The lipstick bandit prank is not funny

in #pob3 months ago


I don't know why people are finding this funny. It's simply not. I don't know why its hard to imagine how this would be looked at if we genderswapped the whole thing. How about that?

You might think I'm overreacting, but this is assault. Yes, that's the word. And, if I'm honest, I hope people press charges.

I can only imagine a few relationships being destroyed over this so-called prank. I mean, how would I explain to my wife the lipstick kiss on my back? I would be lucky if there was video footage of such bs, but what are the chances of such a thing?

Again, this is bullshit. If there was a guy kissing random girls at a party, nobody would be laughing.


Im totally with you... i dont want to know how many got in trouble because of Lipstick anywhere without this Prank, i had once Lipstick on my Suit but i got it in the Metro and not a Prank... but do you know how damn fucked my days was after that till we got back to normal....

imagine that..

spot on