Got My First Electric Bill ~ Were the Solar Panels a Good Investment??? ~ #harvestthesun

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Aren't those pretty?! I like to think so! If you keep up with me, you'll probably remember me talking about how my electric costs at my bar were reeeee-dic-u-luss. You can catch up here if you'd like. I was patiently waiting for my first CFE bill to see what kind of help these panels would give me.

Mexico does bi-monthly billing, so every two months you get the bill.

I walked into the bar the other day and my bartender was holding the CFE bill in his hands. I could barely contain my excitement.

Did I make the right decision?

Did I just waste 8K on something that won't reduce my payment all that much?

Did I get the greatest deal ever and will I be a very happy man?

If you guessed options 1 & 3, you would be correct.


$406 for two months. Mind you, that's not dollars, that's pesos.

So essentially, my electric bill is a hair over 10 bucks a month.


Could NOT be happier.

These panels will last me 25 years with good maintenance, and I just absolutely demolished my monthly electric bill to a few bucks. So happy I made the decision I did, only regret is not doing it sooner.

If you live in a climate where in the day the sun shines 90% of the time year round, solar is such a good idea. Whether to cut your bill, or live off grid, it just makes too much sense.

I told y'all I'd give ya an update when I got the first bill, so there it is.

Are you surprised by the savings?

Anyone get solar since my last post or plan on it now?

Let me know!

Thanks for reading y'all, Hive on!

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Wow only 10 bucks? And how much is a normal electricity bill without a solar panel?

Check out the linked post at the top.....insane.

Wow I had to read it twice to be sure. Anything between $1k and $2k is insane, so it was totally worth it, good job!

Yeah, I'm pretty damn happy. It was crazy how expensive it was.

Hey Ed, how's it going? Doing some planting or just traveling? Post something will ya.

Hahaha it took me long enough to organize pictures and write a post, thanks for waking me up!

You are a busy man, it's just that I missed you.😁

You can see his previous payment at 334 usd 67434 mxn

Holy Cow ... from over the top to "mama gets new shoes er'day!"

Hahaha, price def came down, but if you think my wife doesn't think new shoes er'day already, you don't know her, lol.

Congrats! From 6.5k down to only 400, nice job! Those solar panels are great.

Hells ya dude, unbelievable. I'm a happy camper.


Amazing man, as an SolarCoin holder and promoter always thought solar would be an amazing deal. That said 8k usd is a bit expensive in one lump sum. I think there are good financing options out there. But at least you can get passed the high energy expenses.

Ya man, it's an investment for sure. But already paying itself back.

That's awesome 🙌 How much was it before???


Thanks man, it definitely is awesome! I was paying over 1K USD a month, so an absolute no brainer!

Wow, and now it's almost free! Those panels will pay for themselves in no time 🙌


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That is pretty awesome! Congrats on making that move! I'd love to add some panels to my house, but we don't get the full sun in Michigan like you do down there. Occasionally, but probably not consistent enough. Does that bill include any rebates or incentives or is that just the total cost offset by your solar usage?

Yeah, location and sun amount is a big factor.

That bill is for all my usage minus what my panels covered.

Very cool!

Good for you my man.
Again you rolled the dice and came out smelling like roses. $10.00 a month, hell I may have to look into solar panels even if the sun only shines 50% of the time.
Wasn't your prior bills close to a thousand dollars or possible even more every two months.

At that rate you will have the solar panels paid for in no time.

I hope the family is healthy, happy, and thriving.

Peace buddy!

Yeah man, it was over a grand per month. Brutal. Much happier with the ten bucks a month, ha!

Yes… I’m gradually going solar… with Jackery….

Jackery 240 :

Jackery SolarSaga 100 watt Solar panel :





Awesome man! I've heard great things about Jackery. They sponsored and ad on one of my favorite youtubers channels "mav". He's from my home state and built out a truck to camp/live out of. Check him out if ya ever have the time, cool dude.

Been keeping recommending my friend in Haiti to get one. He gets regular blackouts.

If you want to avoid the blackouts (while still attached to the grid) then you'd need a battery as well. Otherwise you're just cutting your costs via the grid.

Not only are you saving money, but you are helping with the climate crisis. Good for you young man.
Best decision ever. I wish we could do solar but there are just too many trees and not enough sunny days. What we do though is support a solar farm which reduces our bill by 5% every month and supports solar energy. Every little bit helps.

Glad you are doing well my friend. Keep up the good work, I like your style!

I swear I always miss your replies, I promise it's not intentional....sorry momma.


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The cost saving will give you peace of mind while using your electric appliances. Congrats! You made a good decision on going Solar.