Posh Delegation Stats For 2023-01-28

in #posh2 months ago

Today, we distributed 250 tokens to 133 delegators.

Hive usernameDelegation AmountTokens earned today
@adysscheryl20.002 HP0.029 POSH
@abnkkbsnplako5.040 HP0.007 POSH
@acidyo1001.256 HP1.476 POSH
@afterglow101.567 HP0.150 POSH
@akumagai5.180 HP0.008 POSH
@anttn100.426 HP0.148 POSH
@anzirpasai201.936 HP0.298 POSH
@artywink102.612 HP0.151 POSH
@athomewithcraig20.072 HP0.030 POSH
@atlantiss153.839 HP0.227 POSH
@ausbitbank938.601 HP1.384 POSH
@bdmillergallery501.815 HP0.740 POSH
@beehibee101.571 HP0.150 POSH
@belkyscabrera202.017 HP0.298 POSH
@bighungrypanda103.224 HP0.152 POSH
@bil.prag505.022 HP0.745 POSH
@bilgin70150.856 HP0.222 POSH
@bilpcoinbpc10.306 HP0.015 POSH
@bo02250.013 HP0.074 POSH
@c0ff33a2014.804 HP2.971 POSH
@caelum1infernum50.507 HP0.074 POSH
@chaosmagic2350.914 HP0.075 POSH
@chillwithshanna103.209 HP0.152 POSH
@chrislybear103.193 HP0.152 POSH
@chunkysoupsvc100.582 HP0.148 POSH
@concheror1.031 HP0.002 POSH
@coolguy123258.076 HP0.381 POSH
@coolmonsters82.552 HP0.122 POSH
@coquicoin106.141 HP0.157 POSH
@cryptictruth203.326 HP0.300 POSH
@cryptocanny50.470 HP0.074 POSH
@dalz508.855 HP0.750 POSH
@darmianto52.959 HP0.004 POSH
@dewabrata10.062 HP0.015 POSH
@diegoameerali205.981 HP0.304 POSH
@dimascastillo90151.301 HP0.223 POSH
@drax20.585 HP0.030 POSH
@drax.leo2.050 HP0.003 POSH
@edskymiguel1.010 HP0.001 POSH
@efmm1.004 HP0.001 POSH
@esthersanchez50.282 HP0.074 POSH
@felixgarciap103.003 HP0.152 POSH
@forykw3091.252 HP4.558 POSH
@generikat257.591 HP0.380 POSH
@hafiz34504.738 HP0.744 POSH
@hiddenblade175.459 HP0.259 POSH
@hislab20.127 HP0.030 POSH
@ifarmgirl101.782 HP0.150 POSH
@incublus1009.602 HP1.489 POSH
@intoy.bugoy101.137 HP0.149 POSH
@irisworld150.685 HP0.222 POSH
@jacoalberts15.159 HP0.022 POSH
@jerrythefarmer103.212 HP0.152 POSH
@joetunex101.011 HP0.149 POSH
@jonsnow1983301.962 HP0.445 POSH
@juanvegetarian88.175 HP0.130 POSH
@junebride153.850 HP0.227 POSH
@justbabybee20.204 HP0.030 POSH
@kaibagt2.018 HP0.003 POSH
@katerinaramm257.994 HP0.380 POSH
@kneelyrac101.284 HP0.149 POSH
@kolkamkwan206.211 HP0.304 POSH
@kstreet101.951 HP0.150 POSH
@kyleana2.958 HP0.004 POSH
@ladytitan201.583 HP0.297 POSH
@lanzjoseg151.343 HP0.223 POSH
@leeendah509.284 HP0.751 POSH
@leticiapereira102.889 HP0.152 POSH
@libertycrypto27202.023 HP0.298 POSH
@liveofdalla100.809 HP0.149 POSH
@lizelle1017.147 HP1.500 POSH
@lovelust1.016 HP0.001 POSH
@manny-uncharted5.150 HP0.008 POSH
@marriot546420.018 HP0.030 POSH
@mayorkeys202.734 HP0.299 POSH
@mcfarhat2048.534 HP3.021 POSH
@mcoinz791001.912 HP1.477 POSH
@mell7950.246 HP0.074 POSH
@menzo100.389 HP0.148 POSH
@mhowii10.079 HP0.015 POSH
@misshugo100.347 HP0.148 POSH
@monica-ene102.472 HP0.151 POSH
@nasoe13.017 HP0.019 POSH
@naty16203.951 HP0.301 POSH
@nicklewis25.319 HP0.037 POSH
@noakmilo700.188 HP1.032 POSH
@nobutsd1974504.657 HP0.744 POSH
@nony5.021 HP0.007 POSH
@nyinyiwin51.362 HP0.076 POSH
@obvious103.221 HP0.152 POSH
@oceanbee50.926 HP0.075 POSH
@penyaircyber40.260 HP0.059 POSH
@priyanarc300.602 HP0.443 POSH
@rishi556101.351 HP0.149 POSH
@sacra9750.397 HP0.074 POSH
@sadheaven50.067 HP0.074 POSH
@seckorama206.402 HP0.304 POSH
@shaidon201.988 HP0.298 POSH
@starstrings011030.280 HP1.519 POSH
@stepko100.707 HP0.148 POSH
@stevermac19665.085 HP0.007 POSH
@storiesoferne101.951 HP0.150 POSH
@sumotori50.044 HP0.074 POSH
@tampilyne51.493 HP0.076 POSH
@tdctunes103.224 HP0.152 POSH
@technicalside100.393 HP0.148 POSH
@tengolotodo50.561 HP0.075 POSH
@theycallmedan102997.808 HP151.877 POSH
@tomasdiaz1235.355 HP0.008 POSH
@traciyork1145.580 HP1.689 POSH
@trinitylove2.001 HP0.003 POSH
@tsunsica103.018 HP0.152 POSH
@wittyzell101.215 HP0.149 POSH
@yahli25.046 HP0.037 POSH
@yolimarag121.217 HP0.179 POSH
@young-boss-karin102.955 HP0.152 POSH
@zaibkang5.007 HP0.007 POSH
@zekepickleman507.413 HP0.748 POSH
@zestimony150.014 HP0.221 POSH
@zullyscott250.292 HP0.369 POSH
@aburihan1120.187 HP0.177 POSH
@steemadi59.228 HP0.087 POSH
@bananofarmer10.176 HP0.015 POSH
@dwixer302.826 HP0.447 POSH
@carl0510.105 HP0.015 POSH
@castri-ja30.012 HP0.044 POSH
@blue.rabbit100.847 HP0.149 POSH
@curtis901.026 HP0.002 POSH
@vannour200.510 HP0.296 POSH
@kraaaaa1.025 HP0.002 POSH
@iamjabez10.178 HP0.015 POSH
@iamraincrystal101.698 HP0.150 POSH
@poshtoken.wallet37620.788 HP55.474 POSH

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Cool thanks

Did you hear about the remote control that went to jail?
He was charged with battery

Credit: reddit
@poshtoken, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @adysscheryl

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