Ragnarok Logo Contest

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Hello Hivers! We are running a Community Logo Contest here on Hive for the upcoming NFT play2earn game called Ragnarok!


Ragnarok is a community-owned and run project. This also means finding its image, its identity. A game's logo can really make a difference, create a brand, and rally the community around a common symbol.

Today, we are starting the great Ragnarok Logo contest!

2,000 HIVE is up for grabs!

All eligible and high-quality submissions will receive upvotes.

Be sure to follow the rules below:


You can read more about Ragnarok here.

Ragnarok is engulfing all realms, and no mythology is safe. This means you will have Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etc.

Rules to participate:
  • Create a full post sharing your logo. You can also upload a video to https://3speak.tv/ and share the artistic process.
  • On your Hive post or Video, include the tag #ragnaroklogo.
  • Share your post in the comments below.

Optional But Helpful:

  • Share your post on Twitter and use the hashtags #hive, #ragnaroklogo, and other hashtags related to your submission.

The logo can be anything you think is fitting for Ragnarok. The game's base theme is a giant universal conflict where all realms collide in a great war where the winners are decided every year. History repeats itself over and over for the rest of time.

Hurry up! You have until February 9th to submit your logo!

The winner is going to be announced a few days later.

Image Source. Photo by Arthur Yeti.

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Check out this contest. Would love to see what each of you can come up with. @baptisttadg @astrocreator @charsdesign

Thank you, @daltono!
I've been following Ragnarok updates for days now and I'm excited for this new game to become a reality. It will be an honor to participate in the contest.

I will definitely participate.

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There's still some time left @vikisecrets

Great, I want to participate in the contest

Am I the only human on this planet that doesn't have a Twitter account?

Same thought here. Now I know I am not the only one without Twitter, thanks :)

We have edited the contest. Nonamesleftbehind.

Oh great!

So now my only excuse is, pure laziness.

Well played!

But I might look into it. Time permitting.

GZ, you already bend rules.


LOL! No. I'm fine with rules, they didn't have to change it. But this brand or entity or whatever the hell 'I' am, is exclusive to this web3 stuff. If there's a concept, you need proof, right?

But they did and now they are different. Do you even feel challenged by this contest?

I'd honestly prefer to see some noobs or folks looking to establish themselves here take this on and win.

fair play !BEER

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nope. We might be the only 2 though.

It's kind of weird because I go around town making bird sounds. People ask me what I'm doing and I say, "Tweeting." Then they 'like' it.

Social Media lolz.... My social media consists of my wife, Daughter, and my neighbor. Moved to bumblefuck knowhere USA 4 years ago and won't be headed back to the rat race unless it's in a pine box.

I enjoy the middle of nowhere as well.

Did you guys see that there is another blockchain card game called Ragnarok located here: http://ragnarok.game/

That site wasn't there a couple of weeks ago either

Here's our competition entry and tweet 💲💰👍
molometer (I ❤️ Hive.io) (@molometer) Tweeted:
Ragnarok Logo Competition - 2000 Hive Up For Grabs! https://t.co/HtLeUYxJzM @ragnarok.game #hive #ragnarok #HiveBlogShare


Hey @savvyplayer and @princeofbeyhive
I recommend you to take a look at this contest.

Thanks for inviting me to look at this logo-making contest, but creating logos is not part of my hobbies, and is evident on me not publishing any of my own logos here on Hive. 🤨 Why not create your own logo instead as your entry for this contet? 🤔😅

Have some !LOLZ with !LUV anyway for mentioning me! 😁

Here is my participation for the logo concept.

Ragnarok Logo Design

01- Ragnarok - logo cover-01.png

this is lovely ... I like the fire concept

Thank you very much...

@japex1226, seems like the Prize pool is insane dude! You should definitely think about it "-"

I am really noob about creating logo bro but will see if I can.
Thank you for recommending @_@ TIP: !PGM

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Sounds so cool!!

Here is my entry.

See more about the logo at the post here with sketches:


Here is the fancy version.


Good luck and wooooooot!


@ragnarok.game , Thanks for the steady update!

I see it is time for Logo class now!


