Looking forward to Hivefest - Memory of the past event in Bangkok Day 4 & 5


I promised to show you how the steemfest hivefest went down last time in Bangkok, so you get an idea of what we possibly can expect this time in Amsterdam.

Some time ago I already reported some things from the first day there, on Sunday you got the second part, Monday the third and now just one day before finally the next Hivefest will be happening IN PERSON, I will tell you all about day 4 and 5 back in 2019 when we were all meeting up in Bangkok.

Like every morning we got an email and a notification at the app about what would be happening that day at what time and what place. - Only that this time I didn't see it until noon, because I was pretty hangovered. As you know the night before ended at the famous Kao San Road, so at day 4 we had some time off, before we would meet in the afternoon at the hotel.


As always @martibis and I had our favorite breakfast at the Streetfood stand before we went to the main hotel.




There we met some of the other Steemians Hivers chilling at the pool. We also stayed here for some time to recharge our batteries, because right after all of our concentration was needed.



It was needed because one of the insider events took place. That was not officially on the schedule, but hat tradition since the Steemfest in Krakow: The Poker tournament.

I was surprised how many entered the tournament this time. Expectations were high and the pot very big! So everybody was a bit nervous.




Just like in Krakow, I ended up on the final table as chip leader, but then became too nervous to make it to the top 3. I made it to place 5 or something, but was the best (and only) woman on the table ;)




I could tell more insider stories, show videos and more pictures, but I think its the best for all of us if that stays private :D

After losing a lot of money here, I went with some other attendees to @detlev s BeerSaturday event.






Right around the corner there was a great streetfood market, where we got some food before we went to bed.



And then, just like that Steemfest Hivefest was almost over! The next day we slept long again and saw a little bit of the city before we all met up to get on a boat and have our last big party saying goodbye.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-11 um 12.05.19.png

As always in Thailand it was pretty crowded and a bit crazy at the meeting point. Roland had booked a whole boat for us with entertainment and food on board.




It was really amazing and quite impressive to travel on the river of Bangkok on this boat, passing by those giant bridges and temples with amazing food, all those great people, and entertainment on the boat.










My only comfort at this moment was, that @louis88 and I had planned one more week together with some others at an Island after this. So the next day we would be together with about still 20 of them, living through new adventures. But more about that another day :)

I hope you enjoyed the memory lane of last ~~Steemfest ~~ Hivefest, and can now look forward to this years Hivefest that is taking place in Amsterdam from tomorrow on. I sure will!

Hopefully see you there, if not - stay tuned :)



Enjoy, it should be better than the previous after not being allowed to travel for so long!

Everyone appeared to have a blast, confident 2022 will have so many great stories coming through like last time.


I am sure it will be awesome :) Counting the hrs :D

Looks like another amazing line up, sure to be incredibly informative in forward planning again.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again at Hive Fest.
For some strange reason I wasn't following you (even though I'm sure I was in the past).

See you tomorrow to celebrate Hive

…. And a good idea to search that green shirt…

Really good idea ;)

It must be a good memory in Bangkok.All the for on going Amsterdam fest. Awaiting it when you post this one also.❤️

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Beautiful photos and it was an amazing time I can tell, see those buffets got me salivating and the environ is just lit, nice piece of work
How I wish I can participate in the upcoming ones but the distance though
But we'll be seeing how to organize something of such over here

All the best on your Hive journey, and happy weekend 🤗❤️

Wow❤️. Everybody is looking good,and I can bet you all have a nice time together😁❤️.

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You look pretty amused. You had a good time :)

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Thank you!

It must have been great! I have to be there next time!

So do you like to play poker? :-)