Photos of Seoul, South Korea in Spring

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Hi Steemians! As I've mentioned in my last couple of posts (that just so happened to focus on Korean skincare), I recently had the opportunity to visit Seoul. I was going to a friend's wedding and the flight had a stopover, so I was lucky enough to get to explore the city! It was a great experience, and I hope to go back to Seoul someday -- there are so many parts of the city that I didn't get a chance to visit this time. I'll probably write a post later with more details of the trip, but for now I'm just putting up some of my favorite photos. I hope you enjoy them!








All photos were taken on an iPhone 7. Please note that these photos are my original work, so all the usual copyright rigamarole applies.


Im just amazed about those so many padlocks on the fence with heart-shaped cards? Its like a fence of padlocks.

They're at Namsan Tower! The idea was that couples could buy heart-shaped locks, write their initials on it, lock it onto the fence, and throw away the key as a sign that their love would last forever. It was pretty cute.

Those photos makes me feel like i'm watching an episode of jumong

I kept feeling like I was in a period drama when I was walking around the palaces, especially with all the girls in hanbok!

@theowlhours, how would it feel if I were there, happy to see your photo, very interesting, natural.:)

Your photography is amazing, hope you are always successful

Thank you so much!

Yes dear

Seoul, Korea seems to be nice place with a lot of flowers all around. The buildings are great and heart looking keychains are awesome. awesome photography @theowlhours

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

Seoul looks so beautiful, hopefully I can visit someday.

It's a really interesting city. Definitely grab the chance to go, if it comes your way! :)

This is a beautiful photo. You are really a professional photographer. hopefully more successful in the future. @theowlhours

Thank you! You're so kind!

Some picture in your post very nice, i see beautifull world and humans interest. I very happy see your picture

i love the view of the Town from behind the tower.
Spring is lovely season as lovely as the pink flower of your photos.

Thank you! :)

wow nice post..please vote me.

im going very deep with these flowers these flowers show me my child days and i think that im living in korea,but is not real