Happy Thanksgiving!

Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey, Part I

When the Pilgrims left England for a better life, in September, 1620, finally, after a couple of failed attempts, they crossed the Ocean Blue (Atlantic), and landed in Cape Cod, where I spend most of my year. They came ashore, in rough shape, after an arduous journey. There's no doubt, they never would have made it thru that first harsh, were it not for the Payomet tribes of Native North Americans. After managing to get settled and started the next spring, legend has it, the Pilgrims held a feast to thank their local native hosts, who taught them to survive on the local flora and fauna.

The American Thanksgiving Tradition is a reminder that, we all have much to be thankful for, including those first Pilgrims, who left for a better life. The meal: Turkey (Turkey's are native to Massachusetts in huge numbers, to this day), some sort of stuffing (I do a bread stuffing), local cold hearty vegetables (Potato, Squash, etc), and cranberries (again, a big Mass Native crop). are typically served.

Above: The business end, no good thanksgiving meal is complete, without someone shoving a fist into that cavity. Sure, some claim it's to stuff the stuffing, but let's face it, there are some weardo's in the world.


Above: Like many tasty meals, Stuffing Begins with Butter in a pan. I then dice some celery (last of my home grown!), Dice some white, red, and yellow onion, also from my garden.
Below: Sautéing the savory bits, in butter, before adding the cubed toasted bread. Seasoning with Sage

I make the stuffing the day before, so, one less item to deal with in an already busy day.

Stuffing, the Stuffing

Buttering the Butterball

I make a decent amount of the stuffing, after filling the cavity with stuffing, and the neck area, I use a baking dish to cook any extra, and will mix the stuffing cooked in the dish and the stuffing cooked in the bird.

I make a decent amount of the stuffing, after filling the cavity with stuffing, and the neck area, I use a baking dish to cook any extra, and will mix the stuffing cooked in the dish and the stuffing cooked in the bird.

I like my turkey skin nicely toasted and crispy, and my turkey meat moist. to that end, I take butter, and slice into the skins, and tuck the bits of butter inside. Also, I rub butter on the outside of the skin, to get that brown, crispy taste.

Smashed Potato

Above: Garlic Smashed Potato, skins on, is one of many side dishes served here, at Blue's house.
Below: Apple Cinnamon Butternut Squash

Sorry, @dreemsteem but this recipe was too good not to try. Maybe if you make it, you can forget to add the cinnamon. Cubed Butternut Squash, cubed apple, and cinnamon. Baked into goodness.

It's Good To Be a Gardener

Growing My Own Brussels Sprouts

Above: Growing Brussels Sprouts
Below: Pan Seared, with Olive Oil and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Above: The Glaze begins with Honey
and finishes with Maple Balsamic Vinegar

Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Maple Glaze

If you follow me, you know I prefer to grow and cook much of my own food. I love having people over, and cooking for them. I love seeing the smiling faces, hearing the laughter and the chatter around a table, as people gather. I am thankful for much in this world. I realize, I have wonderful opportunities, and much good around me.

I am thankful

Through Welcome Wagon, and later UptrendUniversity, and finally, now, through #dreemport, I have the chance to work with, to mentor, and to learn from some of the most amazing people.

It's my fondest dreem, to one day, host a big gathering of all the #dreemers, cook for them, see them in person, hear their laughter, see their smiling faces, and listen to the stories around the big tables we'll eat, laugh and love at.

All of them have been wonderful people to meet, but I would be remiss, if I did not mention, @dreemsteem and @shadowspub and the amazing @saffisara, @samsmith1971 and @eveningart

Someday, we'll gather and laugh together.
with Cheers,

Greg @bluefinstudios

What are you THANKFUL for?
Let me know below in the comments...

Show me your garden!
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and a link to your #GroVid22 garden!

It's time to take control of your own food supply,
your own health and your own lives.

The GroVid22 Challenge:
Grow Your OWN is not just a simple short challenge,
it's about taking control of your future!

Happy Gardening and Cheers,

All Photos by Bluefin Studios unless specified.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Meal looks yummy. We also do egg noodles cooked in stock which I put over the potatoes (and maybe the stuffing and turkey). I don't know if the egg noodles are southern thing or just a family thing.

I've actually never heard of the Egg Noodles as part of the meal.
I do hope it was an amazing day, for you too.

Se ve muy rico todo, gracias por el post tan sabroso, las Coles de Bruselas están de sueño, Bueno, estoy muy agradecido de mi familia y en especial de mi pequeña hija de 4 años, ha hecho que mi mundo sea mucho mejor desde que llegó a mi vida. Un cordial saludo desde Cuba.

