Hatred - a political tool.

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Anyone paying attention to current world politics, or anything really, has noticed how far beyond any semblance of sane discourse or a fair approach to things we have landed.
I cant recall the last time we have been in a position where there was not a single unifying voice with any type of reach or audience that pushed the idea of understanding between two sides or even attempted to provide an unbiased position that takes into account all information.

Those that live off of attention, online personalities, journalists, news sites, politicians, media, etc. have realized that accumulating extreme positions of one political isle and presenting news or ideas inside that framework "sells" far better.
They realized how to profit from peoples need for quick answers that fit their bias.

It doesnt have to be true and most of the time its not. It just has to be in favor of their position and in opposition of their adversary.
Its very easy to lie to people that want to be lied to and forgive suitable lies.

I often wondered how it could pass that the biggest atrocities in our history could have happened and reading twitter, arguing with various extremists, it really makes you understand how it could have happened.
How could anyone watch and support someone marching children, men and women into gas chambers, millions of them, in Auschwitz. How could anyone convince you that its ok to murder and imprison the Kulaks, destroy high production farms in Ukraine which lead to starvation of millions.


You just have to lead the people from a position of dislike, jealousy, to hatred and further to a position of dehumanizing the target of hate. And that takes very little effort.

Why do they have money, why do they have power and influence, why dont I? Its because of them. They stole it, yeah. They took it from me. Its their fault. I loath them.

Now add governmental legislation to it.

Ive seen early stages of this behavior with the conspiracy theorists and the extreme left on twitter.


At a time when you have a Russian dictator murdering tens of thousands of people, it is a bunch of rich guys sharing their ideas for a better world (some good, some stupid ideas as is with anything) that are portrayed as, and i quote:
Satanists, child molesters, child blood drinkers, lizard overlords...

Evil people not being those actively committing utterly evil acts, but rather those that you fantasize about committing evil somewhere, somehow in secret.

While at the same time that same true evil being vindicated, supported, condoned because its in opposition of your adversary.
Jackson Hinkle, Clare Daly, Tucker, Kim Dotcom, Michael Tracy etc... being just the bullhorn for these people.


Take a more recent example when it comes to bias confirming behavior, of the Pfizer, Project Veritas, video. The video is bad for the guy in it for sure. He does strike me as a immoral nutjob but his words arent really definite proof of anything. People should know that but they ignore it.

What strikes me even more is the fact that all those that know nothing about pharmaceuticals, practices, terminology etc. are the ones so eagerly making absolutist conclusions about what all this means. Everyones suddenly an expert when they need to confirm their political position.
When you move inside a rabble, a mob with pitchforks, you just have to be worried how well lit your torch is and how pointy the pitchfork.

Hey guys can we stop a second and discuss what we are looking at? No? Ok.


It very much seems that hatred is much easier to cultivate than compassion or understanding. Hatred is not nuanced, its not complicated, its pure, its easy, it doesnt require you to think, its effortless, its very uniform across any population.
When you make everything a political issue its very easy to use hatred for your benefit.

Having understanding is boring, its taxing, its anything but effortless and easy. Sometimes it doesnt lead you to an answer. Sometimes questions remain (imagine not being absolutely sure about everything always. wow). Sometimes there isnt 1 correct side.
And it doesnt score you points, it doesnt bring you votes, because in a polarized world not being in absolute agreement with one side regardless of the situation and merits of the argument, it makes you a target of both sides.


The same thing is going on here in Pakistan, when a politician needs votes, he comes to the people, apart from asking for votes, someone does some work in the neighborhood. Every politician he wants to get over him and he sits and lives his life and the people don't care about him. The politicians here are keeping their money in dollars, the dollar has increased by 30 rupees in one day. Due to which everything will become expensive in the upcoming budget.

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