Already the 2000th mission and the gifts from RisingStar

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Hello everyone

I have reached the completion of 2000 missions, that's one thing we don't look at specifically, so I might as well tell you that I haven't seen the time pass. And yes, you saw in the title, I received gifts from RisingStar :

  • 2000 missions, that's => 2000 Starbits in the pocket
  • 2000 missions, that's => 1 pack of free cards



To celebrate this and also because it's the beginning of June with new cards in circulation, I bought 12 packs of cards :

1 packs.gif

2 packs.gif

3 packs.gif

4 packs.gif

5 packs.gif

6 packs.gif

7 packs.gif

8 packs.gif

9 packs.gif

10 packs.gif

Oh, yes an Epic card

11 packs.gif

12 packs.gif

Ok, a lot of duplicate cards, one Epics cards, no cards legendaries.

The two "I11 Mid Range Drum" cards, as well as the "E25 Pro Kit" Epic card allow me to increase my "Drum Lesson" which can bring me up to 246 Skill Rewards. With this, I have a 12'000 Skill positive margin over my ego.

It is possible to start your collection nicely, while having fun doing it.

Like all games, the beginning is not easy, it takes a long time to advance in the game, you have to do missions to collect starbits (not many at the beginning) to reinvest them and increase your collection which will also allow you to advance in the ranking.

The more you advance in the game, the more you will unlock missions that will pay a lot more starbits and there you will advance much faster.

When you will be eligible for the "Starbits Millionaire" card (NB: you don't to buy it, you just have to have 1'000'000 starbits on your Hive-Engine account and ask for it on Discord) and there, it's 10'000 starbits per day that you will earn, but be careful you will always have to keep the 1'000'000 starbits on your Hive-Engine account to be able to launch the "Starbits Millionaire" mission.

It's cool to be a millionaire. Even if it's in starbits.

For my part, I am slowly advancing in the ranking, I am at the 38th place which allows me to get a reward of 0.3 Hive per day.

If you also want to discover this game :
Here is a sponsorship link :
The same link without sponsorship :

Thank you for reading my post.

I wish you a very nice day


I am very interested in this millionaire mission bit. Sounds promising to those who are going to stick to the game for a long time, like me.

Indeed, it is a good investment

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