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RE: Welcome to Splinterlands Tower Defense

in #splinterlandslast year

looks like they did start to do really good with that bc i noticed to and i spend a good 100K to buy a bit of everything i wanted to used to make money with all at once. wish that was more spread but think it will make it for me in GLG everyone was tapped out by then and 500K packs just hit or they burned the 200K and the packs are dtill giving a ridiculous amount of GLX like i think i am still getting 4K GLX forom packs and 4K from staking and 1K airdrop SPS each day soo will be 5000 instead of 9000 but thats ok bc it puts me ahead to even own a large amount of packs to get a 1% ish of the 15M extra and will be getting quite abit from the airdrop and node drop i think i mena have 18 nodes gotta get 1