I did it - I won the 3 speak Hive Ticket!! // Memory of the past event in Bangkok Day 2


As many of you saw I entered the contest from 3 speak a few weeks ago, hoping to win one of the tickets for joining the fest :)

Thanks a lot to the team of @threespeak @starkerz @theycallmedan and @eddiespino for picking me as one of the chosen ones ;)

I also promised to show you how the steemfest hivefest went down last time in Bangkok, so you get an idea of what we possibly can expect this time in Amsterdam.

Last time I wrote already about the first day there, but didn't find the time for the rest of the days to show you around.

So now I tell you a little bit about what we did the second day.


Like every morning we got an email and a notification at the app about what would be happening that day at what time and what place. So nobody could miss anything! - Really well organized!

So the morning started really nice with breakfast and coffee at 09:00. There @roelandp was officially starting the event with an opening speech at the first location.



After that we had a few speakers explaining their projects on the chain and there future visions. Of course back then Ellie and some others from Steem were present to answer some of the questions. We all knew what happened shortly after.. but that's another story.


Apart from them we heard also lots of interesting things from @theycallmedan about @threespeak , @martibis about @pinmapple and many others with their projects.



Of course the people watching the live stream could also ask questions.

After the presentations all of the participants had the chance to enter a roundtable to ask more questions and get in touch with the project leaders, exchanging ideas and opinions.



After some time we started to go towards the Bull Bowling with one stop in between. A really nice temple just next to it.

Therefore we all got Metro tickets from roelands team and followed him in order to find the right destination.



When we arrived we waited for a little bit, so roeland could get the entrance tickets and the guide for us.


The inside of the temple was just really wonderful. I love this culture and adore all the buddha statues. We learned so much about the history of the place and had the chance to get some alone time to mediate on our own as well.







For me, the most remarkable thing about this temple was, that it is located right in the middle of big buildings and the mall. An antique part of the town- kind of hidden in the modern part.



Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-11 um 11.09.47.png

So the Bowling took place right next to the temple in the mall. We walked there together and had a really nice dinner + some drinks before we built our teams and started the tournament.




It was really cool to see that the whole place was ours for the night. Of course the winners cup was presented from the beginning to motivate us all for winning ;)




And then the game was on! I was part of the German team - surprise, surprise. haha. They had one the past tournament in Krakow already, so of course this time we wanted to give our very best again.




We had some really tough opponents, but what can I say. Yes, we did it again :)




Therefore we are looking forward to Amsterdam. This time it will be boccia and not Bowling if I saw right, but anyways we will try to get the title again :D

If you didn't get your ticket yet, last chance those days! You will miss a great event if you don't join! To all the others that already have a ticket: I am so looking forward to seeing you there!



Congratulations. Enjoy the meetup.

Thanks @ace108 , it´s a shame you are not gonna be there this time!

Wow, Congrats. You are very lucky to attend such gathering. And I can very much see that you had a lot of fun. That is awesome ⊂((・▽・))⊃

Yes we had an awesome time back in 2019! I am really looking forward to this one in Amsterdam now. Curious about what is planned there.


Congratulations Liz! We're the champions! 😎

just one day left!

OMG this one is going to EPIC!


See you at the #hivefest 👊

See you there 🐝🐝


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Congratulations on your winning ticket dear❤️, I’m sure I’d definitely have fun. Pictures look amazing❤️❤️

Thanks @sweetsoul :) I am sure I will 😀 really looking forward to it!

You’re welcome

Thanks for posting these pictures. They took me back to Bangkok. I'm so sad I can't attend this year's HiveFest, and I think Leo (@daabi2006) also shares that feeling.

I'm hoping the next year is better for us, and we can eventually come. Next time I might want to take my younger son Miro along too.

Have fun in Amsterdam!

You are very welcome @gamer00. I think we all had just a really good time there! I am sure Amsterdam will be awesome as well. Hopefully I see you next time together with @daabi2006 and your son Miro :) - I will try to report some of the things much earlier than last time ;) - We´ll see how that goes. Take care my friend!

That is one of the activities I wanted to attend for I can meet fellow hovers and become new friends. I love the smiles, it means you did enjoyed itm

It is never too late ;) Are you gonna be attending this years Hivefest next week?

I'm not sure if there is something like that to be held in our place, but if there is I would love too.

Its only once a year at one part of the world. There are other Hivemeetups around the globe though. Where are you located? Maybe look around in your community.


Euj nice one, see ya there madame!

Congrats on the win and thanks for the ticket down memory lane

See you there my dear <3

Congrats on winning the ticket. It's going to be a lot of fun there. Have a nice weekend

Thanks @city-bounter . Yes I am sure it will! Really looking forward to it :)

You are welcome. Do have a lovely week 😊

Super excited for you! Congrats on the ticket to Amsterdam Hivefest!

That awesome of the #3speak team for making this happen.

And thanks for sharing some memories of Thailand!

That's a great photo of you with your the winning German team! The one of you with the ball. Happy Steel balls in Amsterdam.

Make it great in Holland!

Thanks, @dylanhobalart :) Yes - I find it remarkable, that so many projects support the Hive members in going to the Hivefest this year. There were quite a lot of contests to get a ticket this time! - I am really happy to be selected this time - never won sth before :D I am sure we will have a great time in Amsterdam. We will give our best to win again :)


Aaamaziiiing. Enjoy it there. Congrats to you! 😊👍🏼🎉👏🏼💐🤗🎊😎

Congratulations to you, deep down, I always knew you'd win one of the tickets anyways. You've been representing Hive for such a long time and you've continuously shown that passion and tenacity at all time. You've got wonderful memories of the event, and I'm hoping you can get to make more memories this time.

Awww thanks for your kind words @josediccus ! It is a shame I won't be seeing you there this time! Hopefully next time! I will try to tell you all about it again this year :)

Definitely, I'm not giving up at all, and I can't wait for all the beautiful memories you'll make.

That´s the spirit :) 👍

Congratulations… I wish I was going.

It´s a shame you can´t make it this year @offgridlife ! We will try to keep you updated, and there are also the live streams :)

Too many projects under construction this fall… I will try to follow the Live streams.

I hope you can then @offgridlife🐝 I will be waving for you

Nice! Congrats, enjoy your stay in Amsterdam ^^

I will do my very best to enjoy every moment there @rubencress . Thanks for stopping by :)

Wow @lizanomadsoul this is such a multivation and encouragement to me..wishing you more success