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Wednesday Walk


These shots were take last month, as we walked back from the Vancouver Aquarium through Stanley Park. Most of the leaves had long since vacated their limbs and turned brown, or completely to soil; one might still find some flowers, but it would take some searching @dswigle; still without flower or deciduous leave there was color to be found.

Check out these beautiful shrub bushes.




Join me on this rainy day walk through Stanley Park and enjoy the photos and some revisit poetry.

This Divide

close to the second
that isn't
the air shimmers
slipstreams cut swathes
terrestrial wormholes
vibrational tunnels
through the black
of the unseen


the wind
wraps a cool hand
wrestling the heat
from greying adobe walls
baked earth and tired bones
the decay whisked away
lost and transformed in toric flow

IMG_1832 (1).jpeg

everything turns in on itself
electrons vibrate
it’s an uproar
experienced only
in the dark mirror


sparks light up the illusion
open a fissure
in the great divide
shifting, phasing in and out


the man of numbers
with the staticky hair
we can’t go fast enough
to recreate this time
this divide will never come again




I have also left links to some very informative videos ALL featuring MD's and PhD's.

My youtube response ...

Hmm ... age stratification/risk stratification is stats 101. Identifying confounders is stats/study design 101. To be clear ... l'il ole me saw this way before the vast majority of so-called experts. The signals were very early; early enough to save countless lives and health. I am sorry, Dr. Prasad but this is not about needing more expert opinions; it is about corruption, censure, and censorship. Systemic. Stories about chips and wifi aside, the so-called anti-VX'ers concerns are incredibly valid, down to just everything post 1980's. Where heart and lipid science goes ... it's back to Ancel Keyes. Right now ... we need more so-called a anti-Vxers ... a horrible slur against some amazing minds ... than we need a bunch of corrupted experts collecting paycheques and prestige.. Show some respect. Never use the term anti-vaxxer again.


Negative Efficacy is shown in multiple locations



An interesting Twitter Feed ...




Words and Images are my own.

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Hello @prydefoltz thank you for your beautiful pictures and poetry of Stanley Park in Vancouver BC.

I remember going to Stanley Park with my Mom in 1968 :)





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Thank you, Barb. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

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I didn't get out today for a walk, unfortunately, but, see you got out for both of us, even if it was last month.

I love how the bushes are an extravaganza of sorts! It needn't be dreary because it is winter.

Hello, Pryde! ❤️

I did not get out either; at least not for more than a few moments to water the dog:) I got the sniffles.

Awww! ❤️ I hope you feel better soon. xo It's a short week! Yay! :)

You have shared very great and amazing places and image's with us. Walk is very important for our good health. Your poetries are always good and valuable. Natural sights are more pleasing to the human heart.

Thank you so much:)

Maybe no flowers but you did find so much beauty in nature

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

Thank you:)