For the Nostr crowd: please develop a Podping to Nostr repeater

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This is a value for value post: see the explanation in the footer.

This post is directed at the developers all working on Nostr. I wrote about Nostr for Hiveans but this post is a suggestion of something I'd like to see them build.


Podping is the Hive blockchain based Podcasting 2.0 new episode and live notification system. The site is a live look at how many messages it covers.

This is the last 10 days of Podpings with the total number of messages sent per hour. Each of these messages carries one or more URLs of RSS feeds which have changed and some messages denote feeds updating or live streams starting.

Podpings per hour last 10 days

You can read more about this dashboard and what powers it here.

This is what a podping looks like on the Hive blockchain:

A Podping


Your Nostr mission (if you chose to accept it) is to ingest this constant stream of messages and re-transmit them on Nostr. Here on Hive all the messages are stored on the Hive blockchain (as individual custom_json items).

For example this site: use javascript to stream the Hive blockchain and filter and show only the Podpings. You can find example

There are no transaction costs on Hive, but one needs to maintain an amount of stake in the Hive network to have the "resource credits" to run Podping. I manage this and a bot which I wrote takes care of balancing resources for me. It's been rock solid now for a long time. API

In addition to the streaming Podpings there is an API to search back at least 90 days (it holds a little more right now but holding 90 days of data is the minimum it will access).

Could Nostr add value?

If you think Nostr could add value to this, think about what you would do to extend this. Can you provide an interface, especially for live items that mobile platforms can watch more easily? That would be useful.

The Podping Live Item is described in this post: Live podcasting, the open way

Any questions?

Either leave a comment here on Hive or ping me on Nostr!


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