Can't wait to see the students....😅

this is so creative hahaha

Don't judge we will enjoy bro 🥺

This is my contribution for the Ragnarok Logo Contest. I'm very excited for this new game.



@youngyoda is talented in drawing, maybe she can contribute to this contest :)
I'm so excited for this project and hope it succeeds and I get enought NFTs to participate :P


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I’m definitely jumping on this one.


You might want to check this out

За опита ;)

Let's make NFT art.

I'll sign up for this, it's a good opportunity to do something creative...

Excellent contest, the ragnarok image is really a tremendous challenge. Cool 😎

@saleemju do your thing

Hope something cool godlike graphics pop up! :)

I believe in you ;)

Cheers !BEER

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Such a great opportunity. If only I had that design talent😢

Sounds exciting, I will get started on my submission first thing in the morning.

@yetsimar maybe you want make a entry for it 😊

Nice contest
Can't wait to drop my entry

@obrisgold1 you are needed here

hehe definitely, thanks for the invite bro

Hi guys!

Here is my contribution

Cheers! ✌️

Adding 2 intro motion videos to the logo


Found this awesome announcement from the tweet of sir @callmedan thank you so much. I'm a designer too and would love to try it. Such a great opportunity for designers.

I'm going to participate

https://peakd.com/ragnaroklogo/@rob23/ragnarok-logo-submission Here is my entry! Just got photoshop for the purpose of entering the contest, I am new to it but I hope you like the concept!


I just wanted to try my chance with this one, hope you'll like it: https://hive.blog/ragnaroklogo/@shatargat/my-ragnarok-logo-contest-entry

vaya hermanito acabo de traducir, entrare al evento gracias por esta oportunidad, de casualidad no tienen comunidad en discord?

Hello, how many entries can we do?

Good morning everyone, here is my first logo proposal for this contest, I hope you like it, soon I will upload more! https://hive.blog/blog/@darkcore29/esp-eng-ragnarok-logo-contest-entrie Greetings

A question to the team. For the contest, is it possible to offer more proposals?

This is my contribution to Ragnarok Logo Contest promoted:



I am sure you will find a very impressive logo.

@jamiuprince, I think you should check this out.

This should be fun trying for it. Have i said thank you for bringing interesting content to my mention? I'm saying a big one here. Immensely grateful

Don't mention dear, I wish you all the best in the contest.

Hi team hope you're well,

I'm currently writing an article for Ragnarok and I was wondering if there was anywhere I can contact you?

Thank you in advance,

i Know that this doesn't look much like a logo , but still - here's a attempt : hoping to get your suggestions for making this better



Here is my first entry to Ragnarok's logo contest 👇



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Hello friends.

Very Nice contest.

This is my entry:


This is my Twitter post:

Here's an extra entry:

ragnarok logo v2.png

Hey guys!

Here is my second proposal and participation on Ragnarok logo contest


Hi friends, this is my entry...

As I like challenges, I decided to put some of my design skills, that is very few indeed, and create a logo for this challenge... my intent is more share with you all my creative process, and who knows can help someone out.


See you soon

Here is my Ragnarok Logo Contest Entry, hope you like it.



Hi, this is my submission for the contest. 3 variations of the same design.





Ok guys
My 3 logo proposal and last participation, promise 🖖 lol


Hello Ragnarokians😆
Great Logo entries already, Here is my Entry for the logo contest



Are there any information concerning minimum requirements? like resolution? file format? object format? (square, round?) color? monochrome? etc? I need more directions, sir 😵

Here's my entry to the @ragnarok logo contest. Hope it meets your criteria 👌

Hi, I'm not an artist, but I wanted to share this with and for you.


Here's a link to the @ragnarok gaming contest. Hopefully it meets your support Requirements...
Here's my humble obeisances to the @ragnorok logo contest. Consi... https://peakd.com/hive-131619/@oluwasamlex1/my-submission-ragnarok-logo-contest

Here is my submission in the ongoing logo contest


Hi! This is mi entry to the contest to create a logo for ragnarok, Hope you like it!


Hey, this is my second submission for the contest.



All done in Inkscape 😎

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