700,000 Spellbooks Purchased!

700,000 Spellbooks purchased.png

It took over three years for Splinterlands to see the sale of its first 100,000 Spellbooks, a momentous occasion which took place just this past August.

Since that time, each successive 100,000 Spellbooks have sold in under two weeks. Twice we've seen that happen in under ten days.

To put these numbers in perspective, we have this happy little graph, showing the amount of time, in days, that it took to reach each new hundred thousand Spellbooks purchased:

We reached the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th hundred thousand Spellbooks all, combined, in under 10% of the time it took the first 100,000 Spellbooks to sell.

This drastic and recent increase can also be seen well when we graph the total Spellbooks owned in 2021:

The increase becomes even more drastic when we look at all of the Spellbooks owned throughout all of game history:


All in all, this is an exciting time to be a part of the Splinterlands community. We are growing faster than ever, and it only looks brighter from here on out.


As ever, our growth as a game and as a community depend very heavily on the fantastic community we have here. There really isn't any other group like this, and we're so greatful to be surrounded by you all. Thanks for being here.


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Welcome to Splinterlands!! You'll love it! :) So happy you've joined the Splinterlands' family! :)

you'll have to invest more in the game, novice earns nothing, playing just for playing has to really enjoy the game.

It's really a fun game, regardless of the play to earn. I recommend to download the app as well, so you can play when you are waiting for something, etc.

Welcome to the club!

Woow, that's awesome!
I joined last year but didn't play much, but recently I saw a video about Splinterland and I got interested again.

Let's go #Splinterland

I am really liking the game.

  • Adequate gui for playing(don't need too much graphics)
  • fast paced (I'm done with 24 games and quests/day in 10min)
  • great community offering know how stuff for every details of transferring tokens, makes life easier for crypto noobs to handle their assets.

Warm welcome, you will love it!

Impressive growth! I think a lot of old-fashioned gamers will slowly begin to understand "play to earn" ... and try Splinterlands

that's because Splinterlands is a great game, I wouldn't be surprised if in December this Spellbook sale doubles or triples, there are few even NFT games that are as good and well balanced as this one, frenzied fast and with passive income! he he

Just want to know if there will be any celebration event when spellbook purchased reach 1,000,000? 👀

There should be one, for sure! :)

just don't do the FAcebook movie one haha "how much shares were issued..." LOL

Can't wait for the next DYGYCON! It's been such a pleasure watching Splinterlands grow and become the force for good that NFTs were meant to be. Now to go on and check my vouchers so I can HODL some more Chaos Legion packs and never open them. =P

Talk about it, I just loved it my first one in the Dygycon 5. Can't wait for more, such a great overlooked event. I'm sure we'll have some insane Dygycons in a year's time, like really gigantic.

Hi, what is this event for? Where can I find useful information about this? Thank you

Yipppeee!!! It's SO AMAZING seeing such a wonderful, deserving community grow by leaps and bounds! Everyone in the Splinterlands' community should find a way to celebrate today!! :)

Thank you to the whole dedicated Splinterlands' team, the new and the old, who have made this amazing crypto game!! And here's to Splinterlands' future and those that "enter its gates"! They will never want to leave, because this is the BEST COMMUNITY by far! YAY!!! :)

I started with a $10 investment in August. The game reminded me of playing Magic with friends. I've since invested a few racks and every paycheck I look forward to adding to my deck. I'm officially addicted. I enjoy the math and looking for good deals. The layout and rarity of assets is amazing and supports every player. Invest now, nearly guaranteed growth on whatever you buy. I expect to be like one of the old magic players in 30 years I'll still be following and going at it 😂

Great numbers!
Fantastic Growth!

Splinterlands to the moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Conglats indeed!

This is awesome! May the growth continues.


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Estou feliz em participar desta comunidade e espero que possamos comemorar daqui 10, 20, 30 anos!

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free gold cards for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's another banger! Let's keep them coming boys o//

The achievement is certainly encouraging. The more crowded it gets, the faster the economic turnover will grow. But the question is, how much are genuine players worth?700,000 people, or half of whom are bots?because I saw that there were some players who initially created more than 10 accounts to harvest cards at bronze level. Of course, the number of spellbok purchases would be better studied more deeply so that it splinterlands could become a comfortable metaverse for all players.

This borders on unbelievable. What an amazing run for an amazing game and it's just getting started. Out of curiosity, is there a place we can view these charts? Or are they all generated internally by the #Splinterlands people?

Keep up the great work! 1 Million spellbooks is definitely within sight...

Beautiful progression. It will organically explode soon.

Amazing! from success to success 😍

Love this game! Let's GO!!! 1 Million Speel books soon!

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Finally bought the spellbook today! Really excited to join this community. What decks should I play to start with?

I love everything about this! 475 loves, 1 heartache. Why the heartache?

This is going to make cards and assets like land more and more valuable. And with a dozen plays-to-earn games launched every day, it's amazing like - after a long time - Splinterlands still attracts more and more users.

Go growth :)

icredible journey nd much bigger things ahead

Just grabbed mine yesterday. Enjoying it so far!

Give us a special chest to open for free. You can add the things you want with different odds. All i need is a celebration opening that depends on my luck again.

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Shame on you for oppressing newcomers, for lowering rewards for beginners and pumping the bulb in favor of whales. Will not recommend the game to the community. I count my money spent on the spellbook lost, this was a bad investment. You guys encourage to spend more money on this game, but anytime, you will change the rules on the fly once again, that will nullify efforts and time of anyone. I'm done with this.