Another 12 card packs to open. Maybe a legendary?

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Greetings to all the community,

As with each opening of a card pack, the heart races, we hope to discover the famous Legendary cards, but hey Epic and rare cards are always welcome and as there is a rare card in each pack, this is happiness .

Here is the opening of my 12 packs:

1st pack:
1er pack.gif

2nd pack:
2e pack.gif

3th pack:
3e pack.gif

4th pack:
4e pack.gif

Wonderful new cards from Risinstar, R55 Bruce and R48 Jessie.

5th pack:
5e pack.gif

6th pack:
6e pack.gif

7th pack:
7e pack.gif

8th pack:
8e pack.gif

I complete my collection with R50 Ali and R52 Hippy wagon.

9th pack:
9e pack.gif

10th pack:
10e pack.gif

11th pack:
11e pack.gif

12th pack:
12e pack.gif

More news cards with E20 Studio Laptop and I23 Bargain Beater.

In conclusion: 6 news cards have been added to my collection, including an Epic card.
Well, still not the color of a "legendary" card, hopefully for the next 12 packs.

If you also want to discover this game:

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6 unique s and and epic. I would say that's a great pack opening. Congrats

Effectively, it is a very good series.
I hope one day to find a legendary card.

This is my hope every time I open a pack. But hey. It's still early days. They keep adding more cards. if we keep buying cards we bound to make that draw sooner or later!

Totally agree with you

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