Can you confirm I understood this correctly.

We will never be able to buy Chaos Legion packs from Splinterlands without vouchers. Vouchers will always be necessary.

No, the final 12M packs will be purchasable without vouchers.

Once the 2M Chaos Legion packs from the phase 2 sale are all sold (however long that takes), then the remaining 12M Chaos Legion packs will be available for general sale. These packs will NOT require VOUCHER tokens to purchase

so newer players will have a hard time to buy packs? i don't know it´s a good strategy to attract new players :)

New players are still coming, so it doesn't seem to be hurting anything.

Hi could you confirm I understood this correctly too? Was a little confused about the different phases and vouchers.

Will I be able to use voucher tokens to purchase the pack during the general sale and get bonus or does it only work for bulk purchase?

Only works for bulk. If you buy 99 packs or less, even if you have vouchers, they will not be used to get bonus packs.

oh I see thank you!

No, you will be able to buy packs without vouchers after the first 3M packs are sold (these 3M will require vouchers). After that you will only need vouchers to receive the bonus packs you get with bulk purchases.

That isn't a problem though because Vouchers will continue to be distributed indefinitely after the 30-day period, so it's not like the supply of Vouchers is limited to the 2M.

They are dropping vouchers every day even after "phase 2" ends, so there will be enough vouchers even if some players hold

great update!

Let's goooo!

Oh, I thought i would see a private sale round.

Good idea for the vouchers needed for free pack. At least this will pledge the voucher maybe at least 1/2 value of a pack.

Given that the 12M general sale packs won't need Vouchers, seems like people were way overvaluing the Vouchers before. The only benefits of getting pre-sale instead of general sale are the airdrops, right?

Not just the airdrop but title for bulk purchases and 10% discount fpr buying with SPS.

Also people buying early would get morw SPS airdrop because of holding packs. So it's a trade off between what you value more.

Depends on how far one is going in on for sale. Besides the airdrops and the guarantee of Blight’s, there’s also the tasty Legionnaire title…

"after each set of 1M packs are sold a new card will be airdropped to pack purchasers with each pack purchased having a chance of receiving an airdrop card - as well as a chance of receiving ALL of the airdrop cards going forward over the life of the set"

I'm not sure of understanding it correctly: if I buy only one of the first 1M presale packs, how many chances I have to get the cards airdropped every 1 more milions packs sold? 2% as for Doctor Blight?
If yes, is it more convenient for me to wait and buy packs when Vouchers won't be required anymore? Taking into consideration that, at the actual price, I can buy 1 presale pack (pack + Voucher) or 5 non-presale packs without Voucher.

Thanks to everyone who will answer!

Yes but presale comes witb promo card and alao titles if you buy in bulk including SPS discount. So if you want any of those, presale is a thing for you.

I think the most logical thing here is that if you cannot ensure the 50 pre-sale packs, you need to sell your vouchers and wait for the general sale. Playing by that 2% chance is not worth it I think compared to the 5 packs that contain more cards.

Thanks! I'm going to follow your suggestion and buy the 5 packs without Vouchers, as I can't afford to buy 50 presale packs!

correct basically, you will also see that the voucher price will drop like a rock imo

WTS Doctor Blight, gold foil... 1mil$ only. 😂

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I'm a little confused. So vouchers will only be air dropped one more time? How are vouchers acquired after that? If they're still needed for more purchases after the initial presale?

Also, how much longer do you get the presale rewards? If I buy 1000 packs in the 9 days left, do I still get the title?

Voucher will continue to be dropped but at a much lower drop rate.
Presale rewards last for another 9 days and X hours (1000 Packs still get you a title on day 9).

VOUCHER tokens will continue to be distributed at the rate of 20,000 tokens per day to staked SPS holders indefinitely.

I see. Thanks! I have a ton of vouchers. Trying to decide if I want to jump in the pre sale or just sell them and buy individual cards. 😁 But don't want to miss the rewards if I go for the presale.


I like the idea of Vouchers being required for the bonus packs for the 12 million release.
Hopefully this will slow down the whales long enough for the little guys to get packs.

Because if not I feel like a lot of new players are going to get discouraged.

I'm so excited!! I want some CL packs!

Can barely wait to receive the last Vouchers from the airdrop and to jump on buying some Chaos Legion packs. I was hoping to get around 150, but I am probably gonna get around 145. Well, I think is pretty good as something that I have harvested from the Splinterlands alone. With the 14 bonus packs, I will be around 159 packs so that's pretty sweet.

Great to see Dr Blight is a Legendary card. I thought I heard at an AMA it would be an epic one.

He is an epic Legendary card.

Yes he is! :)

Our guild is so excited for this one. Keep it up, Splinterlands team.


CL patch here we come. :D

I am excited it has been a while since I have been able to open a card pack. Can't wait to see what some of the new cards look like. I am still waiting for the land expansion and I am excited about that as well. Does anyone know when the land expansion will take place?

Dr. Blight airdroppin'

Stoked I secured just enough packs for the guaranteed Dr. Blight. Fingers crossed the drop gods are kind and I end up with one or two more :)

Just joined the game. Looking forward to cracking some packs and building beyond the starter decks.

Yay! Been looking forward to this.

That's why the $VOUCHER drop is no more :)

OK, understood.

Good luck with all the plans stated above.


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looking forward to the new cards that will be relesed.


I cant wait i just need 0.7 more for a voucher then alot of luck and a gold foiled Dr blight im not asking for alot (;

Does the DEC spent in pack sales get burned? What about the SPS?

Any guesses how much Doctor Blight will go for on market opening day?

cant wait card looks awesome!

So as a new player what are the chances of me getting a voucher for a booster pack? I dont have that much SPS, less than 1 really. Do I even have a chance to get a pack? I have a lot of potions that are just not being used.

As a novice in the game with little fiat to invest all at once, I feel that the vouchers were a great thing. That way the little gals/guys like me have a chance to purchase packs before they're gone to the whales.

As one of the small gals around I was worried that my SPS stake was so low that I wouldn't even end up with a voucher. However, even with very small drops of voucher being airdropped to my account, I had the help from the #INDEX token I was able to accumulate enough voucher to buy 4 packs in the presale with a little left over. So I'm happy that the airdrops will continue and as my SPS stake grows I know that my voucher will grow as well.

Thanks for all you're doing to grow the game and the interest and income that is derived from it!!


me encanta esa carta! la quiero en mi mazo ya
suerte a todos los que abrais los packs, vamos a por todas familia

is the pre sale CL pack bought in hive engine during 1st phase are eligible get chances for the limited edition cards? basically these are those who buy bulk and sell it right?

I love the art in these cards. Amazing Work. I remember some people spending all this money on The Sims Mobile in the 00s and Disney VMK just to shut down and people lost it all. Gaming has come a LONG way since then. People should be happy they get anything at all TBH. But that is just my opinion. But I do see where people would want to be grandfathered in even though it doesnt work like that

Can someone help me find this info?

How many booster packs are there for each release?

Promo didnt have boosters right?

Trying to figure out what to do.

If I buy 1k packs without vouchers at 4 usd each, how many foils and legendaries would I get in total?

I also plan on buying the options

Hi, how do you check and claim airdrops? how would I know if I got one?

Perfect !!!

Can't wait until I can actually crack open these packs. My pack cracking addiction is killing me here.

TO THE MOOOOOOOON untitled.gif

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