Sick of this Covid Shit



Slowly feeling better


I think I am on like day 5 or so of dealing with Covid now and it has not been the most fun experience ever. Luckily my wife is beginning to feel better as well. She was sick with the flu right before Christmas, so she has been pretty sick for the past few weeks and she is getting really tired of feeling like crap all the time.


Harley has not left her side during the whole time she has been sick and is always cuddling with her. We really have some amazing pets that know how to make us all feel better.

Our daughter and her boyfriend must have gotten Covid first, because they are pretty much back to normal. Our daughter has been a rock star when it comes to working out too. Our Tonal Gym is one of the best purchases we have ever made. It has allowed us to still get amazing workouts without having to leave the home.

I have had a pretty mild case of Covid, so I have been able to workout pretty consistently as well. It will be nice once I am done dealing with Covid though so I can really put a lot more effort into working out. The greatest thing about the Tonal gym is that you just show up for the workout and don't have to put much thought into it at all because it sets the weight and has the workout plan already for you. Plus we are really starting to enjoy the humor that one of the workout coaches has, so it is kind of like working out with a friend everyday. Which is nice because we haven't had any access with the outside world since we have been sick.



One of the great things about being on quarantine is the family time. With all of the time that we have been apart from each other while I was in the military and law enforcement, it is nice to be able to spend so much time together.

We have watched a few movies and tv series together, but I think the best thing we have watched lately was Encanto on Disney+. I think that is one of the best Disney movies ever released, so if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it. The soundtrack is amazing and very creative as well.

I beat Archvale today. I don't think that I would have played all the way through that game if I wasn't sick, but it was a great game. Gears of War 5 was released on Xbox game pass recently so I just downloaded that one too. I guess quarantine can be good for catching up on games and movies.

One of the things that is the hardest with being sick with Covid is the brain fog that you can get. It kind of feels like you are just floating around mindlessly. My memory is pretty bad right now too, which sucks because it wasn't that great to begin with, so I hope that this brain fog isn't going to last much longer.

Well, I think I am going to end this post. My brain doesn't seem to be working to great and I am not sure what direction this is going or if it even makes sense. Thanks for sticking around until the end. If there is anything to take away from this post it is to watch Encanto. I think we may watch it again tonight...


I saw that there were a lot of people talking about Encanto, I had no idea what it was, I just know that the animation looks a lot like Coco. Harley is amazing, super cute. When I had a bad memory my mother used to tell me to eat broccoli, I recommend it, even though I can't even remember my birthday nowadays. I'm sure by the time I'm 30 I'll forget how to wipe my butt. Take good care of yourself, soon your brain will be back to normal and on fire. 🔥

You should watch Encanto, it is awesome. Just grab yourself a big bowl of broccoli and you will be set. About halfway into the movie, your broccoli farts will be kicking in too, so you can fart with the beat of the songs.

I totally agree with this, all green veg help to form new cognitive pathways in the brain.

All the best to you and the family. I had a heavy case of the flu pre Christmas but no Covid luckily. Can feel it creeping closer though. 8000 infection cases in Norway yesterday which is almost double the old record. I also work close to 150 people at my school so it's a wonder I haven't had it yet.

Your pets are so awesome. So loving. I bet this ordeal would have sucked big time without them.

Ya, our cases here in my state have more than double during this holiday season. Pretty soon everyone will be sick. If that happens, hopefully we will get some time where people aren't getting sick because of the antibodies. But who knows. It is starting to seem like Covid will be here forever. A new strain was found in France, so we have that to look forward to.

I was adamant this shit would last for at least 3 years when it first hit. People were like “naaah it’s over by winter” and here we are. One thing I wish I wasn’t right about.

Ya, I dont think that this is going to go away any time soon.

Hey man, sorry to hear you guys are sick. At least you've got your doggies, nothing like a good cuddle from the pooch to make you feel better :)


Ya, I am glad that we have them and they can't get Covid. Hopefully in the future with all the different strains that are going to come out, it doesn't begin to affect our pets.

Hopefully not! They're hardy little fellas so I reckon they'll be cool.

Much love


I wish you a great recovery from this! Having pets can help you so much as they always cheer you up. Family time during quarantine is maybe the only bonus you get from being ill.

Thank you. I agree, the family time from quarantine has been the best.

Dude I didn't know you got covid. I hope things are actually progressing well for you. Glad to hear your wife is doing much better, but please don't neglect yourself at all. Do you really think doing workout is a good idea? I hope you don't at least overexert yourself and it might be worse for you.

I didn't know that memory was something that Covid could affect, I had it a few months ago too and only had a small fever and loss of taste and smell.

I worry about you because you are an old man :( so please take care of yourself dude. I look forward to your speedy recovery.

I'm not going to over exert myself. The workouts I am doing are pretty easy and I am don't workout on days that I feel I need more rest. I think I am getting over the sickness now too. So probably just a few more days.

Sorry bro, I knew you where sick, didn't know it was covid, but when your sick, your sick, Get better soon! Has the Iguana been cuddling with you?

Lol, I brought Yoshi out yesterday and walked around the house with him. It was like a field trip for him and he got to explore new surroundings.

seriously, everyone is fed up now. everyone now wants to get rid of this covid and things now. As soon as things start getting better, suddenly covid again take over. I hope we all soon get over from all this and live our normal life as we used to live before. and for that, fingers crossed! :)

Hopefully the way up is there now and you guys recover soon from covid! All the best to you and your family🤗

Luckily there was Encanto. Did watch it last week myself and it was a great movie indeed. In my opinion not the best Disney (sorry that is still Lilo&Stitch), but it is one of the best for sure! Already their 60th animated feature😳 Animation is topclass some details looked amazing while watching on the big screen. Enjoyed the music as well, Lin-Manuel Miranda did a great job. Think he's the secret weapon from the house of mouse at the moment. Really looking forward to his next score the Little Mermaid.

Anyway just wanted to say hopefully you'll be better soon! Take care 💪

Happy healing to you and your wifey dude... Being sick is the pits, however at least now you've had it right? I'm not sure if I've managed to avoid it or if I've had it and be asymptomatic... I applaud how positive you've found being in this space and being able to enjoy your family time.

The family time has been the very best!! I am glad your case has been a little mild and I am extra glad I am finally feeling a bit more like me! Here’s to hoping we never get it again 😂 I will NOT hold my breath though. I loooooove you!