Melting London - The sun is out, the truth is revealed

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Melting London



The sun has crept out from behind the clouds so, even though it's still cold, the energy delivered by the UV rays to the crystallised water molecules is sufficient to kick off the melting process. As such, it's looking less white around town. Most roads are now clear and safe, especially the larger ones with high traffic, but the driveways and smaller roads still have a dangerous layer of ice. Walking is still a treacherous endeavour in these parts.




I saw group of young women playing with snow. It seemed as though they'd been away, or otherwise engaged, and hadn't had the chance to get out and play in the snow. They were gathering snow from the hedges and corners where a good amount of snow could still be seen. Then one of them put a chunk of it in her mouth! Now that's something I'd never do, especially in this neighbourhood. The things I've seen. It's just a bad idea. But, hey, each to their own.


"Don't eat the brown snow" is something most people remember their parents telling them. Most people that grew up around snow anyway. There is a reason for that. I'd say "don't eat snow, full stop".


One unfortunate thing about the disappearing blanket of snow is that it reveals the truth - our dirty neighbourhood. For a couple of days my area was as "clean and beautiful" as any other part of the country. Now, not so much.

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Really! I never knew some people eat snow, that's the first time I'm hearing that. The atmosphere is looking bright and it also lol beautiful too.

That's a really good advantage of snows, it keeps places neat and nice. Well, I guess that's why it's seasonal, hehe.

Yea it's very common, especially among children, to eat snow here. It's cold and fluffy :). Not me haha.

Wow, I wonder how it taste 😂, they must be enjoying it, hehe.

It's pretty much the same as the white stuff in your freezer 😃

Oh I see, that explains it well, hehe

Snow does make everything look clean.

You did remind me of this song.

Ah nice song haha

are you guys coming to brick lane tomorrow for a meetup?

Excellent photos friend, very nice, congratulations and greetings 🙋

Thank you 🙏

Here if it snows enough, people will gather fresh snow and make snow cream. A play on traditional ice cream. It's actually not bad!

How cool. But you guys have so much space, so the snow has a higher chance of being clean. Over here, not so much 😂