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RE: My Rising Star Dairy #170

Wow, you are really doing well, @eforucom. I have been back to playing consistently for a few days now. I dropped off for a long time. I plan on playing everyday as much as possible to get it to a level where I can take out a profit. I will be watching your progress. Thanks for sharing your Rising Star diary. I found your email on ListNerds that directed me to this post.


I stopped for a few days while my laptop was busted and my ranking went down the drain.

That's frustrating, @metzli. Hope you've been able to get your laptop fixed and make up for lost time. Have a great day and rest of your week.😀

Thank you!

I am back and bought some cards to help make up for lost time.

Good to hear! I bought a Pizza Box and Pizza Slice. Gotta go to the Discord for some insight on how to use them. Enjoy your day, @metzli! 😀