A request to everyone to join us tonight for Full Moon Manifestation and Prayer

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Tonight, is full moon and it's going to be a Pink Moon. It does not mean the moon is going to be pink in color. It is called a Super Pink Moon because it's going to be the brightest one then a normal full moon and tonight's moon is called a super moon because it's going to be at its closest points to Earth. It will look a little bigger than the normal full moons. If you observe the rising of the moon that is the time you will see it in its best glory. Once it is up then it looks more or less like a normal one that you see on a daily basis. The beauty if you want to capture it, should be taken up in the rising. The Pink moon corresponds with the spring time blooms, there are a few folklores around it, but not getting into that part, I believe that a full moon energy is best for manifestations and sending out right energies into the Universe.

The energies are high in the rising of the full moon and it stays for 2 to 3 days, so it's a good time to sow seeds of anything that you wish to start new or want to manifest.

With the current conditions going around I have put up a small prayer and circulated it to all my known people, and I am putting it up here too today if anyone would wish to join us in the chain.


I request everyone to just spare around 5 minutes tonight at 08:00 P.M. from whichever part of the world you are and say this prayer. It will not take more than 2 minutes also, and you can do it from anywhere you wish to. Even if you are travelling or outside somewhere or engaged in some work, all you need to do is take a break for a couple of minutes and say this prayer. Worldwide there are distress situation and we need healing at a collective level. Needless to say, we all understand the power of collective prayers and healing and the with the collective vibrations we can send out some positive energy into the Universe.

Even if you do not believe in the Full moon theories, then too just for the sake of humanity you may say this prayer.

Holy Father / Mother God, Creator of all that is and the Cosmic Divine Beings from the light of the Creator;
Bless us with your Golden grace, your healing energies, your loving and nurturing protection and shower us with your blessings of good health, Vitality, Happiness and Abundance.
We trust our faith in the creation of freedom, with patience and without fear in judgement.
May the darkness, sickness, and sorrow leave our lives and from our planet Earth and all be blessed and embraced by the Light of Love, Gratitude, Abundance, Good Health, Stability and Peace. With your blessings, let there be order out of chaos, what seems in distress, allow the miracles to happen so urgently needed at this hour.
Mother Earth, we call upon you to grant us Peace, Harmony, Vitality and Good Health and pray to you that all may be restored better than before.
We raise our consciousness to the highest levels and take every action in complete awareness. Let this be sealed in Peace, Joy and Power within and may Peace and Good Health get restored in our Lives and our Planet Earth,
Thank you....It is done, it is done, it is done........SO BE IT!!!

I request everyone to come together and spread this as much as possible.


I need your help in spreading this as much as possible.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸


"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"


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I sawyour notes and completely agree with your comments regarding downvoting posts because certain people think they are 'over rewarded', whilst they are ok with their friends getting high rewards constantly. I just want to show my support <3 I feel you. I mean we can either work together to create change here if there are enough of us, or focus on steemit where we are free in a day to day sense.

Thank you for your support my dear @ultravioletmag. All I can tell you is leave it here, there is no use. None of these guys are doing all of this with an intention of supporting us or bringing us down, they are fighting amongst themselves just making us guinepigs. I have asked rancho to not support me as all of this brings a lot of negative energy into my space which is not acceptable by me. I work hard to keep up here and I do not wish to be part of anyone's tussle and ego issues. I was more pissed off because everyday I was getting targeted and the reasons I got were baseless to prove any point. I know and understand very well, that there are many favorites of these people who earn as high as 3k to 5k Hive monthly and not even one downvote for them, but you see for me more important is my cause and I do not wish to get into these politics. I love my communities here and they support my work wholeheartedly which is more important then getting into these things and bringing myself down. Just distance yourself out from all of these please. I told rancho that if he is so keen on supporting me then he can do it on Steem, because if he likes my content so much and upvotes all my post then he can do that on Steem rather then Hive and after that he disappeared, so you understand where all this is coming from. Let's be in our peaceful spaces not inviting any lower energies into our space and keeping up with our work and the purpose that we are here for my dear. Lots of Love and Peace to you💖 Keep your power to yourself

I’ll find you on steemit! I also love the communities here but this is what happened on steemit basically, how it got so divided, the ones at the top fell out and started this kind of thing, then bofote long control was completely lost. The same cycle is repeating with the same people. I know exactly what you mean it’s draining and tiring to see so many of us mid range creatives just blogging and minding our own business being dragged into this yet again. I honestly think this platform would be far better wifh no downvote button st all but then how would people keep their illusion of control without it.


I missed the day of the united prayer but I read the message and it is a beautiful one - blessings to you!
I did get out to enjoy the full moon though and got some wonderful photos!
Thanks for bringing this initiative to us!