"The Rhythmic Threat of a Virus Network Symphony"

in #poem2 months ago

The pulse of a virus network, a technological symphony,
A beat that echoes through the matrix endlessly.
A rhythm like no other, a melody of code,
A complex network that can never be overthrown.

The virus spreads, infecting every file and line,
Its pulse growing stronger, its presence divine.
A digital cancer, a menace to the system,
A symphony of destruction, a beat that can't be written.

It whispers through the wires, a song of temptation,
A siren call of power, an endless fascination.
It multiplies, it evolves, it thrives,
A pulse that cannot be silenced, a virus that cannot die.

Hear the beat, the rhythm of the virus network,
A technological symphony that cannot be outdone.
It calls to all, a haunting digital score,
A danger to the matrix, a beat we must restore.