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hope soon lol it would be a good thing for the stock i own in the company and get more attention. The reason i invested in the seed stock is i looked at the plan then which is not what it is now and they blew my expectations out of the water with SPL but 2 new games and the saas offering which will give the company a huge rev source and make it a software company which i can see that as where a exit comes to buy the stock and the DAO buys the stock as well with units and the company is purchased by another and the DAO buys the assets and IP after maybe a second company is formed to hold each game and stock is given in each company equal to the SPL Inc. stock and then the exit is see is a exit to some corporations but games all exit to the dao with the dao buying out the stock holders with DAO units they can sell or hold onto and at that point the game is run by the DAOs or the company sells off the one service division and assets or keeps it starts paying monthly distributions in dividends id be great with that to i don't care if it sells i just want to keep making money and a dividend would do that to in SPS GLX or packs or other assets that can be sold like the first one which was to pay back the investors i ended up making 5X after the year still own the stock which was a Preferred security token then converted last year when the corp moved to DE as the laws are better to possibly raise capital or do other things needed. If this can go on for 30 years and pay me distributions monthly and turn into a massive company that ultimately becomes public and maybe the first publicly traded DAO which would kind of be cool but would need to be equity only on dexs not allowed on cex or the reg market for stock bc stocks are ok long term if you are decent at picking good businesses but index investing will put you in the middle where you have the shitty companys and good ones and your taught 7% -8% is great that will never lead to being ultra high net worth like the ppl that are they go for 20% plus and get it. Funny all the private deals ive done 20-40%