My favorite AliExpress purchases

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Today's post is a little bit different from what I usually write about, but I really wanted to share with you some of my favorite AliExpress purchases so far!

I made my first orders towards the end of February this year. To be honest, I was always a little bit sceptic about online purchases especially those that come from abroad as I am not really used to online shopping and I was scared of high shipping costs. After hearing only positive feedback from two of my friends about their multiple orders from AliExpress, I decided to give it a try and so far I never had any problems! I just make sure that everything I order is labeled as 'free shipping'.

Tripod with a remote


This was my recent buy and one of the main reasons I decided to make this post - I am so happy with this products and I cannot wait to use it more. So far I just tried it out a couple of times to test it and it is amazing! T=Mini remote is easily connected to the phone via bluetooth and it works even on my old Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Price: $4.26

K-pop stuff


Of course I had to get some K-pop goodies and I am honestly surprised I didn't purchase more but I definitely will in the future! Since I have some loose photocards I got in a giveaway, I ordered a photocard album which is so cute and small - I love it! I also got this cute photocard holder that can be used as a keychain but it's much bigger than I expected. So far I am just using it as a decoration but maybe I'll find a way to attach it somewhere.

Price : photocard album $2.51 / photocard holder $1.09

Stainless steel chopsticks


I really wanted reusable chopsticks for my noodles and other food and I have been using these since I got them. They are a little bit longer than the wooden chopsticks I got used to using so it was different using these stainless steel ones at the beginning. To be fair, I am not that good at eating with chopsticks anyway but I just don't care as I like it and I'm sure I'll get better with time.

Price $0.94

Face roller and gua sha set


Every new member of AliExpress gets a New user discount with your first purchase so I was browsing thinking what to get and I have been wanting to buy face roller and gua sha for a long time and I was glad I could get one for such affordable price. Now, I am not sure if this is real jade, probably not but until I get the real thing, I don't mind using this one. I've read somewhere that you can check by burning the roller/gua sha and if it's melts, then it's fake. I might test it! :) Anyways, I am enjoying giving myself a nice face massage with these tools.

Price: original $2.99

Hair brush/scalp massager


This scalp massage type of hair brush was also on my list of things I want to try out and I received it recently. I used it a few times so far and it is a little bit harsh, it's maid of hard plastic but I never saw these types of brushes in person so I'm not sure if they are all like this, I'm pretty sure some of the better quality ones have softer spikes. But it still feels good to give myself a scalp massage, I just need to do it more often.

Price: $1.76

Rings and earrings


There's so much jewelry I want to order but I have to stop myself for a while as I don't want to make too many impulsive purchases. Sometimes I see something and I like it, it looks so cool on someone else/photo/model but in reality it doesn't fit my personal style so I want to make sure I get something I would actually wear. So far I have been wearing all of the jewelry I got and I even got a few questions and compliments about it.

Price: rings $0.69 / earrings $0.80



These two necklaces I got from the same shop - one has gold chain and the other one has silver so I have both options available. They look really nice, dainty and kind of classy I guess which was never my style but I got a lot of use from these necklaces as they are more on the simple side.

Price: $0.90 each

Other than this, I got few more things such as strapless bra that I like but didn't really wanted to show as it's a little bit awkward, lol. I also got some self adhesive floor protector square mats, a pack of six smaller ones to use for the rug in my room as it was sliding a lot - those kind of helped as it doesn't move as much but it's still not completely stable. My least favorite purchase was a pill box organizer for the week that I was planning to use for the vitamins but the quality of it is poor, it's still usable though.

That's all for now, maybe in the future I will do another post like this as I will definitely order more from AliExpress! Let me know your experience if you ever purchased anything from this website. :) Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!



Hopefully the massager is real jade. It looks pretty nice!

I will have to test it, I'm pretty sure it's not real even though it looks nice and it serves the purpose! :D

AliExpress is really reliable. I was using Ebay because οf PayPal for extra security. AliExpress simply has a wider range of products and better prices. Some times they were late or did not come, with the process that has my money back on their page! Quality is an issue as well as imitations

I never tried Ebay, I'm not even sure if they ship to Serbia. Because we are not in the EU sometimes shipping costs a lot of money but I will definitely check it out! :)

Yeah, some of my orders were late but it never happened that it didn't arrive (so far). As you can tell, I just order cheap stuff mostly for fun and nothing that is emergency, but it can definitely be a 'hit or miss' as some things look so much better online. :D So far I have been lucky and I really like most of the things I got except for a few that I mentioned at the end of this post. :)