My Rising Star Dairy #170

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My Rising Star Dairy #170

Hello and welcome to my Rising Star dairy. I have been playing this game for 201 days now, my level is 111 and I have completed 6,591 missions.


At the time of writing, I have a total of 63,771 fans which includes 57,695 from 1,029 cards and 6,076 temporary drunk fans. My total luck is 7,538 and my IM is 1,132. My skill from cards is 46,743 and from lessons is 59,282 and the total is 106,025. My ego from fans is 63,771 and from missions is 41,852 with a total of 105,623.

May 19, 2022                              
STARBITS earned30,090
Temporary fans found4,512
Skill from Missions442
Ego from Missions374
Discarded Pizza found5
Coffee found5
Four Leaf Clover found2
XP gained1,195
Missions completed37
MissionCompleted Today
Illegal Busking6
Open Mic Night6
Midweek Support Slot0
Busking With A License0
Midweek Headline Slot0
Saturday Support0
Saturday Headline0
Radio Interview6
Radio Studio Session1
Shopping Mall0
Record A Demo0
Acoustic Tent0
Local Mini Tour Support1
Band Auditions0
Band Rehearsal6
Full Band Support6
Full Band Headline0
Promote Fan Club0
STARBITS Millionaire1
Basic Singing Lesson0
Orchestral Lesson4
Total Missions37

My strategy is to complete around 40 missions per day. Since, by doing the missions I get around 450 ego. So, I also do 5 music lessons from which I get more than 500 skills.

RisingStar is a wonderful game and I have been playing it for a long time and I play it everyday. If you want to play the game than click here.

Thats all folks! Have a nice day.

Projects which I use & recommend:
ListNerds - Blockchain Mailer
Splinterlands - NFT Game
Rising Star - NFT Game
Actifit - Rewarding Your Everyday Activity


63k Fans and 100k Skills!!! That is insane amount!

I have spent $500 in the game and was very lucky to get some Legendary cards.

Wow, you are really doing well, @eforucom. I have been back to playing consistently for a few days now. I dropped off for a long time. I plan on playing everyday as much as possible to get it to a level where I can take out a profit. I will be watching your progress. Thanks for sharing your Rising Star diary. I found your email on ListNerds that directed me to this post.

I stopped for a few days while my laptop was busted and my ranking went down the drain.

That's frustrating, @metzli. Hope you've been able to get your laptop fixed and make up for lost time. Have a great day and rest of your week.😀

Thank you!

I am back and bought some cards to help make up for lost time.

Good to hear! I bought a Pizza Box and Pizza Slice. Gotta go to the Discord for some insight on how to use them. Enjoy your day, @metzli! 😀

How long does the ego gained from missions stay on your tally?

Sounds to me like you are doing great. Thanks for sharing.