It will take some months before the claim is live and you see your NFTs. Once the claim is live you'll see the NFTs as soon as you claim them.

Can we move HIVE tokens from our account now to invest is some other project and when Ragnarok go live than again invest in game and still claim our NFT-s from snapshot? Great project, cant wait to start playing the game and invest in it. Kind regards.

I guess we have to keep our eyes on this and Twitter for announcements on how to claim? Will it be accessible through peakd? Excited t get my kids into this game. Woot!!

lol I didn't mean to upvote this comment for 100%

it's ok buddy, I would not be mad if you made the same mistake with my comment either :)

Like this?

haha, just dropped some $FART Tokens into your Hive-Engine wallet. Will be able to use these in some fun Farting Community games. HODL !!!!

LOLLLLLLLLL wth they really have a token for everything on here. That is hilarious. I remembered someone talking about an NFT that sold for quite a bit because a guy recorded various fart sounds and sold it off as an NFT is that where this inspiration came from? hahaha

I don't even want to know...thanks.