¡Hola desde 1500 millas al norte!
Lo que hace que el día sea especial es la familia. Y como tú, soy tan especial también son mis hijas.

Happy Thanksgiving, @bluefinstudios !

Thanks, it's a big deal here, we host about a dozen for dinner, then another bunch of folks drop in for dessert, including my two daughters' friends. They all come back to see each other since they've graduated college.

Happy Thanksgiving
Those are beautiful meals too

Thank you, and I hope you have an amazing day

Happy thanksgiving! Looks delicious!

It was a wonderful day. I hope you week is special too

I was not a fan of Brussel sprouts as a child, but now I love them. I love those different coloured potatoes too! You cant beat good roast potatoes.

Same for me, I dreaded seeing Brussels Sprouts as a kid... now? love 'em.

This is so beautiful Blue... I can smell the aroma of Thanksgiving turkey and to tell ya, it smells so nice..🥺🥺 and now I want to eat...

Then, on thanksgiving night, I use what's left of the Turkey, and cook it down to make Soup. That cooks, all the way thru last night, and becomes a wonderful aroma in my house for a few more days

🥺🥺... Why?😭😭 why wasn't I there...

Oh my goodness, @bluefinstudios! Everything looks so delicious! I have not celebrated a true American Thanksgiving dinner in ages. This year is gone but a Turkey for Christmas would be a great meal.

Thanks for sharing #dreemport


hopefully, you will some day.
A big turkey meal is something that feels good, not only for the food, but also, for the full table of people around, laughing and telling stories. THAT'S the best part of a Holiday

Happy thanksgiving @bluefinstudios 👋🏻😊 (I’m a bit late hehehe 🤭)
Hope it was a great time…
It does look yummy 😋

Family and food! A wonderful day.
I hope if we ever can make this big DreemPort gathering happen, you will come too!

It always is the best day… good to hear 😊👋🏻

That would be indeed cool, if that would happen. 🤓

I apologize for viewing your wonderful Thanksgiving images so late.
I sincerely hope you will pardon me.
It's nice that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a large chicken and a delicious meal.
Keep being joyful and having fun!

Holidays, wiht a big meal and big gathering of family is what makes it so fun! Thanks for stopping by.

I love the gathering, I can see happiness everywhere

Happy Thanksgiving, Blue...


And a HAPPY WEEK, too!

This was juicy to read. I know it's past but still, happy Thanksgiving. Now, all that delicious recipe makes me want to try some.

I know I am thankful for life and all the good people around me. Well done.

Sure, the food is juicy, but what really makes the Holiday, is the People!

What is a holiday without all those happy faces, joy and laughter?

hehhee it's also one of my biggest dreems too ❤️❤️❤️❤️

and oh yes....I don't like cinnamon in meat....but cinnamon is a MUST in candied yams!!! so I did.not skip that!!! ( along with some ginger and allspice too hehee)

we are still stuffed...what a great day!

so glad yours was full today too ...and mine started out the best way....with laughter until I thought I would pass out ..oh my gosh

thank you for all the laughs through the years Bear Bear 🐻❤️🥰🤗

oh dear.. guess you'd not enjoy Apple Cinnamon Spareribs... one of my fav meals

those sound amazing to me!

it was such a good morning, and great day.
you know I love my kitchen and to serve

I do!

and here I am...using my ecency app to reply to notifications hehehe

I also cook potatoes to mash with the skins on, I like the texture! Food looks great, brussels with balsamic anything are amazing! My husband does a bacon maple reduction that's killer!

The idea of a big meetup dinner is cute, cooking for friends is the best :)

Visiting ya from that there Dreemport!

heard of it... luv it!

Love to make my mashed potato that way. Perhaps your husband's Maple Bacon Reduction is truly GENIUS!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 133 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Happy Thanksgiving Blue!!!

It looks like a very stretchy pants dinner you made there!!


Very Happy I hosted, cuz... I changed immediately LOL!

Yay! 🤗
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Mouth watering, although when I do make stuffing I make chestnut stuffing, but only once in a while!

My wife's family used to make Chestnut Stuffing. My mom and my grandmother made a Greek stuffing that was more rice based, but I've never been into that.

Well I must admit if I am lazy I just buy frozen pork, sage and onion balls!
Never knew about the Greeks and rice based stuffing, not sure I would have that either.

I have always known you to be a gardener and in love with fresh and natural products from your garden. I admire your cooking and stuffing styles for that chicken. That's a good memorial to leave behind for folks to celebrate.

I do love to celebrate the people around me, and hear their laughter. Food helps people to relax, and feel loved.

That's beautiful Blue