Relevant aspects of the RobiniSwap project and some features of your page.

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Greetings to all readers of this great platform, in this opportunity I come to share with you some relevant aspects when we talk about the RobiniaSwap project, a project that is really promising a great future, also with a lot of possible investments, on the other hand, they share with us multiple functions which we can access directly from the official RobiniaSwap page, I will share some of these options with you.

Screenshot taken at: RobiniaSwap

From the investment modalities that exist in RobiniaSwap, there are 2 the pool and the farm, as I have commented on several occasions, in the pool you must only invest a token which will generate interest, on the other hand, for the investment in the farm you must invest in 2 tokens, in addition these must have the same economic value, to achieve the investment and to obtain the token and make the stake you must perform a process by the same RobiniaSwap platform.

In order to make an investment in the RobiniaSwap farm, we must enter the left menu option indicated in the previous image, press the "trade" option and then Exchange, this option is a shortcut to enter pancakeswap, in which we can exchange our resources for the tokens required to make our Stake in the farm, for example: RBS-BNB LP, being the LP the acronym to identify that it is the pair of currency that are joined for the Stake.

Now, how do we make this union of the 2 tokens? The process to make this union is done in the same RoiniaSwap platform, we enter again in the left menu, pressing on the word "Trade" but this time we use the Liquidity option, there it allows us to join 2 different tokens allowed in the RobiniaSwap farm, to make a single LP token, to be able to do it we must invest the same amount of resources in both tokens, by placing them there we accept the 2 processes and we have our new token to make the investment.

Regardless of the method you use to invest, either through the pool or through the farm, in the RobiniaSwap project page it is always possible to make all the necessary movements, which allow us to make the investment, this being a great advantage of time and effort, since everything required we can get it right there, in a clear and precise way avoiding the problems that other exchange platforms or DeFi can generate, thanks for reading my article.

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