Do Dems Think They're in Trouble Yet? Reuters Generic Congressional Ballot

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In today's Reuters Poll, when asked "Thinking about the elections in 2018, if the election for U.S. Congress were held today, would you vote for the Democratic candidate or the Republican candidate in your district where you live?" respondants chose Republicans by a 1.4% margin. That brings the latest multi-poll average to less than a 3% advantage for Democrats.

And the trend is bad. The average has been dropping steadily for weeks. As of today, there is absolutely no sign of any "blue wave"

And in yesterday's primaries across the country, Democrats chose candidates with particularly left leanings, even as the country seems to be rejecting progressivism.

And this, just as the corruption of the previous administration is starting to be officially exposed. It will need to be investigated. That will take time, probably months and months. That will be newsworthy. Candidates will be asked to condemn it or defend it.

I've been describing Dems as people with their hair on fire, running in circles, babbling hysterically. Maybe this will calm them down. They have some SERIOUS problems now.!response/TM1212Y17/type/smallest/filters/PD1:1/dates/20180101-20180517/collapsed/true


Its crazy that both sides not just come together against these politicians. So much greed and corruption all around. And hell this president we have really can get away with murder. Drain the swamp my ass!!

Here's what really puzzles me. If the Dems think that this behavior by our intelligence services is perfectly ok ... then how are they ever going to win another election? Trump can do the same thing, right? He can use the FBI and the CIA and the NSA to make sure any Democrat isn't in any danger of being scammed by the Russians - just for their own protection. Of course, any private information would be exposed, and maybe someone might blast that all over the media. Any strategic campaign plans would be exposed to the Republicans. Trump could even use the agencies to plant incriminating information. I don't see how a candidate could win, with the opposition spying on everything they do, and framing them for offenses they didn't commit.

So .... maybe, just maybe ... it might be a good idea for the Dems to clean house, get it all over with, while trying to convince the electorate that they really are against government corruption at the highest levels.

I dont know all the details of the informants the FBI had in the trump campaign but yeah it wouldn't surprise me it was for the oppositions purpose. But also wouldn't surprise me that trump is a very shady character and is surrounded by even shadier characters. So maybe it was justified.

And yeah its total bullshit whats being said by dems vs their real actions. Im just so feed up with the system. Its so broken.

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